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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

   I'm happy...I'm feeling glad...
Hmmm, I seem to be in a general good mood as of late. :D Lots of smile and cheerfullness.
Anywho.I have decided to start using the word smite more often just to be weird and because it's a cool word.
Moving on, there's a lunar eclipse tonight!!! Cool, no? Hopefully I'll be able to see it through the trees. If not zhhzhzhzhz(chainsaw noises)
Hmmm...well since nothing of any particualar interest has happenned, I have a couple of questions:
Where can I get buttons/pictures to add to my site?
And how many of you are planning to take over the world/galaxy/universe, etc.?
Farewell and good travels!

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Monday, October 25, 2004

   Duality within one's self.
*stares at title* well where'd that come from? Hmmm.
Weird day today, I thought I saw my best friend from el paso, and it turns out it was this girl who looked nothing like her. so I'm kinda homesick. On the bright side, that halloween dance has failed because of a lack of music and i'm now working on a canned food drive. *throws brownies*
What else?
Oh yeah, for extra credit in french, my brother cooked us a french meal with chicken and potatoes and garlic. Except, he thought these flower bulbs my mom and i had in the fridge (we were gonna try and make them bloom)were garlic. Mmmhmm, good. The french silk pie was good tho. *dreamy look ad eyes glaze over* mmmmmmmmmm........
Normally this is the part where I talk about the anime on saturday, but I missed it! the stupid t.v wasn't working. !!!!!!!!!
oh well.
Nearly forgot, these two girls were giving a report on jupiter toda. i swear, they redefined the word ditzy.
Girls: come to the red*giggle*spot, it's the hottest part*giggle* in town
Teacher: well, what is the redspot?
Ditzy girls: *giggle*well, it's big and it's red. because*giggle* it's really hot.*giggle*
Me: *slams head into desk*
For those that don't know, the redspot is a huge hurricane in Jupiter's atmosphere.
How do people like that have the mental capacity to even breathe let alone speak?!
*sigh* well, they can't all be geniuses like us, can they?
See you guys around, i gotta run!

*rereads post* I seem to be having trouble with capitals today

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Don't have a lot of time, but isn't it amazing i've gotten to post two times in two days? Normally it's a weekly thing. well today was cold, rainy, and a minimun day at school. :D
I was considering posting a poem from I wrote about two years ago just 'cuz i like it. But it was kinda depressing, and i figured that i had read too many depressing posts today. *tries o think of happy, perky, sparkly stuff too put up* nope, i got nothing. Oh telephone.
Approximately 67 seconds later.
Just got a call from my mom, she's gonna be a little late from work ( she got a new job last week at oroville high) So that means I have more time to spend with you, my beloved fellow myotakians. *stares at wall for several minutes* Ok, so I'm a little strange today. Oh, I found this book on my parent's bookshelf with poetry from Byron, Keats, And Shelley. pretty good. And according to the bio in the front, Byron did some pretty sick stuff. I'm still twitching from the shock. Before I end this post, I would like to thank all you guys who have been commenting, it lights up my day. *throws candy* and i have a question. What is your favorite non-anime t.v show and movie. Mine are the Simpsons and Prncess Bride.
Au revoir.

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Monday, October 18, 2004

   OFIM- Oh *bleep* its Monday
No, actually Monday wasn't too bad today. Normally it is tho. We played dodgeball in the gym, which was fun. Oh, I've recieved yet another HW passfor History/English (its two classes rolled in one)Bringing it up to sven or 35 extra credit points. However, I havean a+ in that class, so their uslees. oh well, maybe I'll use thema s bribes.... *giggles evilly*
What else? Oh yes, most of youseem to think I'm in highschool, judging by your previous commnts. i find taht amusing sionce I'm still in middle school.
Ooo, learned a life lesson lats week: how to cahnge a tire. That reminds me of a funny story. Lat year my teacher like to talk all the time and went off on a weird tangent about how it was important for girls to know how to change tires, and i quote, said, "I've taught many girls how to do it."
My friend, who wasn't listening and only herad thne last sentence screamed, "DO WHAT?!" Real smooth....
Last note, anime wasn't good as it was last week, tho Inyuahsa had a few choice moments.
Ok, this post is getting long, so sayanora friends!
~Evil flourishes while good men do nothing~

