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Friday, February 24, 2006

Panic!at my house!

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YAY!I FINALLY HAVE MUSIC!!lol i love panic!at the disco
but!to go on about meh life....
well my mom apparently 'fixed' our comp....it just wouldn't turn off right so she does what the man on the phone tells her to...which completely erases our hard drive...which means...my pics...files...mp3's are all...
yea i'm pissed about that but i'm slowly getting over it
well i had fun today at school lol in cooking we basically skipped around making random shizzle and xD i made pizza bites lol and i recorded it on my camera xD i'm so lame lol and then i played with the bubbles in the sink!:D yay!xD
and i'm also missing my Marc *sniffle*i missh hiim *le sob*ah mell he should be on soon...ja ne everyone!:D
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Monday, February 20, 2006

   Worst Day Ever

yesterday may have been the single worst day of my life so far.It was going great!then stacey called....we talked about how Marcus thanked her for introducing us and then i went on to talk about how much shit i'd been through and how this one may turn out right....I go on to talk about how i was dumped the day before valentines day...and how the crush i've had (On Jon) never worked out...i mean i truly believed he liked me!he kissed my cheek!(and no i've never been kissed on the lips before so i really don't count this as my first kiss....)Stacey said he liked me...and i thought he did too!he showed that he was interested in me but i found out it was all a huge lie.He felt sorry for me.He felt sorry for the poor little girl who had no one in her life.Yea feels good don't it?Here's the best part...He likes Stacey and Stacey likes him...my two best friends....knowing that i liked him....like each other...but Stacey's taken...that means they feel sorry for me.I can't help but cry.Why?Why is it that you have to feel bad for me?!Then on top off all this shit my dad goes on and on about how lazy i am and how i dont do shit around the house....it sucks because i do!i do clean the house!i pick up alot!and then he complains about how much i get on the computer....there's only one reason for me to be on this thing:SOMEONE LOVES ME NOW and i love him....Marcus.After Stacey left he and i talked until 3 am this morning,we were falling asleep but still talking *smiles*it was so nice...its like a dream and i don't ever want to wake up.We talk about everything...and i think that maybe...I want to stay with him...for the rest of my life...because i'm sick of being hurt...last night i cried for atleast two hours...straight....and now i can cry tears of happiness (oh yea i cried those too thanks to Marc) So maybe this is the start of a new beginning for me...one where i have found love <3~Aimee
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Sunday, February 19, 2006


G'MORNIN ALL!!^_^ *giggles*im all happy like now ^_^ i met this wonderful guy the other day (no i haven't met him in real life i met him through myspace) and he's such a sweetie!i can't get enough of him...i'm so happy when he talks to me ^_^ i just smile smile smile!wow...this is odd whens the last time ya'll saw me this happy?!lol yea i've been in a 'dark place' lately (Stuart from mad tv:I'M IN MY DARK PLACE!!)lol but he and i talked last night for hours on ed....it was amazing....someone got a bandaid?cuz i scraped my knee when i fell for him ^_^ óż now for some pics!and the link to my new xanga site!!:D
My Xanga site
yes,it needs work ^_^ help please?:D

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Panic!at the disco


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Friday, February 17, 2006


OMG!!lol i've just recently been oogling gravitation so i of course changed mah theme ^^ i know i havne't been getting to sites lately I AM SORRY!!!*BOW BOW BOW*but i shall try this weekend for sure-ly ^_^ now...ENJOY THE SEXINESS!!!
back off homophobes xP
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


hey guys...happy valentines day ^^ i hope you all have a nice one....i'll tell you why mine isn't so good...first off nathan asked me out a few days ago (emo ain't goth) and i was happy because i thought that maybe for once i'd have a real valentine...turns out thats not gonna happen...he broke up with me yesterday and left me alone....happy single awarness day i guess....
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Friday, February 10, 2006


yea well this is my valentines theme its nuthin special...well i was feelin ok earlier but just now not so much...don't ask please just comment nicely
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Sunday, February 5, 2006


lol OMG!!i had soo much fun yesterday!!me brittany and katie (and britts mom and dad an little sis) al hung out at the mall for about three hours lol and we rode the carosel!!!it was funny xD seeing a bunch of 16 year olds on a kids ride lol but we had fun and took pics xD!then after we all hung out at the mall we went to see when a stranger calls (at like 7:30 at night) and katie who is such a scaredy cat was like:NO I DONT' WANNA GO DON'T MAKE ME!!!lol she screamed during the previews heh well the movie wasnt' all the scary..just at the end xD but when the dude jumped down from the ceiling i grabbed katies leg and she jumped out of her seat!!!!it was so funny!!!xDD!!!i dont' think i've had that much fun over the weekend ever lol and today i'm probably not gonna do a thing but play castlevania and doa...so have a great day all!!!!!

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Saturday, February 4, 2006


omg!!i had sooo much fun yesterday!!!me and stacey went to the movies after school to see underworld and OMG!!IT WAS AMAZING!!!I LOVED IT!!!then after that we went to the mall and goofed off haha it was so fun!!!and stacey's b/f called and wanted to meet us but we were just about to leave so we couldn't T^T lol then we went to the dollar store and played with a toy gun and took random pics on her camera lol it was fun and we bought handcuffs!lol real metal ones!!>D to use in bed xD!yay!lol well today i'm supposed to go to the mall with brittany and katie and then we're gonna go see when a stranger calls omg i will never babysit again prolly!!O.O!lol i hope you all have a gr8 weekend!!!
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doesnt' she kindof look like selene?

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Monday, January 30, 2006


GAH!I AM SO ADDICTED TO GAIA!!grr i used to hate it but now i love it!!:D i just need some money lol is anyone else here on gaia?
my day so far has been okay and yesterday me and my mom went to the mall and spent too much money @_@ lol i got a bunch of new clothes tho all from hot topic and torrid...yea i like goth clothes lol <33 so how has everyone been?:D
Piccies for today!!::
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smexy shii!!

and a quote for my shii:
Shigure:High school girls high school girls all for me!high school girls!!!

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Saturday, January 28, 2006


:D!hoooo-RAY for the new theme!!lol YES!NOW I CAN FINALLY GET ON MORE!cuz my mom finally unblocked my screen name so i can be on more often and visit sites now!!!HOO-RAY!!:D i've also gotten my cell back *0* oh how i have missed it xP its old but hey it works well i hope you all have a lovely weekend!!!
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YUSS!*drool drool*

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