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This is my first art site so be easy on me. I'm using this site to post my fanart and comics, mostly Tokyo Mew Mew so I hope you enjoy!

You can just call me... Well Yours Truly! (I can think of a fake real name.) Anyway I love anime and manga, I really love magical girl, Yaoi anime! But any good thought out anime is a okay with me. I'm going to a trade school for graphic design..... and I'm a really silly girl who loves anime.. There, me in a nut shell... For the most part... so I hope you enjoy my site and everything I put on it.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

   New Picture!
Lovely Loita colored!

Lovely Loita Colored

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I need to work on my fan comic more -__-0...

Oh, I had a winter storm yesterday and I had school (opens two hours late). I decided not to go because I got to take three buses and travel miles to get there, and we all know that one snow flake make the buses go extra slow and retarded. So I got some extra sleep that moring and when I came down stairs my teacher called and said that NO ONE showed up! I was like wow..... I'm glad because now I don't feel bad about missing school, though I still won't get perfect attendnce -___-... Oh well... The next quarter starts in macrh and its going to be spring soon so I don't have to worry about snow storms and all that maddness. Then its spring and I can runaround and play! WEEEEE!

Till the next colored picture. ^-^

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

   New Pictures!
Hey whats happening? Nothing much over here. I fianlly got some pictures up for all the world to see. One for V-day and my KH oc!

Lovely Loita

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Darkness Of Heart

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How was everyones V-day? Mines were good just had a nice day thats all. I wish that I could dress up for it like I did the other year but I was sick -__-... The next day my mom brought a lot of candy! Oh man she got the peanut butter cups and I can stop eatting them!! >-< SO GOOD!

Is it me or the O got really slow and boring. I mean is everyone waiting for the new O to start or what? I know in the backroom some of the options are gone D:! I would go to DA but I'm to scared of art thiefs and stuff >_<... I don't know, I just can't wait for the new O!

Well, I guess thats it... See everyone later! ^_____^

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