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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kibou: O...m....g..... Death Note is.... is....
Yami: ....Awesome?
Yami: Kibou... settle down......
Kibou: No. *takes a deep breath* Alrght. I think I’m good.
Yami: heh eh... no you’re not.
Kibou: ... XP anyway. Yesterday was tiring for me! X_x I had to clean the basement (dust, vaccum) and then I let my dad bribe me so I did his cleaning of the house. (everyone cleans on Saturday.) So I had to vacuum the licing room, and the upstairs, and the stirs themselves, sweep the kitchen, entry way, and dining room, AND mop them. *faints* Then I baked a cake. ^^; But geez. MY legs hurt so bad yesterday!
Yami: And now you’re going to walk all over a mall.
Kibou: Oh yeah!
Yami: you're like a never ending amount of energy, ya know that? =P

Quote of the Week:”With a heart as big as the sky,
You’re as free as the birds that fly in it.”


Video of the Week: Dance L, Dance!

I’m so obsessed with this song! XD my friend had it on her cell phone, and just for kicks, I started doing the dance to it! XD

That wraps up another post! *hugs* Thanks for stopping by! Hope you all have a good week!

<3! ~Kibou and Yami~

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

   Last Week of the Term
Kibou: Well, Monday is the last term of the 07-08 school year.... YEEEEEES! The only thing different this term is no Aerobics class. *sniff*
Yami: Well, with the warmer weather, I’m sure you’ll be running around plenty. ^^
Kibou: Yeah, most likely. ^_~ But there’s something that happened this week that I didn’t like: it SNOWED! SNOW! It was the last day of March, and we had a snowstorm. X_x But, since its spring, it was all gone in 2 or so days. *dances* Also, I gave my persuasive speech. Eech.
Yami: How did that go?
Kibou: I was nervous about it, but all in all, I got a B on it. ^^ I was SO happy about that. Hopefully that will pull my grade up. *nods* I’m nervous about all my grades, though. O_o Chemistry I’ll probably will have a D in. TT_TT I’m not going to go into detail about low grade and my dad. *shudders* Happy thoughts! happy thoughts! ^^; Story time! (sorry, AGAIN! It’s a little long... ><)

Salih quickly ran down towards Anika’s room. He began to stop his steps as he reached his destination.
“Anika?” he called into the room. No one was there. He quickly moved up to the roof. No Anika there, either. Disappointed, he ran all the way down toward the front of the palace. “Where is she?” he wondered. He quickly rounded a corner, seeing two blurs. as heard a loud yell. He dug his heels into the floor to stop himself, causing him to stumble backwards, resulting in a fall. Anika and Mana stood before him, tense, clutching a bundle of either red or green in their arms. Anika had her eyes shut tightly, one foot slightly off the ground. Mana had one eye open, her body had shifted ninety degrees. Both girls slowly eased from their positions as Salih rubbed his head and looked at Anika and Mana. “Anika?” Salih questioned.
“Salih... I--” she suddenly hid her possession behind her back. “What were you doing running around the palace?” Salih balanced himself with one knee and stood, brushing himself off.
“Well,” he began. “I was looking for you, I couldn’t find you anywhere, and I was beginning to get worried.” Anika smiled.
“Well, thanks, but I was only going to the market getting some last minute things.” Salih nodded.
“I have to talk to you.” he said bluntly but seriously. It made Anika bit worried. Yet, she smiled slightly.
“Alright, I’ll meet you on the roof after I drop this off.” Salih nodded.
“I’ll see you there, then.” Anika looked at Mana and shrugged.
Anika walked up on the roof. The sun was beginning to set. “So,” Anika broke the silence. “What did you want to talk to me about?” Salih had been thinking. He didn’t want to tell her bad news, instead, he smiled at her.
“I was wondering, what were you planning on doing after Atem’s birthday?” Anika waited for an answer to come to her.
“I don’t know, never gave it much thought.” she responded. “Why?” Salih chucked.
“Well you know me. I can’t stay in one place for too long.” Anika nodded.
“You never could stay still, especially when we were kids!” Anika laughed. Salih smiled and thought to himself before continuing.
“My idea was, that after the birthday and such, you, me, and Khalil could travel together.” He suggested. Anika’s smile faded slightly at his idea.
“Where would we go?” Anika questioned.
“Anywhere we want to. Wherever our hearts lead us.” Salih answered. Anika did like the idea of following her heart. However, her heart, Anika herself, had become attached to the palace over the past half a year. “She’s become blind to what lies ahead for her.” Salih thought sadly. He finally spoke, “Well, I’m not saying that we have to leave the day after, we can stay here for a bit, before there’s any set plans.” Anika nodded with a smile,
“Yeah, that sounds good.” She replied. “We’ll see what happens, and go from there.”
Hours passed, and everyone was retiring to their beds. Anika, however, placed her new headdress on her head, and pressed the dress against her, she smiled, swaying to unheard music. Mana popped her head in.
“Are you excited?” She asked with a smile a mile wide. Anika spun around to meet her friend’s smile.
“You bet I am!” she responded. “Atem’s birthday is only a day away!”
Whoot! It’s almost Atem’s b-day! *dances*
No one got the trivia right least time, and I’m too lazy to think of a new one. (Ok, honestly, I don’t have enough time on the computer! ^^;)
Here’s a question: How many days/weeks of school do you have? I have 9 more weeks.
Well, I hope that everyone has a great weekend! =D Good luck with any tests or finals that may come your way!

