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Ohaiyo-desu, Konnichiwa, Konbanwa, or Oyatsumi Nasai! My user name is YoakeNoOokami which means "wolf of Dawn". No, it wasn't for WOLFram... 3 years ago! Now it is! =D
My real name is Aurora! (not Borealis or Australiaus! XP)*note In the North Pole; It's Aurora Borealis, in the South, it's Aurora Austrelius.
I was born in the year of the Monkey. =D

My favorite anime of all time is kyo Kara Maou!
I also love Ouran High School Host Club, Nana, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Ruroni Kenshin.

My favorite manga is Kaze Hikaru.

My favorite European Book series is harry Potter! I converted to "Potterism" A while ago. XXD

[Anime] Wolfram Von Bielefelt
[manga] Okita Souji
[novels] Draco Malfoy
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I hope you enjoy your stay!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You might have heard Katie talking about it, but it is a modern, non-aggressive Japanese martial art. Yes, I said non-aggressive martial-art. It was developed by Urehei Ueshiba, or just "O-sensei" (Great Teacher). Aikido can be translated as "The Way of Harmony With The Spirit."
Mentally, O-Sensei preached that Budo, or the martial way, is a work of love, a path to overcome discord and chaos in ourselves and bring peace to the world, "To make the heart of the universe one's own heart." O-Sensei taught that true awareness is not grasped by intellect alone. "This is not mere theory," he said. "You must practice it."

Physically, Aikido, unlike other martial arts, doesn't focus on kicking or punching, but rather on using their own energy to gain control of an attacker, or to throw them away from you. Aikido places great emphasis on motion and the dynamics of intent, circular, centered movement, and breathing.

I'm taking Aikido right now, and personally, it's been a wondrous experience. My mind and judgment is clearer, my breathing is stronger, my actions are quicker, I am much more coordinated. Mentally, I've become more realistic, and determined. I love it. I also adore the principles behind the art.

If you're interested, classes are every Tuesday, and Thursday from 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm. The senseis (Keith and Deborah) are very kind and funny. They love new students, and I'd love if you want to check it out.
I don't know why, but I have a good feeling that this would do you good as well. ^^ It's very good at knocking sense into you. (and throwing you into the air, and knocking you into the earth, XD).

It's at Gold's Gym, on Racine Dr. in the arobics room.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

   Refelection of Creative Writing Class: Spring 2008
Reflection of Creative Writing Spring 2008

I’ve improved so much this year. I know now though, that my skills as a writer (and an artist) defiantly flux with my true emotions. I don’t mean the mood, and emotions I seem to be, and show most of the time either. Like at the beginning of the class, I was essentially depressed. I wouldn’t show anyone, not even myself in a way—I would always deny it.

I only really got better after getting back from Animazement 2008. I really needed that trip out of town, because after that—drawing and writing became so much easier! I felt so much lighter; I could feel myself smiling all the time when I was alone. It was then that I realized that I really was in denial about depression. Just because other people don’t see me doing it, doesn’t mean it never happened.

Besides my emotions improving, I know my general skills as a writer have evolved. Whenever I wrote stories, I never finished them. They started off strong, but died after I got done writing 2, or 3 pages. I know now that the length isn’t the most important thing, in fact shorter is usually better!

There is always room for improvement! So I’ll always be growing as a writer, especially now that I know how to end stories, and keep poems flowing. My rhythm isn’t perfect, but it’s something.

I hope to keep writing over the summer, about my drawings, and with my friends. Here’s hoping—happy summer.

Aurora Silverwood
Assignment 33

::So ends a wonderful school year::

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I hear so many laughs.
Memories of goofing-off with people,
Who are just as strange as I am.
Friendly feelings hide behind cruel words.
My “brother” right there when I need him.

I feel so happy,
but I can’t seem to write
Anything that feels right.
I am an artist,
A creative soul.

I so longed to write,
To convey a story about a character I drew,
That no one knew
Anything about.

I wish I could have gotten better sooner.
Maybe I could have finished my stories earlier.

I’m finally truly happy again.
No spouts of depression whilst no one looks,
How can anyone write anything
Good whilst under a haze of sadness?

I’ve defiantly improved as a writer,
Even as a poet,
Even though you may not know it.

I am going to miss this class,
With the exception of
One ass, worth to me,
as much as rotting trash.

I’ll miss Mr. Lee,
One of my favorite teachers, you see…
This class has meant a lot to me.

Aurora Silverwood
Assignment 34

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My Dearest Love
My Dearest Love

How I long to have you here, My dear.
With this I am always sincere!
Please do not shed another tear,
As long as you live my dear!

I will always want to hold you near,
And whisper sweetly in your ear,
I love you, my dear.

