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Sunday, September 4, 2005

Me: Good morning everyone!! Yesterday was another boring day. The only thing different about it was that my dad forced me to go on a bike ride. We took so many detours so it was a little over six miles. It was exhausting but not as exhausting as last time. I felt pretty decent after it. I could just barely move, but oh well.

Rei: Yeah, she was really tired. I had to help her get around for a little while after the bike ride.

Me: Rei, you're so sweet. *hugs* I can always count on you.

Rei: *smiles and hugs back*

Me: Of course Kurama helped 2. He typed for me and also helped me get around. Thanks Kurama. ^^

Kurama: Anytime. Just helping out a friend in need.

Me: Anyways, to keep this post short as well, the quote was from episode #27 The Dark Tournament Begins. The people who got it right are: yellowsword, JeT224, and metal-inuyasha.

The new quote is:

Hiei: Hn. And that was with my left arm, Kurama.
Kurama: I'm sorry, I used my right. Next time I'll use my left to be fair.

This one might be kind of hard but you don't have to give me the number or title of the episode if you can't. Just a description of when it was said. Good luck!!

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Saturday, September 3, 2005

Me: Good morning. *yawns* I couldn't fall asleep last night either and I'm up earlier than usual because I wanted to watch Yugioh. I'm glad that I didn't miss it like I did the first episode. I really want Joey to win though. I'll keep this a short post because nothing happened. Unlike last time, I will keep it short.

Anyways, yesterday I got my hair cut and it's only an inch shorter but it's layered again and shorter than it was before.

Rei: Yeah, but you look pretty.

Me: Aw, thanks Ray. Oh, did you guys like his voice actor? I love him. I was researching him the other day and he did a ton of other things. I was impressed. Unfortunantly there are very few pictures of him on the internet.

Kurama: Before you go on and on about Daniel DeSanto, didn't you want me to remind you to do something?

Me: Oh yeah!! Thanks Kurama. I got a card from YamiYugi1990 for my 1500 hits!! Here it is.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Isn't it awesome?! Thanks yamiyugi1990!!

Me: Now to keep this short, the quote was from episode #111 Closure. Yusuke said it to Yomi (sp?) when they were fighting. The new quote is:

Kuwabara: What if he loses and we get booted from the tournament?
Hiei: If that happens all we have to do is kill everyone else on the boat before we reach the island. We'll say we're the right team and no one will complain.
Kuwabara: You didn't have too many friends growing up, did you?
(Masked Fighter wins, demons begin to try to kill Team Urameshi)
Hiei: It looks like they've stolen my idea. They're going to have to pay very dearly for that.
Kurama: Of course.

Good luck people!! *falls asleep on Rei's shoulder.*

Rei: *picks me up and holds me* to Kurama) ha

Kurama: Enjoy it while it lasts. Bye eyeryone!!

EDIT (4:07): JeT224 got the quote right. Happy now?! hehe I'm coming downstairs in a sec. ^_~

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Friday, September 2, 2005

Me: Good morning everyone!! Yesterday, my sis and I watched the last DVD of Yu Yu Hakusho. It was good but I was very surprised as to who won the tournament and I really wanted to see Hiei give Yukina the stone. Other than that, I was on the computer all day and once again managed to get to everyone's sites.

Kurama: That was a bit of a surprise at the end, now wasn't it?

Me: Yeah, but it was good overall.

Rei: Um, I have no idea what you are talking about, but cool.

Me and Kurama: hehe

Me: I know something that you would know about Rei. You know your voice actor, Daneil DeSanto?

Rei: Yeah

Me: Well the tv was on while I was commenting on sites and I heard your voice. I looked it up online to see that Brock from Braceface's voice actor is Daniel DeSanto also. Isn't that interesting?

Rei: Yeah, that is very interesting. Who do you like better?

Me: Of course I like you better. His voice fits you much much better than that other guy. Here are some pictures of Daniel DeSanto.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Me: One more thing. Please tell me if you see the black down the middle now or if the button box is light blue. I was fixing my site yesterday so that's why it might have looked strange to some of you.

Rei: That was funny when you kept running up and down the stairs.