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

*runs through myo site with streamers in hand as angels descend singing in a ray of holy light* I got 225 hits!!!
Okay calming down. Seriously people, thank you for actually coming my site, signing my gb, and leaving comments, I really appreciate it. It's god to know people care.
Sp what's new? I am working on a school dance, which is nowhere near as fun as it sounds. However, I do enjoy making the posters, apparently i'm one of the better artits at schoo. Which, if do say so myself, is pretty scary. For those of you who feel that working on a dance is out of character for me, no I have not had a sudden chemical imbalance and martians aren't holding my parents hostage. The dance thing is for a class.
On a side not and totally not pertaining to anything that myotaku is about*cough sarcasm cough* The anime was particularly good this Saturday. i especially enjoyed Sesshy and Inyuasha working together, and that ice panther demon kicks but.
Lastly, I think that people secretly believe I am some sort of robot created by the government. So, hen i'm asked that agin, (yes I'v ebeen asked taht before) I will reply yes and laugh maniaclly, then short circuit.
Fare ye well Friends!

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Friday, October 8, 2004

Yes, I realize I haven't been on in a while, i've been .... busy. I had some stuff to sort out, making friends and the like. Well, it seems I've already become well established as head-geek of the shool. *sigh* it seems you can never escape who you truly are, not that I'm complaining. One girl even asked me if I read the encyclopedia in my spare time. o_O nooooo....
Anyhow, I've become an Edgar Poe junkie. I checked out a book on his poetry from the library, it's.... indescribably weird and wonderful and sad. I love reciting his poems, it's just plain awesome.
Lessee, what else? Oh good news, my best friend from El Paso is going to visit this Christmas, I'm really looking forwrd to taht. and even more long range, my family's decided to take a four day trip to disneyworld, three years from now. A long wait, but I think it'll be worth it.
TGIF, which means tomorrow's saturday, and anime! yay! Well, I'm boring you now, so bye and what is your favorite poet/songwriter?

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Does Saturn have rings?
Yes, someone asked me this today in science; an eighth grader. sad, isn't it? This, on top of having one of those bleagh days where you fill like you need 6 more hours sleep, has left me feeling rather uncharitable. So I leave you with one question to answer: What was teh stupidest thing anyone ever asked you? Good day
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Monday, September 27, 2004

   The worldis a stage, and the men and woman but players...
Here's a quick little half-thought inspired by that Shrek saying, "Ogres are like onions. We have layers." well, think about it, onions don't have a core, do they? So does that mean people don't have cores? That we're just persona overlaying persona? We all act and react differently to different people. You're different to your parents than you are to your best friend. Your teacher sees a different person than your cousin. Thank you for listening to me ramble, and if you want to leave comment, I urge you to do so. Oh, I don't think i'll be able to gte around to everyone's sites today, but I'll try.
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Friday, September 24, 2004

   Random weirdness from Planet R, home of Killer Toads
We had a pep raly today at school. My eardrums felt like they were gonna explode. For some reason Inever can work up any enthusiasm for those kind of things. I hate school dances too; hot,dark, with way too loud music. Maybe it wil all make sense in high school, tho that's doubtful. Anywho, now that I've complained, I command you to comment! Oh, plus, i have questions! Has anyone ever heard of Monty Python, and if so, how do you feeel about? Plus, how would you feel if your absic rights like freedom of speech, religion, and press were taken away as long as you had creature comforts, i.e comfy bed, anime, sports, etc as long as it wasn't politically radical that is. Did that mae any sese?
TGIF, Viva opus!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Hmm, not really sure what to talk about. *thinks hard* There's no anime until Saturday, so.... I know! Ther's this kid at school who's always gettig picked on. Not major, major, bu a little bit at a time so it sort oif adds up into this huge thing. I don't really like him, and he's kinda creepy, but it bothgers me that people pick on him for no good reason. So should I stand up for him and blow up in the face of the next person who picks on him or what? Another question, jhas anybody ever gotten so incredibly mad they start screaming in someone's face, or hitting them with *cough* their friends paper mache project?
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