<3! Kibou and Yami

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

   Well This Week Went By Fast!
Kibou: Well, not too much happened this week.
Yami: It’s just been really busy and a little stressful for Kibou-chan, hasn’t it?
Kibou: Yes, So I can’t say too much. I don’t think I’ll get to site today, either. But I’ll try. *nods* I have a BIG English paper due on Monday, And I now just understand it.
Yami: You should right to it, then! The soon, the better.
Kibou: wish me luck! Today, I’m just going to put up the story and some trivia. It’s a nice break from my too-long ranting posts, no? XD But I do have to thank eiina who HAS come by and left a little comment! *huggles* Thanks! =D

“Oh really?” Anika asked. Mana nodded.
“They’re really beautiful.” Mana explained. “I was going to get one before, but I wanted to wait for the right occasion.”
“Well, this one is just the right one.” Anika replied. “Especially since this is -- Atem!” she suddenly stopped to see the prince before them.
“And where are you two going?” Atem asked. Mana tried not to laugh from Anika’s reaction. As soon as it seemed to be under control Mana spoke,
“We are going to go do girl stuff.” Mana’s grin grew even larger. Anika began laughing at herself now. The girl’s laughter was contagious, and soon Atem was suppressing his own laughter.
“Well,” he said, shaking his head. “Alright then. I’ll uh... leave you to your.. ‘girl stuff’.” and winked. Anika and Mana nodded as they bustled out of the hall to the main entrance. Atem let out one last chuckle as he headed to the throne room.

“Yes, I’ll be here after the celebration, but what will come after that?” Salih wondered to himself as he walked down the hall. “The thought of Anika and Khalil coming with me back home for a bit sounds nice.” Salih smiled. “It’ll be like the good time when we were kids...” Atem’s voice broke into Salih’s thoughts as Salih walked past the throne room. Once side of the large double-doors was slightly ajar, barely letting Atem’s conversation carry out into the hallway. Another man from the room spoke the words, “A Pharaoh’s power”, therefore catching Salih’s attention. He quietly snuck back to the cracked doorway, and pressed himself against the fully closed door. He closed his eyes and strained to hear the rest of the discussion between Atem and Shimon.
“When you do become Pharaoh of this land, you will gain more power.” Shimon noted to the prince. Atem nodded.
“Yes, I know.” he responded. “I have been told that when some rulers gain that much power, they sometimes become power-hungry, and they loose all control.”
“Yes, that is very true.” Shimon replied. “I don’t think you will have that problem, you know pretty well how to control any power that you may and will posses. Prince Atem.”
“Thank you, Shimon.” Atem smiled. “And actually, I believe that the power I have is coming from inside some one, someone’s heart, actually. I think that is the greatest power of all.”
“I knew it.” Salih whispered through clenched teeth. “He just wants whatever power is within Anika.”
“Oh?” Shimon questioned. “And how are you going to obtain this power?” Atem sighed.
“You know, I’m not entirely sure. But, I will find a way. You can count on that.” Salih cursed under his breath as he left his post at the door.
“I’ve got to warn Anika about this!” he said to himself as he ran to Anika’s room.
It’s almost Atem’s birthday! *dances* (in the story, that is XP)

