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Saturday, February 25, 2006


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lol yea well about my day yesterday....I GOT LOCKED OUT OF THE HOUSE BY MY LITTLE BROTHER!!!i went outside in our garage to go get the clothes out of the dryer....WELL he runs up behind me slams the door and locks it....i scream because my dad's asleep and my sister is in the BACK of the house and i bang on the door but...HE'S JAMMED THE DOOR AND LOCKED IT!!!ugh!!i stayed locked out there for atleast a good half hour until my dad came and then it took another 20 mins just to get the lock off the door.....i was so pissed.and then does my brother get yelled at?no.i do because i was the one who went out there to get the clothes like i was supposed to!GAWSH!lol okay enough of my ranting.its the weekend lets have some fun ya'll :D hope ya'll have a great weekend!!:D
yay!now for DOA pics ;D
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