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Saturday, April 19, 2008

What goes up and down many times in 2 weeks?
Kibou: My days, apparently. ^^; these past two weeks were an interesting two, I’ll tell you that!
Yami: Many things going on.
Kibou: The first couple of days were eh, moderately ok. We actually had a snowstorm on Thursday-Friday. O_o
Yami: And in April too! Crazy weather! But at least it’s all gone now.
Kibou: But on Thursday, Kana-chan had called me and asked, “Can I rant?” Of course, I said yes, and about mid-way through the rant, she wasn’t feeling good AT ALL! It had to do with something her ex-b/f James said. (I have a poem about it on dA)
Yami: James is a jerk. Enough said.
Kibou: *nods* But then there was issues with me being all bitchy towards him w/o realizing it, and when Kana-chan made a note of it, I felt really bad about it. T_T But now, all is forgiven, but I still don’t like James. ((muwahahahahaa))
Yami: Moving onto... positive things, well, for Kibou-chan anyways, had friends over Tuesday, I believe.
Kibou: Kana-chan and our friend Selica! *dances* we had fun! It was good, hyper, but good! Hope we can do it again. Apart from that, I got my report card this week.. *dramatic music plays* I got 3 Cs and an A. My dad will probably bitch about the Cs, like “Why didn’t you get all As like last time” blah blah blah. I had 3 really hard classes this semester, and I had a lot of things going on at the time. And if he can’t accept it, tough luck! I gave it my all.
Yami: Like you do with everything. .... when you don’t procrastinate! ^_~
Kibou: Oh ha ha! XD Speaking of that, I better stop, I have so much to get done this weekend! HW in ever class. ^^; wish me luck!

Anika greeted the next day with a smile as she rose from her bed. She looked beside her, Khalil still sleeping. His chest was slowly moving underneath his shirt. She ambled out of bed and walked towards the kitchen. She needed to give the cook the details of the dishes Anika was planning on making, with the cooking crew’s help, of course. As she arrived in the doorway of the kitchen, she was greeted by the main cook.
“So,” the woman spoke, “What’s on the menu for tomorrow?” Anika’s smile grew as she told her what the two dishes were, a stuffed meat for a main course with a side of herb bread. After explaining every detail, the cook nodded. “Alright, people!” she yelled to a half dozen females behind her. “We know what to get, so let’s get to it!” All the girls nodded as they began to file out the door. They would begin preparing the dishes the next morning. Anika let long breath escape her, satisfied with herself. She did a small dance of excitement, thinking of what tomorrow would bring.
“Got it all planned?” Mana’s voice was heard behind her. Anika nodded.
“Sure do.” she answered. “Everything is going to be great.” Mana gave her a thumbs-up.
“Excellent.” She stated. “Now, how about a preview of MY gift?” Mana winked. Anika smiled as Mana led her away. The two girls headed down a flight of stairs to a dark room below the palace’s main floor. It almost seemed like a dungeon of sorts. Mana’s head whipped around.
“Ready?” she eagerly asked. Anika snapped out of her trance on the darkness.
“Hmm? Oh yes! I am!” she matched Mana’s enthusiasm.
“So you found her.” Mahad’s voice spoke. Mana nodded to her teacher as he came into view. “You can stand right there, Anika.” Mahad told her, pointing a few yards away from the entrance. Anika side-stepped to where Mahad was pointing as Mana hurriedly went to Mahad’s side. She began to jump up and down with excitement. “This is our last practice Mana,” Mahad reminded his student. “We have to make it count.” Mana’s jumping stopped, but she still had a big smile on her face.
“Absolutely!” she exclaimed. Both magicians now had a magic wand in their possession as they quickly murmured the first spell. The dank and dark room was suddenly filled with a bright green light. Anika’s eyes grew wide as each spell brought forth a new and different color. Anika gasped at the range of colors before her, some last out the others. The show had lasted for about eight whole minutes. After the finally ended, Anika began to clap ecstatically.
“That was amazing!” she cried. Both Mana and Mahad thanked her.
“I guess our hard work paid off, Mana.” Mahad said. “I can tell, you have improved.” Mana danced happily in her place.
“Really? Thanks!” she replied happily. “Let’s go, Anika!” Mana suddenly grabbed Anika by the hand and led her back up to the palace’s main floor.

Heads up: the next part is VERY VERY short.

Sorry to cut this off so quickly, but I really have to get my butt moving on all my projects!
-Kibou and Yami-

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