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Saturday, February 23, 2008

   New Picture!
Lovely Loita colored!

Lovely Loita Colored

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I need to work on my fan comic more -__-0...

Oh, I had a winter storm yesterday and I had school (opens two hours late). I decided not to go because I got to take three buses and travel miles to get there, and we all know that one snow flake make the buses go extra slow and retarded. So I got some extra sleep that moring and when I came down stairs my teacher called and said that NO ONE showed up! I was like wow..... I'm glad because now I don't feel bad about missing school, though I still won't get perfect attendnce -___-... Oh well... The next quarter starts in macrh and its going to be spring soon so I don't have to worry about snow storms and all that maddness. Then its spring and I can runaround and play! WEEEEE!

Till the next colored picture. ^-^

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