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Hey everybody. Well I usually update on what's going on at school, but I may submit art too. There really isn't much to my updates if you don't care about other people's relationships. So just come on over when I update.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

   I've got a girlfriend!!!
I've finally gotten a girlfriend! All it tookwas a change of attitude! Her name is Allie Luis. She's smart, cute, and French! Well, she was born in France, her parents are French, but she was raised here. It all started on Valentines day, I was in ISS (in school suspension, for talking) and she had two tests to do. I helped her and she got hundreds on both of them. I didn't know who she was but the next day, she sent me a secret admirer card. We sent presents and notes back and forth through one person, than people figured out it was Allie. Than she decided since they were all figuring it out she would tell me straight up that she was my secret admirer. We've talked, sat together, and all of that. And yesterday, she said to one of her friends that she wanted to go out with me. Her friend, was one of the types who gossips and spreads stuff all the time, and she told me. Next period, we were both in art, and I drew a picture for her, but she didn't know it. It was a very creative picture, I'll explain it to you here.

In the center, there was a cracked bell. The bell had an angel wing out of one side and a crippled black wing on the other. It had a deformed shadow, almost like a V and an H mixed. Out of the top of a bell was a line, crawling up to a box, with a tree in it. Every area that the tree's branches came out, more lines, two lines for every other picture. There was a picture of a coffee table with a mug and plate on it, a picture of a starry night, an open plain, the Eifell tower, and a heart saying, I love You, in cursive.

In PE, the only time we can actually be alone without anyone to watch us, I gave her the picture. She opened it, and I said,"Do you want to go out with me?" and she said yes. All my friends were happy for me and I for myself. I really hope nothing happens to this relationship.

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Maplestory rules!

Woot! maplestory is fun!

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