Last week’s trivia answer: Industrial Illusions! (kind of a tough detail. Huh?) Congrats to:

Shizuka467 and Jesus Freak

This week’s trivia: During Seto’s duel with Noah, why did Yami take over [Seto’s place]? Good Luck!

... I’m running out of things to say at the end of my posts that aren’t so run-of-the-mill. TT_TT
Yami: ^^ heh heh... Have a super special awesome Saturday!
Kibou: It’s not run-of-the-mill, it’s funny. XD So yes, what yami said!

<3! ~Kibou and Yami~

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

May the Easter bunny give you tons of treats and chocolate!


But more importantly, YAY! Jesus has risen! <(^_^<) <(^_^)> (>^_^)>
(what the heck does dancing Kirby have to do with Christanity?!) XD

Lots of love and eggs!! XD

-Kibou and Yami-

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

   Pics, pics, anime, and a bracelet!
Kibou: first off, I have a picture of my lil sister and the bracelet I made for her right below. =D (sorry, crappy camera. ^^;)
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

QuickPost Quickpost this image to Myspace, Digg, Facebook, and others!
It’s the most recent pic I have of her... it’s a few years old. >_> So... yeah. That’s taken care of, THEN I’ll soon have a new drawing up, for Shizuka467’s b-day gift (500 years late! T_T gomen!) So If you wanted to take a peek at that, you may.
Yami: Well, you covered 3 subjects in about 2 sentences. =P
Kibou: Save room for the ANIME! I think that Death Note is purposely trying to give me a heart attack. T_T so many cliffhangers.....
Yami: *pats her on the back* it’s ok. Blood+ was also that way too. And now, there’s another 7 days we have to wait for the next episode... unless we watch it on YouTube.
Kibou: Nah, I’ll wait. What was your guys’ opinion on the two? I haven’t watched Naruto in such a long time, I’m trying to catch up with that, I’m watching an episode a day until I’m caugfht up. XD XD XD. I’m just at the episode where Sasuke used the curse mark to it’s full power and is fighting Naruto. (seriously, how do they live through that?! O_o)

Quote of the Week:The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.

Video of the Week: What I’ve Done - Deathnote

The end of a another post! XD I dunno what’s going on this week... it’s spring break. *gasp* Only one more day of Lent! *dances aroud the room*
Yami: .....
Kibou: I gave up chocolate and pickles for Lent. ^^; What? I like those foods! XD
Hope you have a good Sunday! (and if you’re like me, I nice Palm Sunday!)

