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Friday, September 2, 2005

dont worry!
Rin and i are alright ill post more ina few days love you all!
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Friday, August 26, 2005

not all there
what happens if the one you love and are doing every thing for is not all there not completely yours do you just give it up or stay... am i more in your heart than she is do you still love me as you say you do? i hear what you say but i dont know if i can feel it i love you i know you have feelings for me still *crying now* so please stay with me evrn if your hearts not all there i love you i dont want any other even if my brother says i can have like any one i dont what just any one i want you do you hear me Rin your the only one i have eyes and heart for i am giveing EVERY thing up for you and i have never sayed this to any one before but i need you....
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Monday, August 1, 2005

hey every one how is you?
wow it feels so long i posted *sighs* im so sad lately i really miss my rin i know you all may be getting sick of reading that ^^' um yeah i cant wait til school starts up again then i can post like every day yeah oh and shonen jump comes tomorrow YAY! oh and ching ill send that letter soon kk^^ well hugs to ya all bye
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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

sorry every one
im sorry i have not posted in a while i have been bissy to top it all off im in summer brake ^^' so i dont know when i might next post all id like to say is every one have a good summer and ill see you in the fall ^^ Oh and Rin i love you dont EVER think i would not ^^ i cant wait to see you next even if today did not go so well im sure i will see you again ^^
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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

hey yesterday i went to my friend mouses house for her birthday party and i got there 5 hours early so we had a pre party party ^^ and her and i both agree twas the best of the party and then every one got there and i was all not talking cause well i dont talk^^ and yeah I LOVE YOU RIN!
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Friday, June 17, 2005

   i REALLY want to die *sighs* why do i feel like crap today...
Ok letís see iím really upset for a number of reasons 1 I went to a doctorís appointment
2 she (the doctor) put me on more meds for my depression
3i couldnít go over to Tohma's and I was really hopeing to go hang out cause I havenít been out to much lately then I get home after the doctors thing and my mum starts yelling at me (as always)
5. I wanted to talk to Rin however she had to baby sit so then I waited cause she said she would call me when she gets home then about 10 ish pm I call her asking where she was and she was with her friends and didnít even call to tell me man I was soooooo worried about her *sighs* its not like iím trying to keep her from her friends I mean by all means go for it just tell me so iím not waiting for your call! Hummm...sorryÖ
6 then I couldnít breath
7 and through up cause of it
8 I try to get my mind off of Rin for a while cause I was sad and mad with her however Tatsuha kept making me madder by talking about her and some times saying all this stuff I know shed never do but it pissed me off any how so I through the cards at him and went in the living room and listened to musicÖ*sighs* oh and never play cards with him he calls people horny bastreds when he loses lol ^^Ē I donít know him really any way then Rin finally called me and then some what made me happy oh well
however I REALLY have to thank Tohma I know you read my posts cause your always looking out for me just like the real Tohma for the Real yuki so just so you know that call that was suppose to cheer me up it did even if I couldnít talk thank you ^^ *sighs* just donít tell any one the way I sounded or what I was doing ok. Well Rin I hope you actually do call me tonight when you said you would Iíll be waiting ^^

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

just cause im a girl does NOT mean any thing so yeah im sorry if i hurt any of you im sure some of you have had a crush or something on me *sighs*
hey people!!!!!!its meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Tohma-kun!! aka fay of the night!!!
*yuki comes back**tohma glomps yuki* ah right...um i"m at Tohma's house and she makes me want to scream!
hey wait that can be taken in a bad way >.< she makes fun of me all the time *sighs* oh well gotta love her...not like that though ^^ dont worry Rin i love you the most of all the world *kiss*

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Monday, June 13, 2005

um every one i have just found out I have a lung infection *sighs* i have to carry this odd thing that looks like a vibrater around with me *sighs*
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thank you every one
thanks im glad you all dont mind me being a girl however i know this may sound corny but i think i have a boys soul ^^' i no im so stupid oh well and if some of you are wondering yes Rin and i are girls and dateing ok is every one cool with that ^^ and ching i have to thank you for that awsome quote : "female or male, as long as you are noble, you will always be a prince!"
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thanks again ^^

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Thursday, June 9, 2005

this may come at a shock to some of you but...
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