Though you are farther away then starlight,
My longing for you cuts through the night,
I hope you find it as bright,
As the moon My dear.

A warm whisper in the night,
Sent from me to hold you tight,
I know I can set this right,
My dear.

Oh my sweet smelling flower,
How I must tower,
Do you cower,
My Dear?

There is no reason to fear,
So please, my dear,
Please do not shed another tear,
As long as you live my dear!

Aurora Silverwood
Assignment 22

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   Royal Delivery!
Royal Delivery!

Zadien held a simple, small brown box in the palm of his glove-cloaked hands, “So—you’re saying, all I have to do is hand this to the princess of Ceseru? That sounds easy enough!” Zadien smiled, and stuffed the box in his pocket. “I’ll take the job!”
“Do you even know where Ceseru is?” Günter queried.
“Honestly?” He paused, “—Nope!” Zadien laughed, as Günter glared at him, “No worries! I was going to grab a map along the way!”
“Why do that, “Günter sighed. “When I have one right here?!” Gunter flailed the map just to emphasize his point.
“Gees! Calm down.” Zadien jumped on his feet, and grabbed the map swiftly. “I’ll be on my way!”
“Please don’t loose the jewel (or our princess)! If you weren’t the fastest guard we had, I wouldn’t even consider you, so please do not make our kingdom look foolish!” Günter was obviously having a very bad day. “Remember, do not lose the jewel! It is a symbol of peace between our countries—not to mention that if it falls into the wrong hands—“
“Doomsday?” Zadien grimaced.
“Not quite, but close enough.” Günter sighed, and turned around. “Really though Zadien, good luck, tell that to the other two as well.” Günter turned around, and saluted,” Bring honor to Vereveris!”
“Right!” Zadien saluted in return. “Well, I’m off!” The two said their good byes, and Zadien closed the door of the meeting room behind him.
“Well Zaku, we’re off!” Zadien smiled to his friend, the second fastest guard, waiting just outside the room.
“About time! It took forever! Longer then the trip there, I bet!” Zaku laughed. “Alright, enough joking around. You have the map, and I’ve got the rations, what are we standing around here for?”
“You mean ‘who’”. Zadien corrected.
“What are you—Ohhh.”
“You forgot about her… didn’t you?” He smiled. “You seriously forgot she was coming with us! I’m not the only air-headed one here! Yay!”
“Oh, shut-it, or I’ll throw you into the first river we try to cross.”
“Yikes! Meany!” Zadien sulked playfully for a moment.
“Hey Boys! I’m here! Thanks for waiting!” A girl with a long pink braid, and a tiara appeared from, what seemed to be nowhere. “Isn’t it nice to know all the secret passageways in this castle?”
“That’s only because you’ve lived here your whole life, Rina.” Zaku playfully, and lightly punched her shoulder.
“Hehe, I suppose that helped a little.” She laughed. Rina, princess of Vereveris, although not a guard was also very fast, and strong. “Alright! Let’s get this mission on the road!” She shouted.
“Aye Aye ma’am!” Zadien cried, happily in return. BONK. Zaku hit Zadien upside the head.
“Stop looking so stupid.” Zaku spit-out.
“Fun ruiner.” Zadien sniffled.
“As long as you start looking more like a guard, and less like a civilian, then maybe I won’t pick on you.”
“You’re too creul Zaku-puu!”
TWITCH “D-Don’t call me that! I’ll really knock you off the next bridge we cross!”
“Yikes!” Zadien began to run out of the castle, “You’ll have to catch me first!!”
“AH! After him! We can’t let that Nitwit run off with the jewel alone! Come-on Princess Rina!” Zaku looked behind him to see no one there. “Princess… Rina…?” He then righted his head in front of him, to see Princess Rina running a few feet behind Zadien. “WAIT!” Zaku shouted, and ran at top speed to catch-up to the pair.

The three of them appeared at Ceseru after one month of traveling. They all appeared to be soaking when they arrived.
“What took you so long?” The Princess of Ceseru, Ruto, asked. “Did you lose it in the river or something?”
The three looked at each other, then all in different directions, whistling.
“You… did?”
“Well, HE kept call-in` me funny names! I told him a million times that I’d push `em off the bridge if he called me something like that again!”
“Couldn’t you have taken the jewel away from him first?” Ruto queried.
“Well, then he would have known I was goanna push him off, then he would have run away!” Zaku said, defending himself.
“Heeeey! We got it here, right?” Rina interrupted, appearing quite fed-up with the two boys.
“Yes, you are right… here, a token of our peace agreement.” Ruto called for a servant to bring a big blue jewel to her. “It is a stone of equal power. May our countries never have any other use for them, then to look pretty on our walls.”
“Well said Ruto!” Rina smiled, “Now let’s go home already!” Rina growled at the two boys, who cowered behind the servant who brought the stone. “Not that I don’t like your country,” Rina hastily added, “It’s just that I’m home-sick, and this journey took longer then expected.”
“No offence taken.” Ruto Smiled.
The four of them bowed, as our three heroes were escorted out of the castle.

