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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

   Gonna let my little light shine...
Short post, my brother's kicking me off. Just wanted to give everyone an update. I'm close to nearly 500 hits and want to do something special for the site to mark the occasion. Unfortunately, I'm horribe with computers, so I need help. Comments and advice would be GREATLY appreciated and welcomed with opened arms. Hugs and love to all and take care; I'm here for you always.
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Saturday, February 26, 2005

   Zippity doo-da, zippity day..my oh my what a wonderful day.
OMG! I'm ecstatic! I wrote a letter to the editor abut global warming, and tehy accepted it! It was in the newspaper today! MWAHAHAHA! *runs around in cicles*
Anyways, I've visted a ton of people's sites just now. *slumps over exhausted* Sorry for those of you I didn't get too. My visits to myO are sporadic (I'm not sure if that's the right word) so I get in who I can.
Well, not much else to say. Gundam Seed was good last night and FMA is on tonight. Have a good weekend everyone.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

   Flying Monkeys!
Current Mood: Indigo (Sleepy and contemplative)
Current Craving: Oreos and Chobits

*sigh* Long day.. I kept zoning out and then this guy in broadcasting was being a total jerk. *Rolls eyes* Well school's over for now and tomorrow and Friday are minimum days and Monday's a day off. So I'm looking forward to that. *sleepy grin*

Ash Wednesday today. Acoording to the Scriptures it's the day Jesus began wandering through the desert for the forty days of Lent. (I think) which means, if you're devout, you'll be giving something up! I won't be, not Christian after all. Rather I'm an agnostic and an evolutionist, so I'm doomed to burn anyway :)(Which is rather sad considering I know more about Christianity than some of my religous, God-fearing friends.)
"Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. If God won't take you the Devil must."

I've been thinking lately. I know, it's always dangerous. But a lot of people have seemed depressed lately, at school and on myO. Is it just typical teenage angst? Or did something really bad happen that's got everyone all melancholy? And don't you think it's pathetic that people who have a good life and no tragic experiences are complaining how their life is so bad and how much they hate it? Some people just need to ge over themselves... I understand why some people are depressed upset, but not everone has a good excuse. One more thing, black is the color of teenage rebellion, right? It's how we teens symbolize our non-conformist views, yet, so many people want to be 'cool and rebellious' and wear black that it seems like if you want to fit in with your peers you have to conform by almost going Goth. I dunno, it's weird...

A few more questions before I finish wasting your time on meaningless trivialities, but do you believe in Fate or Destiny? The idea that everything that happens is just part of someone or somethings grandiose plan? Is it possible to have free will and destiny? If their is fate or destiny, can we be, in all fairness, punished for our wriong doings?

As always, I would appreciate your thoughts.
*bows* Farewell for now Friends.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

...I forgot what I was going to say..
Hmm. Did you know that a lot of those "Support Your Troops" car magnets are actualy made in China? Take a moment to think about everything that's wrong with that. Support the Red Army?!
Is it odd to refer to your species in the third person? For example, the other day I said this, "I find humanity amusing anf pitiful, and yet I want to help them." Or does everyone do that on occasion?
Random Thought: It would be cool if everyday of the week the sky was a different color. Monday= red. tuesday=orange, wednesday=Green, etc. That way, if you don't know what day it is you could just look at the sky! "Oh, blue, it must be Friday!"
One last question before I go, If a genie granted you one wish, what would it be?
"A heretic is a fellow who disagrees with you about something neither of you know anything about."

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

   Good to see you again
Eep! I haven't been on in along time. sorry about that! I didn't forget you guys, just got a little busy. Though, thankfully, I have been able to keep up on my anime. Hehe, new Inyuasha on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. *Runs around in circles*
Hm, what's new withme? Not much, not really I'm getting Ny Times delivered t myinbox now, and chatting with a lady whose poolitical idealogy is the complet opposite of my own. so, slowly but surely I've beeen broadening horizons and view of the world.
Also, I am now the olderof a manga collection, albeit a tiny one. But it's a good start. I have some Chobits., a Cardcaptors, and a couple DNAngels. So I'm very happy. I'm saving up to get more.
Yay! I'm out of Leadership! I was dying in there, the stupidity level was off the cahrt, plus no one was catually doing any "leading." I'm in Broadcasting now, I work with the credits, beginning, graphics, etc. It'smore fun and definately more challenging.
Well, hope you guys had wonderful holidays!

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Monday, December 6, 2004

   *static* Houston, countdown in 10, 9, 8, 7....
Hmmmmm.... I haven't been on a while. didn't mean it, I've been busy and my dad's been using the computer a lot for school. Good news tho, we're really close to getting internet on the second computer. YAY!!!!
oops, my mind just went blank.