Me: *sarcasticly* Yeah, it was hilarious.

Me: Now for the quote. Yesterday's quote was from epissode #67 "Return to the living world" After the dark tournament ends and everyone goes back home. The people who got it right are metal-inuyasha and JeT224. The new quote is:

"The party's not over until someone's on the floor." -Yusuke

Kurama: You'll never guess who ended up on the floor.

Me: Kurama, don't try to give it away!! This is a tough one and you have to pay pretty close attention to the show to remember this one. I wrote this quote down myself, so good luck!!

Kurama: Don't worry. I don't think they'll realize whom I am reffering to.

Me: Ok then. Bye guys!!

PS Yesterday I got 1500 hits!! Thank you all so much!! ^_^

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Thursday, September 1, 2005

Me: Good morning people!! Or whenever you're reading this. It's 9:10 over here. I'm so tired. T_T Lately, I haven't been able to fall asleep uptil around midnight. -_- I need to start going to bed, at least around ten so my body clock can adjust but oh well. And I had a dream about school and I had these weird classes and I went into one of the wrong ones and the teacher got mad and wouldn't let me do anything, and I wasn't taking english or math classes, or anything educational, all stupid classes like dancing and junk. I got lost and then my parents came, and gym was odd and I hated it. T_T I know where my homeroom is, where the lunchroom is, and up the stairs is the science wing but geeze, I have no clue where anything else is. It looks so small but it's huge.

Kurama: Aw, don't worry about your dream. You won't get too lost. *hugs me* If you want to fall asleep at ten, then use up all of your energy during the day so that you're tired.

Me: How am I suppose to do that? It was raining yesterday and there's nothing active to do around the house.

Rei: Well, you could use that exercise machine in the basement.

Me: That's a good idea, thanks guys!! Speaking of the basement, we cleaned out more of it, this time my sis came down and we organized our stuff. It's coming along really good. I can't wait until it's finished. ^_^

Rei: Yeah, it would be fun to play down there.

Kurama: Yeah, and Bethany, wan't there something that you wanted to ask your friends?

Me: Oh yeah!! I did. Ok, the thing is, about two days ago, someone mentioned that my link color is the same color as my background. Well, on my computer, it's fine, there is no black, but on the downstairs computer, the whole middle column of the page is black and the polls are all messed up. I changed my link color for those of you who have a computer that does that. If you could, in your comment please tell me if your computer does that so I can get an idea of what I should do to try and fix it. Thanks guys.

Now for the quote. The answer was episode 24, the deadly triad. They were trying to save Yukina and it was against Kuwabara's honor code to hit a girl and Yusuke figured out that it was a guy dressed as a girl. The people who got it right are, destinyssweetman, Yulinamon, metal-inuyasha, SilverTouya, Chained Fairy, JeT224, jenifer92, and Sunfall E.

The new quote is:

Yusuke: (yawns) After this Dark Tournament all I've felt like doing is sleeping and watching stupid day time T.V.
Kuwabara: Yeah, and its such a nice day, too bad we have to be stuck in some dumb school all day.
Yusuke: (smiling) Uh oh, I think I just got sick.
Kuwabara: Me too.
Yusuke: Heard the arcades got some great medicine.
Kayko: (hits Yusuke) Dont even think about skpping school Yusuke. Your mom has already done enough convincing to keep you from failing this year.
Yusuke: Guy saves the world, still has to do algebra, makes sense.

Good....*falls into Kurama's arms and falls asleep* (again)

Kurama: Wraps his arms around me* Well, I think she meant to say good luck.

Rei: Poor girl, not enough sleep and stressing out about school again. Next time, she's gonna fall asleep in my arms!!

Kurama: We'll just see about that. *grins, holding me tight*

Rei and Kurama: See you guys later!!

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Me: Good morning people. I got to all of your sites yesterday!! ^_^ I feel so accomplished. If you didn't get a comment and you updated, then you updated late and I was in bed.

Anyways, we got our homeroom number yesterday and it's in the perfect spot. It's room 104, and it's right across from the lunch room and when you walk in, go to the door to the right, walk down the hallway and take a left and you're there. That should make it a little easier for me this upcoming year.