<3! /...Kibou and Yami...\

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Kibou: It finally arrived for me, spring break is here. *phew* I made it. ^^; And now, I have a week of doing nothing.
Yami: You’ll be up and about more that you know it.
Kibou: Yeah, probably. So what’s new? Eh, I don’t want to go into a rant... (people on dA already got that! ^^;) Long story short, Kana-chan is going out with James again. DX I’m not all for it, either. He’s trying to see how far he can go, pushing his boundaries. *pounds hand into fist* curse it being against the rules to hit him!
Yami: But Lisa did say if he went to far, that would be it, right?
Kibou: Ugh yeah but STILL! >< *sighs* Cafreful, Kana-chan.... There's an issue dealing with my 1/2 sis, but I'm waiting on that topic...
Also on dA... there was a rant of how I’m a horrid writer... I’m sorry! T_T (thanks for the comment, YLover! *huggles* I feel a lot better now! =D)
Here’s the next part. WARNING: It’s a bit lengthy!
As Anika entered Salih’s room, she shook off any strange premonition she before and smiled.
“Done talking with the prince?” Salih asked, happy to see her. Anika nodded.
“We... we actually may have figured everything out.” Anika told him. She began to sit down on a small stool nest to her as Salih started to rise from his bed.
“Really?” Salih asked. Anika nodded. Anika opened her mouth to begin speaking, but Salih stopped her. “Let’s go on the roof.” He suggested. Anika nodded again as Salih took her hand and led her out of the room. As Anika thought of how to explain what had happened, Salih stopped half way to their destination. “I do want to say one thing first, Anika.” He mentioned with a bit of seriousness in his voice. Anika looked at him, concerned,
“Yes?” she urged him to go on. A sly smile formed on Salih’s lips.
“Race ya!” he suddenly called out and took off.
“Hey!” Anika yelled after him, running to catch up. Moments later the two of them met on the rooftop, breathless under the starry night. “You...” Anika began between breaths. “...cheated.” Salih looked at her.
“No... Just a ... head start.” Anika stuck her tongue out it him, laughing. Even after both of them had caught their breath, neither of them spoke. Anika sat up against a pillar of the roof while Salih chose to stand, looking up at the moon. A small sliver of it had disappeared from the night before. “It was because of the full moon, wasn’t it?” Salih finally noted. The sudden noise brought her out of her own thoughts.
“Hmm? Oh yes... it was.” she answered. Salih turned to Anika before kneeling on one knee in front of her.
So, what did you and Atem figure out? What happened last night?” he asked. He was serious now; he wasn’t going to start smiling this time. Anika sighed and told Salih each detail of what she and Atem had come up with. Once Anika stopped talking, she could see the anger in Salih rising. His fist suddenly pounded the roof beneath him. “God... that son of a...” he stopped his comment short. He sighed as he let the tension go. “I’m sorry, Anika.” Salih apologized.
It’s okay.” Anika whispered. She slightly picked up her tunic as she kneeled by Salih. She wrapped her arms around his neck. “It’s all over now, Salih.” She told him. “There’s nothing to worry about. Trust me.” Salih pulled away from her and looked in her compassionate eyes. Now a different smile came across Salih’s face. A nice and compassionate one.
I do. Trust you.” He assured her. ‘It’s everyone else, that I don’t.’ he thought as the two stood up.
The two stayed on the roof for a while longer, talking about this and that when Atem’s birthday suddenly became the subject.
“I was planning on making a couple of dishes for the feast.” Anika confessed.
“Isn’t that a surprise?” Salih chuckled.
“But don’t tell anyone!” she whispered, letting out a giggle herself. Salih recalled that he was invited, and what he was going to wear to the ceremony. He asked Anika what she was going to wear, and thanks to the night, Salih couldn’t see her blush. “Just... this.” She mentioned plainly, dusting off the tunic she wore, the one that Mana had given to her.
“Alright then...” Salih responded, not sure if he should believe her.
After a while, the two went back inside. Salih stopped Anika before she went into her room, putting his hands on her shoulders. He smiled. “I’m glad you’re all right now, Anika. I wouldn’t let that creep near you again, anyway.” Salih stepped closer to her, the movement made Anika tense. It’s what Atem had done just hours before. But this time, it was different; it almost seemed... possessive. Anika was about to step back but the feeling began to slip away as Salih backed off. He looked into her eyes. “Anika,” he began. “If you ever need anything, whatever it may be, come get me. You’ll know where I’ll be.” Salih smiled lightly. Anika did the same, uneasily. “Good night, Anika.” Anika nodded.
“Yeah. N-night.” Salih patted her shoulder before passing her by and headed to his own room. Anika watched him leave until he disappeared around a corner. The feeling that she had before, the premonition, had returned.
Ooh... Salih almost SWORE! =O I’m not writing for 2-year-old so.... I’m sorry if I offended anyone, though. ^^;
Last week's Trivia answer: Mai! congrats to:


This weeks’ trivia is another quote: who said, “ Tea, will you read me the book about the blue bunny?
Good luck!