Aurora Silverwood
Assignment 17

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   Lightning Memories
Lightning Memories

Marie was driving two her friends home late one night. It was thunder storming, just without the thunder, or rain part—a real lightning storm. The three teenaged girls marveled at the beauty of the storm, drinking in the sight with thirsty blue and hazel eyes.
“It’s so beautiful,” Angela, riding shotgun, cried, as lightning struck between the clouds.
“Um-hum,” Marie agreed,” I should really be focusing on driving!” Her friends gulped, as Marie laughed.
“Marie! Focus on the ground, not the sky!” Angela laughed, as she teased Marie.
“Awww, but that’s no fun!” Marie wined, “I can multitask!” She smiled. Lighting consistently lit-up the sky, revealing otherwise invisible clouds. The car was silent for a few minuets, as the little black car rode down the black roads of Wilmington.
I could not see the lighting as well as Marie, and Angela, because I was alone in the back seat. I tried sticking my head out of the black car’s window, but that only worked so well. Still—even from my point of view, it was a beautiful night. I kept thinking, in the silence, how strange it was that we could see it so clearly, but never hear the thunder.
Marie grinned, suddenly remembering the conversation from earlier that we had, no doubt.

“We better go home already, if we want to make it home before midnight!” Marie stated. Angela, and myself were falling asleep on our feet, so we didn’t argue. Nichole got up, and left the room to the front door. Marie, Angela, and I went to search thorough the dark house for our shoes, being as quiet as possible because Marie’s parents were asleep.
We went-outside, and saw a flash. “What was that?” I asked, thinking it was lighting, but wondering, because I heard no thunder, and I felt no rain.
“It’s lightning, Arelia,” Nichole replied, pale faced, but smiling. Nichole was afraid of thunder and, well, all bad weather in particular.
“Oh.” I quietly replied, feeling a little silly, as I saw another flash that was obviously lighting.
“Let’s go!” Marie said excitedly, an avid fan of wet weather, along with Angela and myself. We heard the door close shut, as we walked to the cars; Marie driving Angela, and I home in her small black car, while Nichole was driving herself home in a blue Mustang. “I love lighting! It’s so wild, and free!” She sighed.
Marie started the ignition, as the car CD player turned-on, playing Inuyasha music at a comfortable volume. We sang along, as Marie was backing out of the driveway. They then stopped singing, and wistfully commented on the beauty of the lightning. I silently agreed, and stared into the beautiful stormy, night sky. “You know, there are just some things I don’t want to learn about, science wise.” Angela said,” like love, and lightning.” Marie agreed.
“It just makes life duller, and brings people down, with no real depth behind it.” I said.
“And it destroys a lot of modern people’s appreciation for old tales.” Marie said, saddened, the reflection of the sky in her eyes. She and her family had a passion for what most of the modern world has left behind, forgotten in the past. “I never want to learn how lighting works; I just want to drink in the beauty, and mystery.” She sighed.
We drove in the night, our destination not far.

“Do you know what is born when lighting meets?” Marie asked, grinning, but keeping her eyes on the road.
“More lighting?” I quickly said, thinking what else could be born of it? Angela laughed, it seemed like she had the same idea.
“No—Dragons...” She said, mystically. We were silent after that, the answer sinking in. We really have lost a lot of mystery, and fantasy in our world. I looked out of the car-door window, and into the sky, seeing the lighting, and imagining dragons being born behind the cover of the clouds. I didn’t want to ask questions like, ‘Where would they live?’ or ‘how could anyone not notice them if they’re born in the air like that!?’ No. I just wanted to believe.
We are not all scientists. I think we, as modern people, tend to forget that. There is only as much mystery in the world, as you are willing to accept.

Marie got us home, and we agreed to meet online tomorrow, since Angela and I were going to be studying for most of that day. We also promised to drive, and walk home slowly, to enjoy the free light show, and dream of dragons in the sky, behind the invisible, black clouds.
While I was walking home alone, I couldn’t help but sing about it. I felt my creativity spilling over, it yearned to be sung, written, alight, brought to life. The lighting was a spark that I’ve been long searching for all year for Creative Writing. Not candles, not fireworks, not smoke bombs, or sparklers, but “wild, and free” lighting.

Aurora Silverwood
Assignment 29

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