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Wednesday, March 2, 2005

   Another poem
I need my playful girl
The one I long for everyday
I need her loving smile to wash my pain away
Time is nothing when she’s around
One touch from her I fall
To the ground pleading for my playful girl
The one that rules my world.

heres something i wrote after talking with Rin last night ( to Rin: sorry if im creeping you out im just really lost right now and i hope you dont find me to um whats that word...needy i think tis oh well i love you any ways^^)
hey i dont know what to call this one could you help thad be great sorry if im asking to much of you guys well i hope you enjoy and have a good day.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

hello every one sunday was my 1st "date" with Rin hehehe and if you go to her site youll know 1 reason it was so fun well i finally got the kinda kiss i wanted hehehe and yesterday she felt to hyper to fake moan and be all sexy on the phone so i was safe from her powers^^ Rin this is to you i intend to make that fake moan a real one^^ hahahahahaha chaw^^
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Saturday, February 26, 2005

damn mika keeps touching my shirt and saying shes going to eat my heart out... wow i never knew Rin was so naughty wow im still taken by her damn Rin you keep doing that to me and talking to me that way dont think i will be able to control myself when i see you *shivers* the things you say to me just i dont know make me flinch *shivers + blush*
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Friday, February 25, 2005

Mika is REALLY creeping me out right now i have a head ake and she is being odd she pokes me and was straighten my shirt i think i have a new maid go for me^^ i talked with Miss Rin last night in to late hours and she talked oddly to me like erm.. i dont know how to say it but in a um.. *blush* "sexy" voice yes so any way Mikas creep so go to her site yall know it well^^ *hugs* bye oh P.S. RINNY I MISS YOU TO LOVE*kiss*
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DAMN RIGHTS I IS! thats my favorite kind^^

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Nothing but tae and cakes today otakus sorry...
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   Wow theres really nothing much to post um lets see….
I don’t know I might post something later today after lunch ok

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I finally asked Miss Rin out by the way I made her a site on here she’s: Rinny-chan any way do you wish to know how I did it? Ha-ha well we were at Cerra Chan s house and Rin is afraid of the dark (we cerra-chan and I turned all the lights out) so she would not let me go and cerra-chan keeped taking off places I don’t know where she was going however I did not mind cause this gave me the time to ask Rin 1st I asked her if she had any one close to her she asked me what I meant and I said relationship wise and she said no so I asked if shed like me to be and she said yes so I told her she’s mine than I think that’s how I m not to sure that Friday was like a dream …*sighs* a really good dream and I kissed her ha-ha^^ I hope she don’t mind me telling people this well hey she asked me how many people I told well I told the awesome people of otaku ^^ cause she told all her friends….every thing.. -_- every ahh little detail…*sighs* oh well now I miss her and stuff and talking to her on the phone is just cruel punishment and teasing my self *sighs*
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Friday, February 18, 2005

Nihao. I’m meeting Miss Rin today *sighs* however I have a cold and sound really really odd -_- and you can here my accent a lot more *sighs again* so any how I am reading a really big novel called Fingersmith by Sarah waters I think tis any way tis good reading if you ever want to read a good book go find this one tis 548 pages long so yes this is if you is a smart reader and under stand are English babbling lol right I don’t think that any one knows that I is an English well I am so now you know…I is a French, English, Chinese and Irish yes ^^ odd combo I know.
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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Hey hey , I’m suppose to tell every one that I belong to Miss Rin so yes I belong to Miss Rin…whatever…so yes cool I talked with her for three and a half hours on the phone last night. Twas fun and tatsuha was giving my door knob a blow job lol^^ and so yea I don’t know I guess I visited my old school this morning and my old teacher read my poems she mostly liked marionette ha-ha^^ the play full one weeee any way have a good day.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Well hello otakus I have just recently been told that i`m like a mature adult playful bachelor
By one of the greatest gals I know Miss Rin^^ thanks a lot I spent like 3 hours on the phone with her cerra-chan called her when I was on the phone with her and stuff look cerra I hope your not mad at me i`m sorry I might be stealing your Rinny hehehe any way I don’t know really what else to write um well I guess I cut my finger open yesterday yea that still hurts…
*sighs* um oh and my navi got taken away *cries* damn jerks at the rent store place oh well i`m trying to write another
Poem / song I hope you liked the one yesterday well i`m going to go cause my fingers bleeding again bye bye and have a good day.

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