Have a great weekend!
<3! ~Kibou and Yami~

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

   Not Breaking This Habit
Yami: Well, the new Otaku is up and running, but we figure, “Let’s just continue the trend” and continue posting on the weekends.
Kibou: Hiyas! There’s not much going on, but my classes are getting a bit more difficult.
Yami: Which means you should really step up you r game before they catch up with you! Kibou: Huh, guess you’re right. the only real excitement happened on Friday, and I felt like sharing it... I guess my sweatshirt got puffed out somehow, and my friend Liz started the conversation off.
Liz: OMG! You’re pregnant! (jokingly, though)
Kasey: What? Are you pregnant? For real? O_o
Kibou: *sarcasm* Yes, I am pregnant...... ^^;
Christina: Yugi! I think I’m pregnant! (YGOAS reference!)
((We started talking about this and that for a while))
Kasey: Ya know, I can totally see you marrying some hot, wealthy CEO of a major company and having like... 3 kids.
Kana-chan: *whispers to me* Seto Kaiba is a CEO.... ^_~
Kibou: *jabs her with elbow*
Kibou so yeah.... interesting conversation. XD
Yami: What about me? *pretends to look hurt*
Kibou: *huggles Yami-kun* don’t worry, I’ll leave Seto with his fangirls. XD

Atem’s eyes suddenly lit up,
“I think I’ve got it!” he exclaimed. Anika was pulled from her thoughts as Atem called out. She looked up at him from sitting beside him on the floor.
“Yeah?” she asked enthusiastically. Atem nodded as he started to explain.
“Bakura has been defeated.” Atem began, “And he can’t come back... at least not physically.”
“His spirit could live on.” Anika finished. Atem nodded.
“And with what the power that he has, almost anything could be possible.” Atem went on. “What I was thinking, when Bakura took control of you the first time, he must not have taken all of his spirit energy back.” Anika nodded, putting the pieces together from the night before. It made sense.
“He must have waited for a weak point to come along.” Anika murmured.
“Weak spot?” Atem echoed.
“There’s something I need to tell you, Atem.” Anika confessed. Atem nodded, urging her to continue. “What is it?” he asked quietly. Anika slowly stood as the spoke. “I do--... During the night of the full moon, I do get weak.” Anika confessed. “The only reason why I hadn’t mentioned it before was because it was never this intense since I arrived here... I never imagined something like this would happen. I hadn’t mentioned it before, but it hadn’t been the great since I’ve been here... I’m sorry, Atem.” Anika whispered the last words. Atem now stood and placed his hands on Anika’s shoulders and looked into her eyes.
“It’s all right.” he told her. “I have a feeling that Bakura will never hurt you again. I’m pretty sure now he’s gone for good.” He smiled. “You’re safe now.” Anika sighed a small “Thank you” and dropped her head down, closing her eyes. Atem took a small step forward, bringing the two of them closer together; his hands slightly further behind her. The movement caught Anika’s attention, bringing a light pink undertone to her cheeks. Surprised by Atem’s action, Anika took her own step backward. Atem’s hands slid off of her shoulders. Anika looked back at Atem.
“Let’s hope that no one ever sees him again.” she spoke as a sweet smile came from her lips. Atem nodded in agreement. Anika’s eyes quickly shifted around for a slight moment, as if searching for something. “I’ll um... I’ll be going now. Salih wanted to talk to me about something.” Anika mumbled awkwardly as she began slowly walking backwards to the door.
“Alright.” Atem replied.
“Thanks for sorting out last night.” Anika added. Atem smiled and nodded once.
“You too.” He answered. “If I don’t see you until morning, Good night, Anika.” Anika smiled and gave a slight bow.
“Yes. Good night, Atem.”
“And if you ever need anything, feel free to get me. You’ll know where I’ll be.” Anika nodded once again.
“Thank you” she said again in a light, airy voice as she left the room. As she relaxed against the hallway wall, her mind flashed back to when Atem had taken that step closer to her. Her cheeks grew warm again before she shook it off and continued walking to Salih’s room. As she approached the room, she could see Salih, his back to her. “Hey.” She spoke. Salih turned around.
“Hey” he echoed. But even though Anika was greeted by a warm, caring smile, she couldn’t help but think something was wrong.