Rei: That's nice. At least you'll know where you are on the bottom floor.

Me: Yeah, and the top is the science wing but I think that the stairs are further down the hallway.

Kurama: Then you'll know the first two floors pretty well.

Me: Yeah, I'm so happy. I am now getting excited for school because I kind of know my way around so I won't get too lost. ^_^

Rei: I'm glad you're excited. *forces a smile*

Me: Aw, Rei.... I'll miss you when I'm gone!! *runs up to him and hugs him*

Rei: *smiles and hugs me back* I'm glad.

Kurama: What about me? You'll be leaving me too, you know.

Me: hehe I know. *runs up to him and hugs him as well*

Kurama: *hugs back* I'll miss your rambling and your million snacks at night, and you yelling at the gamecube.

Me: I'm glad. ^_^ But I'll be back in the afternoon. Once my homework is finished I can do anything I want. *lets go*

Rei: Very true.

Me: Ok, you guys really don't want to read this, do you? Well, I also helped mom clean out the basement. We got a decent amount of stuff done. I can't wait until it's finished and we can play ping pong. ^_^

Kurama: That would be something fun to do on weekends.

Me: Yes it would. Oh, and before I forget, the quote was from episode number 18, Seiryu the Blue Dragon when Hiei jumped up and slashed him 16 times. Yusuke only saw about 8. The people who got it right are SilverTouya, Chained Fairy, metal-inuyasha, JeT224, Yulinamon, and destinyssweetman.

The new quote is:

Kuwabara: Ah! Urameshi! How can you keep hitting a girl like that?

That episode was very interesting to say the least. Good luck!!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Me: Once again I am so sorry that I didn't get to sites yesterday. I only got to the ones that commented. I went over a friend's house yesterday so I didn't have much time but I'll be online most of the day today and I will definently get to every single one of them.

Rei: Your dad just said that you have to go to the high school today.

Me: Oh yeah, so I will be online most of the day. Mostly the afternoon, but I will still get to absolutely everyone. I promise.

Kurama: Today, you can get your homeroom number and maybe explore the school. We don't know yet, so that's where she is going to go today.

Me: Yea and I know I'll be in the same homeroom as my sis. -_- Only because it's alphabetical order. I really hope that we're not in any of the same classes though. *crosses fingers* If we are and I do something wrong or get one bad grade, the rents will know about it.

Rei: Don't worry about her. You can come home to us.

Me: Yeah, I know, but then she might bug me about homework since we're taking all of the same classes level wise.

Kurama: You forgot that I am the smartest in my school, I can always help you out.

Me: Yeah, thanks Kurama. Only 7 more days left of summer vacation. I don't want to go to school!! I'm sure I'll be fine once I get to know where everything is but until then, I don't want to go back.

Rei: It's understandable. No one wants to go back to school.

Kurama: Not me, I enjoy school.

Rei: Didn't you hear her, she's usually excited just not entering her first year in high school.

Kurama: Well then, don't get too protective there Rei.

Rei: Well don't you get too pushy there Kurama.

Me: Enough!! Stop fighting guys!! No one wants to listen to you fight, or me for that matter so I will give you the answer to the quote now. It's from episode 8, Three eyes of Hiei, when Yusuake used the artifact to hit Hiei from behind. The people who got it correct are destinyssweetman, Chained Fairy, metal-inuyasha, JeT224, and Yulinamon.

The new quote will be:

Yusuke: Sixteen? I only saw seven or eight.
Kurama: After the first slash all I could see were flashes.
Kuwabara: I didn't even see the flashes.

Sorry it's not too good. I'm running out of time on the comp for the morning. I'll get to your sites when I get back!! I promise!!

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Me: Hey guys, I'm sorry that I wasn't online much yesterday. I'll be better, I promise. I actually have no excuse, I played my sonic games on gamecube and gameboy. I'm raising my chao. They're so cute!! I love them so much. ^_^

Rei and Kurama: What's so great about them? They're just little blobs on the computer screen.

Me: They're not just blobs, they're my blobs. They have feelings and they have to be taken care of and they get to go in races and karate matches and it's so much fun to collect rings to buy stuff.

