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Thursday, March 17, 2005

i think theres some thing wrong with me i seem to be sighing a lot and i dont feel like doing any thing i might be sad about something but i dont know what *sighs* i got Rin a ring i hope she likes it *sighs* well i came to school today that was not a good idea i think maybe i should take off the teacher wont know hes to bizzy teaching my cousin math^^
well i leave you with some pictures^^
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
see twroa and quatre in the back hehe^^
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
i like this one
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
sorry there all gundam wing however im starting to get back in to it thanks a lot... you know who you are^^

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

i dont feel all that well im going home oh well on my way home im going to pick up a gift for my lovely Rin ^^ hope you all have a good day
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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I took the best quiz

You are Yuki!

Find out Which
Gravitation Character you are.

and i swear on my love for anime and Rin (sorry to use you if you read this) that i awnsered every thing as it was me.

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I dont think im going to post some of my story today insted i`ll tell you about my lunch well I had a awesome lunch today it tased sooo good lol well now about lunch time ok well I was troun in to the snow. Brrrr… is cold and my pants was all white and cold *crys* ah I is mad at peoples yup yup I is mad at so many people today is not funny and I is sad too ..*sighs* im so lonely right now oh and my mum said she was going to kill me this moring she really meaned it to^^
Um…lets see oh and also today at lunch tohma pulled out her pen and drawed on my hand hehe^^ she writes “yuki+ Rinny” in a heart lol I still have it there hahaha im so much a fool oh well going to type my story now is good kk bye bye

P.S. sorry I am talking much oddly cause im in a Mochi mood^^

You are most like Quatre!

Find out Which
Gundam boy
you are.
there is no blood way i got him how in the? i dont know im more like...yuki i guess^^

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Monday, March 14, 2005

   a piece of my Fan fic ( this is about Raven and Starfire just so you know and dont worry nothing to big happens)
One late night in autumn the teen titans were watching T.V. or at least trying to starfire was being hyper; beast boy and cyborg were fighting over the remote while roben tried to watch what was on as raven sat in a dark corner she seemed lost in her thoughts. Starfire noticed this and flew over “What is the matter raven?” she asked softly. “nothing leave me alone.” she replied as she got up and flew off to her room “Roben!” starfire said as she flew over to him “what is it star?” he asked “well I think raven has something on her mind” she answered “ like what?” he asked “I do not know” she said sadly “ than what’s the problem?” he questioned “ nothing than maybe I should talk with her and—“ ( she was cut off . ) “NO! No star don’t! Just leave her alone like she said its better that way!” ordered roben “better?! For whom I know not for her! Why must we leave her alone? It is more fun to be with friends.” She told him “I know and that’s true and all but I guess she likes being alone better.” He said still trying to watch TV. starfire had had enough she took one final look at roben and turned and left in leaving Roben said “ don’t bother her!” starfire made a fist and left she walked up to the roof to think as she looked over the water she sighed “ poor raven” she thought just then she herd a noise and hid behind a power generator, she saw that the noise was only the roof door opening. She went to see what it was however stopped when raven pasted the generator that she had hid behind. “She has not seen me” starfire thought then she hid her self better “wait why do I hid it is only raven?” she asked herself she thought about moving but couldn’t she looked back over at raven. Raven had put her hood down and was looking over the side at the water. She sighed; starfire found her self sighing as well. Raven put her hand to the left side of her hair and pushed the bangs behind her ear. Starfire had never seen raven do that before. Starfire found her cheek become a bit warm with blush “ what’s this?” she thought as she tried to look away however she couldn’t it was almost as if some one was holding her head in place to make her watch. Yet in a way she really did not mind to say the least raven always caught her attention. When Starfire came out of her thoughts she saw raven meditating “aserath me...” raven stared to chant however she came down “why can’t I think strait! Damn! Raven yelled as the other power generator to the right (the one Starfire was not be hind) exploded “oops” raven said calmly that was the first time Starfire had seen raven lose her temper. Starfire continued to watch raven went back to the spot in which she stud before she looked over the side at the water again and sighed. Starfire noticed her cheek still a bit warm. she looked over at raven as a light cool wind blew which made ravens over coat flutter exposing the skin tight out fit she wore underneath her legs were very pale most likely from lack of sun light Starfire could not breath at this point she did not know what was happening to her. She thought she had said or did some thing some kind of noise she turned away and hid her head under her arms.

Raven thought she herd some thing and turned to where the noise had come from and saw nothing. Starfire looked up and turned to see if raven had herd her however raven was not there “ what are you doing?” came ravens voice in a very low tone from be hind her . Starfire jumped , turned to raven and stud up all very quick she was blushing and could not stop she did not know what it was that made her do so. ”N-nothing” she stuttered to answer “have you been watching me?” raven asked slightly coloring.
“Y-yes” Starfire answered honestly. Raven turned a bright crimson color and turned away a bit. Then they herd roben calling out for them. “There’s trouble!” they herd him shout. Starfire looked back up at raven and noticed her looking at her “what?!” they both asked “ nothing they said as they turned away from each other “ come on!” came robens voice “let us go now” Starfire said not catching ravens eye she walked past her raven stud for a moment sighed and I swear she smiled.

( tis not really good cause im just starting the whole fan fic thing and well i cant spell worth shit)

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Saturday, March 12, 2005

hey every one im bord not much going on im at the mall right now and stuff i guess so yes oh and i got the 1st Vol of Fake manga cool cool^^
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Friday, March 11, 2005

   Dreams are good things^^
um well i am better mika is stil creeping me out cause i woke her up i jumped on to her bed and sang wake up wake up time to wake up now! and yes im writing a fanfic about teen titans and yes ok i hope your all well ^^
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Sunday, March 6, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
ok this is the most newest picture i have of myself it was taken last year last years grad so yes ts bad and my face is puffy cause i was sick and today i am too^^ oh by the way Mika called me at 5 am today so i staggered to find herish and am now at her home almost dead...oh well i hope my date goes well^^

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Friday, March 4, 2005

   Im REALLY happy^^
why you might want to know
this may seem small to you all but Rin is making time for me this weekend^^ i hope she can go out and for some reason wants to see a boring movie hehehe i dont know why lol^^ any way i dont know if i was aloud to say that oh well i hope all of you have a good weekend and wish me luck i guess chaw^^ i leave you with a picture:
this is looking like an awsome Yaoi you might want to get in to it^^ tis called " only the ring finger knows"

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Thursday, March 3, 2005

oh I did it I asked her to marry me well I did not do it the way I wanted however she just I don’t know forced it out of me with her sweet voice. So yes however I have yet to buy a ring I know tis to early to be asking however she forced me^^ oh well wow almost two weeks and I m already her *gulps* fiancé type person ^^
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