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Thursday, June 25, 2009

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Time:5:40 p.m
Date:June 25th 2009

I entered a contest a while back with blonde hair,
but I still want to wiiinnn >.<
so it'd make me very very happyyy if you voted for me =D
I'm in the best hair contesttt

So please please vote for me =]
you have 20 votes use it up!! =D
thankk yoouuu <333

Look for that pic to vote on and the name Vivyan =]

here's the siteee <33 youu
I d k if it's private but add them if it is!!

againn...thank thank you thankk yoouuu

I also have a new blogging spot if anyone of you are still actually visiting my site which i haven't been to for like..years?
my sakura5 account is completely down and most of my old frieds are gone. =/

so here's my new blog placeee =]
hope to see you there

love you all baii

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=^^= Have An Awesome and Safe Day! =^^=

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