Thanks to all who answered my question! My favoe moment in YGO is when Yami and Anzu went on a date. ^^ (Fave couple, DDR, how could it get any better? XD)
This week’s trivia! (back again!) Who said, You’re wrong. I never attacked so you didn’t lose to the duel!
Good luck!

Almost... have... b-day gifts for YLover and Shizuka... done! I’ll be working on both gifts today! ^_^

Hope you all have a great weekend!
<3! Kibou and Yami

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

   If anyone's out there........
I am SOOOOOOOO confused! The new Otaku is really messed up, upside-down, and backwards! O_o So friggen confusing...... >< Kibou-chan is lost.
If anyone has any idea how to get through any of it, speak now, or join the, "I ish confused" club.

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

   Getting Back into the Habit.....
Kibou: Ok, plan! I should get my computer fixed tomorrow. I just need to get some CD-Rs or DVD-Rs to save some of my stuff (my story, poems, AMVS, etc) then I’ll go to Best But to get it cleaned. Why I have to wait until tomorrow is because my dad only has $31 left, and my social security money comes tomorrow. Do the math.
Yami: In other news, yes, the weekend posting routine will continue.
Kibou: And thanks to all that commented on my posts before. (thanks Koon, Auska-104, Pleiades Rising, Dunpeil Dueliest!!!!! *hugs* ^_^ ) But getting back on track with the anime stuff, How did you guys like it? I’m mad that they took off FMA.... >< But at least there’s sill Blood+ and Death Note. OMG! I loved Death Note last night! XDDDDDDDD
Yami: And there she goes off ranting.... ^^; You practically jumped on top of me when Matsuda jumped off the ledge!
Kibou: O_O I thought hew was going to kill himself!
Yami: that’s the last time you watch it in the dark.... while eating Snickers.

Quote of the Week: You can never undo the past, replace exactly what was lost, but you can stop the past from repeating itself, and move onto something new.

Video of the Week: Sakura Haruto - Fighter

This song is my theme song. ^___^ heehee. *dances*

Few more tid bits: Those on dA already know about this, but... do you guys remember the collage that I made in my computer class?

Punk Funk Collage by ~YamisPharaohess on deviantART
Does that help? XD anyway, I realized on Friday that my piece was in the Art Show at school! ^____^ I was so happy! *hugs* thanks for your comments on my art, you guys. ^^
I may have some drawings up soon as well. ^_~

ENOUGH RAMBLING FROM ME! thanks for reading, though! XD

Hope you all have a great week!
<3 Kibou and Yami

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

   What do we want? A fixed computer! When do we want it? sometime before the 2nd coming... Please?
Kibou: Alright, I’m back if only for a bit. I wasn’t going to mess with my computer much before it was fixed but...
Yami: But Kibou can get kind of impatient. And it has been over a month since a normal Saturday post.
Kibou: And I’m sick and tired of it! O_o I missed you all *huggles minna * Anyway, surprising as this may sound, not much has happened in the past 5 weeks or so. I got my report card, from the 2nd term, and I got all As! *dances* Eve if they were easy classes. ^^;
Yami: You worked hard, you deserved them! ^^
Kibou: I guess if it’s something that you like to do... Bad side of things, Kana-chan and James broke up (again). She’s really confused about her feelings about him because of what he does and stuff It’s a mess, I’m helping her figure it all out.
Yami: then there’s more guy-related issues.....
Kibou: Yeah. There’s a guy who I don’t like, for my own reasons. He went to a different school sometime last year, and I hadn’t seen him since. And then, she suddenly pops up at school. >< *starts stabbing the air with a pencil* Hate him, HATE HIM, HATE HIM!
Yami: *holds Yami plushie in from of her* Calm down, Kibou.
Kibou: *hugs plushie* grrr..... evil.... Just..... go to the story.....

