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"Lets spend a moment together
even if it can't be forever"

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Name:óż Vy óż
Status:óż Single? love it óż
Here:óż for fun óż
Ethnicity:óż Cookiesian óż

Okies ^-^
So, there's alot of things to say
but I'm not going to say it all
I love making friends and helping
so feel free to pm, IM, or e-mail me
or if your like me, [bored as heck]
Do feel free to talk to me =] I'm not going
to push you away and say "go away"
[unless I'm pissed at something you better stay away]
But other then that, I'm pretty sure I'm nice
I don't bite...much. ^-^ lol
But do feel free to sign my gb plz.
I'll return the favor, it's a promise
I don't get on TheO 24/7 and sometimes not even for months
so...don't think I'm ignoring you
I'm just not on
I'm over all really hyper and random
and I say I wub you alot so don't think other things ks?
And it doesn't mean I don't mean it when I say it
but only fwend's wize ks?
Plz don't be rude to me and I won't be rude to you
If I hurt you by telling you the truth, it's the truth [think about it]
Well that's it =] Hope you enjoy!

Don't STEAL anything of mines
or else I'll I'll track you down and skin you

myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

\\ ^-^Remember---Vy loves you^-^ //

myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

The sounds everyone hear
The keys always play
Just stop to listen and it's everywhere my dear
So just listen and stay
Listening to the melodies of many souls
The sound that can be so much
Expressed beyond one's control
This is the Silent Melodies touch

Theme: Silent Melodies
Date Site completed: July 6th, 2007
Site change?: Not for a while @_@
Time to finish: 3 days and 1 morning

Thursday, June 25, 2009

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Time:5:40 p.m
Date:June 25th 2009

I entered a contest a while back with blonde hair,
but I still want to wiiinnn >.<
so it'd make me very very happyyy if you voted for me =D
I'm in the best hair contesttt

So please please vote for me =]
you have 20 votes use it up!! =D
thankk yoouuu <333

Look for that pic to vote on and the name Vivyan =]

here's the siteee <33 youu
I d k if it's private but add them if it is!!

againn...thank thank you thankk yoouuu

I also have a new blogging spot if anyone of you are still actually visiting my site which i haven't been to for like..years?
my sakura5 account is completely down and most of my old frieds are gone. =/

so here's my new blog placeee =]
hope to see you there

love you all baii

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=^^= Have An Awesome and Safe Day! =^^=

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