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Thursday, September 16, 2004

   Thank you!!
Thaks everyone, I'm now up to 150 hits!! *little dance* hopefully I'll get upto 200 pretty soon.

Also, I have a new kitten! So I'm a little hypery hapy today. She's cute; white with black splotches. Her name is Zen. Mom wanted to name her Serena and Chris Luna, but tgis wouldn't work because our dog is Artemis (Greek goddess of the hunt and moon) and since we'd have a Sailor Moon theme going there, it'd be kinda weird.

Anyway, I'm a little upset about science today. We had to give a group presentation on the sun and when I did my part nobody understood me because everyone was talking and my vocabulary was too large for their tiny craniums. Grr. *meditates* Feeling better, Calm..
That's all, see ya.
P.S. Like the new color scheme?

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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

   Salutations from the Promised Land
Hello, my internet is back up, but I'm technically not allowed to do anything on it except check the e-mail and research projects. (Which is what I'm supposed to be doing now, and am, kinda) At least untiol the old computer gets internet, My dad is obssesive about computer viruses. Anyways, I'm settling in here at my new house. I've met some kids who seem nice, and school is easy, so no hassle from that corner. I miss my old friends and stuff, but i have flat rate long distance and e-mail, so we're keeping in touch. Now if you excuse me, I need to chck on everyone's site and sign the gb of those who have been so kind as to do the same to me.
Bye bye.

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Sunday, August 22, 2004

   Over the River and Through the Woods...
At my Grandma's house, she only lives 5 hours away! :D (not being sarcastic)I love it up here, picking blackberries, splashing in the river, sitting on the porch and the rain, watching the deer... It's great. Anyway, my house doesn't have internet yet!! So I'm giving a quick update here, even though the server is sloooooooooow. But as soon as my internet is up, I'll make the rounds, and oce again blister you all with my intelligence and wit (muffled laughter). My apologies to those who have signed my guestboook and I haven't gotten a chance to return the favor too. I will, promise!
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Sunday, August 8, 2004

Hi everybody!
I'm at my uncle's house in L.A for the day, so I decided to give a quik update. I don't have time to check everbody's site, but I will, just give me about a week.
Oof, I ache. Two days in a car, and four days b4 that packing and cleaning. And only more unpacking to look forward too. *strikes martyr pose* But somehow I'll manage.
The good news is I caught Inyuasha last night. *happy dance*
Love, Peace, And Galactic Domination,

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Friday, July 30, 2004

   The End of the Great Avatar Quest!
Last post for awhile, I swear! *crosses fingers behind back*
Anyways, as you can, see, I finally have an avatar that's not really bad! Plus, I saved other ones I'd like to put on later. So I'm happy. :D Thank you sw33tz for the site you gave me! I am in eternal debt and gratitude! Also thanks to everyone else who helped. You guys rock!
Also, does anyone besides me read National Geographic? The August issue just came, YAY! But the cover, *shudder* I think I'm traumatized. Fat, nude woman's stomach and thigh. Eeeeeeww. The accompaning article was interesting though, and on, you guessed it! How people are getting too fat on a sedentary lifestyle,(there I go, trying to sound smart again).
Peace, Rock on.

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Thursday, July 29, 2004

man, oh, man. I was adding in a quiz result, and when I tried to add it, it said unauthorized acces detected contact administer. Does that mean I have a virus or something? My parents will have me for dinner if I've infected the computer with something. Please help.
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   Random stuff
Ok, avatar sites. What are they and where can I find one? Thanks! Also, ummm... *sweatdrops* I was going to say something, but I forget. Well, thanks to everyone who's been signing my gb, I'm up to 16! *Throws party*
Scanners...that's it.. I'm a mediocre anime artist, and I wouldn't mind putting my art up on Otaku to find out how I can improve. To that end, where can I get a scanner, and how much do they normally cost?
I know I keep saying this'll be my last post for awhile. But the truth is, I'm addicted to the computer and I will keep getting on until it's dissembled and in boxes, which hasn't happenned yet fortunately. I'm almost finished packing tough, just my ancient, broken guitar that I don't know how to play is still out.
Thank you everyone!
Peace, Rock on!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Ok, so I lied. That wasn't my last post.
AAAH! Bad news, I was looking through this guide to the city I'm moving to, and they had the channels provided by the cable company, AND NO CARTOON NETWORK!! Which basically means, NO ANIME!! No Inyuasha, or Gundam Seed, or DBGT or Yu Yu Hakusho! *hides in closet sucking thumb* Hopefully it's just a typo...
Oof, I've been busy lately. A retirement b-bq for my Dad on Sunday, my BFF's birthday yesterday, Dad's birthday today, and his retirement ceremony tomorrow. Plus packing. Now there's something that's always a lot of fun. But it's cool, I was going through my stuff yesterday and I found this letter I wrote 2 years ago to present day me. It had all these questions and stuff. That was neat. :)

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Saturday, July 24, 2004

   No more posts for awhile...
Moving day's in a little over a week, so I won't get the computer much. So, no more posts for awhile. I'd also like to thank everyone who signed my guestbook and helped me figure out how to get an avatar.

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   HELP ME!!
Hi everyone, I really need help. You know those little avatar things everyone has? I need one. Could someone tell me how to get one. Do you just find a pic you like and put it in a certain format? Anyways, thanks.
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