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I'm ZS and I'm here to tell you all about something called "The Birds and The"-......Wait a minute. Wrong script. *Screws up script and throws it in bin*
Right then. Let's do this properly.
But seriously, ask your parents about it if you're curious, and then laugh at their reactions.

Now about Me:

I'm Half-Welsh, Half-Scottish, and I live in the UK. As my friend described the Welsh once, "Imagine the Scottish without the hotness". Think she got it from somewhere like a book or something....seeing as Iím half of both, that means.....I have no idea. Work it out yourself >_>

I'm really laid back. I mean REALLY laid back. I'm so laid back, I rarely give a dam about anything. Wait a second....that doesn't sound good. Blast it man, you're meant to promote yourself well! Ummm, Iím......screw this, too lazy to finish.

Into rock music a lot. Favorites are Lost Prophets, Nickelback, and Rise Against, with some other bands i like, but not as much as those three.

Please keep crap rap away from me. Or else. *fires up cattle prod* >_> *pokes rap with cattle prod* ^_^ *carries on poking rap with cattle prod*

Unless it's rock rap-thingie, like limp bizkit style. Then you can get close with it. But not too close. I have personal bubble issues.

I also have a tendency to zone out, and have a concentration span of a spoon, so deal with me whilst i'm....hey look, a Squirrel. Hehehe...look at how it hold's that nut...with it's tiny little paws...Huh? Where am I?

Monday, February 25, 2008

   I'M BACK!!!

How's it going?

Long time no see, eh?

Don't know whay I've not been on for a bit. I've not been busy.

Let's see....Not done much since I last came on. No big events, Valentines was lonely as usual.

I did go to a party on Saturday though. Saw some old friends, laughed a bit, drank a bit.

Most memorable part? After drinking a bottle of cider, a friend poured their drink on my lap. You can guess what it looked like. >_<

Managed to make it to the bathroom without anyone seeing the drink spilt on my jeans, with the help of another friend. Tried dying it with one of the dryers in there.

Unfortunately, the DJ was also in there. He made a joke when he saw my jeans, and I told him what happened. He then started talking to my friend, and my name was slipped out somewhere in the converstation. I really didn't like the grin on the DJ's face when he left. >_<

Once I'd dried it off as much as possible, I went back to my seat. As I was sitting down, the music stopped suddnely and one of the at the front lights shined on me. And guess what the DJ then said on the microphone.

"Attention everyone. This is a quick announcement to you all. Please do not make fun of ******, as he appears to have had too much to drink and has pissed himself. I repeat, please do not make fun of ******, as he appears to have made a mess of his jeans. That is all."


So, how are all of you anyway? Have a good Valentines? Been doing much?

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Had to do an assesment today.

We had to install a new hard disc drive into a computer, after making sure the computer worked first. Had to plug it in correctly, make sure the computer worked still, format the disc, then remove the installed hard disc.

I thought I was going to fail, as mine refused to be formatted. Found out it wasn't my fault, and I'd been given a dud. Whew.

Anyway, my computer didn't burst in flames, which means it went well for me. XD

And yes, I've nothing to talk about. :P

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bill Bailey Part Troll Part 8

Time for another part.



If you don't, I will hunt you down somehow.

Byebye. ^_^

I have nothing more to say.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Due to the fact some of you didn't understand what I said last time, here's the translation.

"Boredom sucks
Man, I'm so bored. Got nothing to do again, as usual. Grrr. >_<

And Iím tired again. Canít sleep well. Got another 4 hours of sleep this morning. Oh yay.

Well, found this website, which can translate English into Al Bhed, that freaky language from Final Fantasy 10, and vice versa. Even tells you how to pronounce it.

Yes, Iím that bored. Donít judge me.

Pretty amusing to do, sending people what looks like gibberish, and then giving them the link, seeing the look on their faces when they realise youíre calling them-Ö

Yeah, letís not go there. Itíd only get nasty XD.

Hope you all have a good day, or better one then me, and have fun messing around with this for a little while.


As you may have guessed, I have nothing to talk about.

So, later.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Punatus cilgc
Syh, E's cu punat. Kud hudrehk du tu ykyeh, yc iciym. Knnn. >_<

Yht Eís denat ykyeh. Lyhíd cmaab famm. Kud yhudran 4 ruinc uv cmaab drec sunhehk. Ur oyo.

Famm, vuiht drec fapceda, frelr lyh dnyhcmyda Ahkmecr ehdu Ym Prat, dryd vnaygo myhkiyka vnus Vehym Vyhdyco 10, yht jela jancy. Ajah dammc oui ruf du bnuhuihla ed.

Oac, Eís dryd punat. Tuhíd zitka sa.

Bnaddo ysicehk du tu, cahtehk baubma fryd muugc mega keppanecr, yht drah kejehk dras dra mehg, caaehk dra muug uh draen vylac frah drao naymeca ouiína lymmehk dras-Ö

Oayr, madíc hud ku drana. Edít uhmo kad hycdo QT.

Ruba oui ymm ryja y kuut tyo, un paddan uha drah sa, yht ryja vih saccehk ynuiht fedr drec vun y meddma frema.


Now thenÖ

Copy that all, and go to this website.


Paste it in the top box, go down, click the second little circle, and click Dnyhcmyda!

If youíre going to mess around with this, always remember to click the right option you need. >_>

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