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Monday, February 25, 2008

   I'M BACK!!!

How's it going?

Long time no see, eh?

Don't know whay I've not been on for a bit. I've not been busy.

Let's see....Not done much since I last came on. No big events, Valentines was lonely as usual.

I did go to a party on Saturday though. Saw some old friends, laughed a bit, drank a bit.

Most memorable part? After drinking a bottle of cider, a friend poured their drink on my lap. You can guess what it looked like. >_<

Managed to make it to the bathroom without anyone seeing the drink spilt on my jeans, with the help of another friend. Tried dying it with one of the dryers in there.

Unfortunately, the DJ was also in there. He made a joke when he saw my jeans, and I told him what happened. He then started talking to my friend, and my name was slipped out somewhere in the converstation. I really didn't like the grin on the DJ's face when he left. >_<

Once I'd dried it off as much as possible, I went back to my seat. As I was sitting down, the music stopped suddnely and one of the at the front lights shined on me. And guess what the DJ then said on the microphone.

"Attention everyone. This is a quick announcement to you all. Please do not make fun of ******, as he appears to have had too much to drink and has pissed himself. I repeat, please do not make fun of ******, as he appears to have made a mess of his jeans. That is all."


So, how are all of you anyway? Have a good Valentines? Been doing much?

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