Ok, it's back. Brrr,really cold today; might snow. AND THE HEATER ISN"T WORKING! NEITHER IS THE ELECTRIC FIREPLACE! GAAH!
Argh, I missed all my anime last night. My aunt flew into Sacremento from Alaska, and the aunt's whose house we were staying at doesn't have cable....or internet....or long distance...or a decent vcr in which I could figure out how to hook in my PS2 :/ oh well, it was only a night. I'm back in the real world.
Oh, I just finished reading 1984 by George Orwell (Big Brother is watching you). Pretty good, kinda depressing. Tho not believable considering people could get into one another's dreams and sufff. I found a good quote in it tho, "Sanity is not statistical." Overall, I liked Aldous Huxley's Brave New World "utopia" better. they didn't kill the dissenters, which is always a plus. For those of you who have read the the two books: What do you think? For everyone else, I reccomend you read them.
Okay, I don't have time to visit today, and to those of you who signed my gb, I plan on signing yours as well, but not today. I have A LOT of homework.
Two question what do you/did you want to be when you grow up?
And how do you feel about the war in Iraq, especially now that Iran may have a nuclear program?
~~~~~~~~~December 7, 1941~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~`We will remember~~~~~~~~

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

   Pity Me
Guess who's home sick with the stomach flu? That's right...your's truly. Bleagh. Not only that, but my *shifty eyes* you know what started the exact same day I got sick. so I'm just one great big ball of misery. *puppy dog eyes* I've been surviving on tea and Star Trek (the really old ones with Spock. *sigh* So to amuse myself, I've devised a questionaire (don't think I spelled that right):
1.What color is the sky?
2.What's your favorite season?
3.Which would you rather do without: T.V or computer?
4.What kind of pie do you like best?
5. What is the strangest nickname you've ever been given?

well, five questions should be enough. Have a good day and stay away from sick people!

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Monday, November 15, 2004

.....The reason I'm so quiet is because if i said hat i actually thought, My enemies would greatly outnumber my friends.....
"Devil get behind me, lead me not into temptaion!" No, I haven't had an epiphany and gone religious, (I doubt I ever will), I am, however, being tempted. For Christmas, my brother and mom wanted to know what I wanted, so i picked out two mangas (Chobits, and cardcaptor Sakura which you all know I have been vailantly searching for) and now I know thye not only bought the mangas, bt where they're hidden! Plus, the only other person in the house is my eight year old sister, whose doing her homework..0_o But I will prevail, and do the moral thing.....maybe.
hmm. Random thought: You sould be able top rent ,mangas at the library.
mmm, I had a lot to talk about thgis orning. But not anymore. I realized that none of it was particularly relevant or interesting. os I'll just ask a couple of questions and be on my merry way.
1. I just finished reading an article on x-raying random airline passengers. I'm talkin anatomically correct x-rays here. The x-rays will be done by people of the same-sex, so theere won't be any embarrassment. Your opinion on this?
2. Could you please reccomend to me some god aimes outside that of what Cartoon Network shows? 'm curious as tow hat's out there. Good day!

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Tuesday, November 9, 2004

   The Great Adventure of Ray the Wonder Woodsteen!
Woo. Its' been a busy week. My sister's birthday, a big project due in school, another due tomorrow.The presidential election (i'm still in shock that Bush won. Why?! Why?! Why?!) Went to the movies, went to the library (NEHEHEHE BOOKS!), went to the park. and then, of course, it was a beautiful Saturday, so we decided to go hiking, got lost, and found out we'd been tresspassing on private property the whole time. It was worth it tho, streams, and waterfalls, and weeping rocks, great Autumn views, and creepy barren fields. =D Nehehehe
Anyway, I finally got to watch my shows Saturday, or at least a few of them. (Anyone mind giving me a quick synopsis on what happenned on Gundam seed and Yu Yu Hakusho the last three weeks?) I'm so glad they have Kenshin back on, I was p'oed when they took him off. Plus I watched Full Metal Alchemist; simply awesome! I'm overjoyed that the characters have names that my white, weak, American brain can remember. (Edward's kinda cute *sigh* I have a thing for guys with braids *cough*Duo*cough*)
Anyway, i was watching the Swan last night beause I have a desire to rot my brain and nothing else was on. I was disgusted. These shows only encourage a distaste with one's own body and make woman want to achieve an unachievable idea of beauty. Those woman looked fine before they went through the "swan treatment" now they look like bimbos! Does the world realy need a couple more vacuous, vapid vixens running around? I feel no sympathy for these people; only contempt. There are better ways to work on your self-confidence.
Now that I've woked myself into a snit, I think i'll take a break and cool down. (zen,zen,zen)
OH! I remember now, what I wanted to say! Two people, TWO, in one day, asked me to draw them a picture because they liked my drawings!! Yay! There's nothing like being recognized as an artist. *bliss*
Welll, that's all for now. I wanted to ask you guys a qustion, but I can't think of any, so just ask me one if you wish. Bye!

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Monday, November 1, 2004

   Happy Belated Halloween!
Hi everyone, hope you had a great Halloween. Mine was fun, tho I think this is my last year trick or treating. i'm getting a little too old. However, I got lots of candy and only one of those annoying religious pamphlet things. No, before you take that the wrong way, I'm not anti-religious. Religion is a good thing in essence. Every major religion teaches the golden rule, compassion, love respect, don't steal, etc. It's just when others try to convert people of different faiths to their religion does it bug me. No one knows whose right or whose wrong, so you shouldn't go around saying, "believe that we are all just boogers from the Supreme One's sneeze or you shall burn!" and "Always pray to Zaurak to give you all the answers in your life or you shall be smoted!" And on and on.
Moving on from my philosophical waxing, tomorow is the presidential election. Unfortunately, i'm too young too vote. *sigh* those of you who are old eough, remember to exercise your right even if the lectoral process is pretty screwed up. Speaking of the race, we discussed it in class today and one girl wanted to know who was the Democrat nominee and who was the Republican nominee. I wonder iof she lives under a rock.... (My poor dumb classmates, I'm always making fun of them on MyO)
One last question before I leave, has Cartoon Network cancelled Inyuasha, because it hasn't been on the last couple weeks?

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