“You wanted to see me?” Anika asked as she entered the room. Atem looked up from some papers and nodded.
“Yes. I did.” He responded. “I did want to talk with you earlier, I’m sorry.” Atem went on. Anika shook her head.
“It’s quite alright. You’re really busy... getting ready for your birthday and all.” Anika ended her statement with a sly look on her face. Atem smiled.
“Yes, that is true.” He said, placing the papers next to the throne. “But even so, I’ve been trying to put together the events that happened last night. And even though I don’t have a complete understanding of what happened, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.” Anika nodded.
“Yes.” She agreed. “Me too.” Atem continued,
“And I was really worried about you.” Atem stated. Anika blushed slightly as a long silence formed between them as they remembered what they could of the night before. Anika hugged herself lightly. The thought of Bakura taking over her and then collapsing on the floor after made her shudder. Atem finally broke the silence. “Maybe...” he began, “we could put what we know together, and see if it clarifies anything.” Anika smiled lightly and nodded. “Obviously, I know what happened in the latter part of the event, but do remember anything from last night before that?”
“I do, but only bits and pieces.” Anika answered. Atem nodded, waiting for her to continue. “I remembered, even before I went to bed, sometime around midday, I heard some kind of laugh when I was up on the roof, a menacing laugh, but there was no one around.” Anika began to explain.
“A menacing laugh?” Atem repeated, thinking it over. Anika nodded.
“I thought I was just hearing things, but it had to have been Bakura.” Atem nodded, and motioned her to continue. “Nothing happened until I went to bed. I was asleep, but I remember hearing Bakura’s voice in my head, like in a dream. He had said something like, ‘It’s time’. Shortly after, I felt a small surge of energy going through me, and I lost control of my actions.” Anika paused to collect her thoughts.
“What do you think Bakura meant when he said, ‘it’s time’?” Anika shook her head.
“I’m... I’m not sure. Probably to put his plan into action.”
“Do you remember anything else?” Atem asked.
“Not much.” Anika told him; she held her hand to her forehead. “Just... a hallway... a dark room... a blurred image from when I regained control.”
“Bakura let you take back control?” Atem wondered. The statement caught Anika’s attention as she realized something. “No, it wasn’t that he let me regain control,” Anika remembered, “it was that he took his spirit out of me, he was finished using me....” she explained. “But where did he go after he let go of his grip?” Anika asked in a whisper.
“There is a question still remains, how did Bakura’s spirit take control, that’s the one that seems to elude me the most.” Atem claimed. Anika shrugged her shoulders as she also shook her head. “As I told Salih this morning,” Atem continued, “Bakura has been defeated. I saw his body disappear right before me.” he rested his chin in his hand. Neither said a word as they thought to them selves. The silence was suddenly broken as both of them gasped at the same time, just as if they had the same idea.

ZOMG! It’s back! Does anyone remember what’s going on? Who the characters are? Anything? ^^;
Well, there was no trivia last time I had a post like this, but I do have a question for ya’ll:
What is your favorite scene from Yu-Gi-Oh (or your fave anime) and why?
Anyway, I guess that’s enough rambling from me. I really hope that my computer can get fixed sometime this weekend. I have the money, I just need to get the CPU cleaned out and what not......
Yami: Maybe a plan will be made today, and it could be put into action later. *nods*
Kibou: Let’s go for it! I hope you all have a great weekend!

<3! Kibou and Yami

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