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Morgorat (01/23/08)

hi! i like your site. you seem like a nice enough person. (cant tell either way yet because i dont know u lol) XP sooo anyways i hope that we can be friends....god this was short...i need to works on my guesbook signing skills X]

Mrs.Mindfreak (07/30/07)

OMG, Hi!! I saw you on xDeathIsMyLifex's site, and I thought I'd stop by!! Well, I added you. I hope thou does the same!! See ya!

Mimi-Mako (07/06/07)

I think your site is awsome!
I love the Itachi background, it's just awsome!
You seem like a really cool person!
See ya!

naruto nine tail (06/30/07)

hi kool site i like the pics they are kool and the backgrounds kool to also i added you and i hope you do the same so come to my site some time k byz

ninth kazekage (06/21/07)

hi wazz up i like the site and the background is cool and the pics too so i added you to my friends list i hope you do the same so some time come to my site k byz.

ninth kazekage.....

Magnus Lensherr (06/16/07)


Neat site you have here! I love the background you have! I want to see Itachi in the anime but i havent got that far yet ~ Curses ~ He seems to be really cool from sites ive seen and everything!

I wish you luckfurthering your drawing and everything! Im not help there since id ont draw ~ Looks at Portfolio devoid of anything but dust ~ One day ill put something there...perhaps lol!

Well i wish you the best of luck with your site and your life and ill see you around!

Only Darkness Will Live On For Eternity

Angel Kenshin (06/12/07)

Hello there! I'm just wandering around and visiting fellow Otakuites' sites at random, and I decided to stop by yours!

So YOU'RE Hinata Karayetsu's brother, ne? Awesome. ^^ Actually, I kinda found your site because I just finished making a new site/layout for the Akatsuki Fan Club and I noticed you're one of the elite members. (And a literate too. Yay!)

Well, I suppose I'll get going. See you around and take care! ^^

~Angel Kenshin

Oh, and by the way, awesome Itachi background. ^_^

TOmmi gIRl fa T (06/04/07)

Will you come sign my GB? bye.

The Shirt (06/02/07)

Ahhh... a relative of Hinata-kun? Welcome to theO, man. :} Good to have a new person aboard y'know? Guess not, since your new and all. *smiles* But anyway, some advice?

I. "Be who you are on the inside- honest to yourself and others. Don't be phony, alright?"

II. "Don't sweat it when it comes to comments and commenting. Your friends will come to you whether your here or not. As long as you keep true to yourself like Rule numero Uno says. ^^;

III. Enjoy yourself. :) Asking for help is also something you might want to do. But be sincere about it and all ears will be yours. *nods*

IV. Chain letters. Stay away from them and don't send them. Seriously. =_= Nobody likes them.

Well... I see your an Itachi fan. Are you in the club as well? The Akatsuki Fan Club of Hinata-kun's? It's a really good club. I just wish I were around to see it. :/ Oh and I won't be back for a few days. Or weeks... So don't expect anything from me for a while, okay? Gomenasai, Jarred. :3 Thank you though... for the visit and guestbook entry. I'm most thankful to you for that. :P

I'll see you around....! Leave to thine's Playstion one must. xD Jaa~


{Pretty guestbook signature, no?}

Kanel (05/27/07)

Need help? sure anytime wow she's your sister didn't expect that one x3

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