Rei: Oh, we get it. Spare us the details.

Kurama: Yeah, what else did you do yesterday?

Me: Nothing, just that. Oh!! Something funny happened last night. My sis finally thought of a screen name so she installed AIM into the computer downstairs. She was talking to people when dad told her to get off, she didn't know how. Then I tried to do it but I couldn't find the buton. Then dad was like, "Go to the top and click on AIM." haha, it was hilarious because with the new apple setup, you have to use the things on the top.

Rei and Kurama: Oh brother.

Rei: The geniuses strike again.

Kurama: How can you do so well in school and lack so much common sense?

Me: Hey!! It was around 11. Give me a break!! Oh, and the quote was from episode 95, Yusuke's Destiny. The people who got it right were Neko-san, Kurama 61 fan, JeT224, and lastly metal-inuyasha.

The new quote is:

Kurama: All this time we thought you were a brilliant strategist. In reality, you're really just a lucky fool.
Yusuke: Hey! What's a strategist?
Kurama: It's someone who uses his brain.
Yusuke: Hey!

Me: I'll try to get to all of your sites today. I promise. Bye!!

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Me: Guess what!!

Rei: What?

Me: Rei's back!!

Rei: Isn't that obvious.

Me: Yepp, he came back late yesterday, way after I posted. So, how was everyone back at the white tiger hills?

Rei: They're doing good. They all say hi and send wish for the best for you.

Me: Aw, they're so nice. I'm glad that you had fun visiting.

Rei: Yea, I miss them already but I'm glad to be back.

Me: Me too.

Kurama: What about me? I'm still here you know.

Me: I know Kurama, and I'm glad that you came to take care of me when Rei was gone.

Kurama: It was my pleasure, but I think that I should stay because you never know with Hiei.

Rei: I'm sure that I can take care of her just fine.

Kurama: Yes, I'm sure that you can, but I'd like to stay here just in case.

Rei: B--

Me: That would be awesome to have the both of you here. ^_^ I'm so happy. *hugs both of them* (They're still fighting from yesterday)

Rei and Kurama: *smiles*

Me: *grins* Well, yesterday, I was barely ever on the computer. I went on a six mile bike ride with my dad and sister and was surprised that I could keep up. (they go everyday and I'm afraid I'll see someone I know so I went once before). I was thinking of Jin with all of the wind on the bike ride and thanking him for it. hehe ^_^ obsessed, I know. I could feel the burn once I got off, literally.

So I sat and played Sonic DX again. I finally got past this one stage with Sonic and completed another and I spent a lot of time in the Chao gardens with my cute little Chao that I love so much.

Rei and Kurama: But you love us more, right?

Me: Of course!! They're just in a video game and I have you in real life. Oh, and before I go, that quote was from episode 95 Yusuke's Destiny when he was playing video games with Genkai and telling her he was bored. Then she said that he could destroy the whole world or do this and that if he wanted to. Then Yusuke said the quote, "Easy doomsday. I just wanted advice." It was SO funny!! I love that quote so much!! I wrote that quote down myself so it was harder but don't worry if you didn't get it. My sis JeT224 got it right though.

Now for the new quote.

"I had a hard time trying to make a beware of children sign sound threatening."

Good luck!!

PS Thanks for coming to my site guys. I wasn't on all day so I commented late last night. I would have written longer comments and I REALLY REALLY wanted to but then my arm hurt and I had to go to bed, so sorry.

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Me: Hey people. Yesterday was ok. I didn't get to too many sites, only the ones that commented. The mall was fun. She wasn't hyper in public. Then we went home and they played video games, and she randomely sat down at the computer and went to her site. After that we played wiffle ball and we played with the badminton net as protection for the pitcher and she put a huge hole in it by hitting it numerous times with the wiffle ball bat. But she patched it up with tape even though it was a bad job. Then we brought her home and I had time on the computer.

Kurama: That was quite a day. And to answer a question, she comes over because she's our friend and It's ok to talk to her over the phone. She's just hyper and can do many things in that hyperness, and she thinkg that it's fine. Plus she doesn't get in trouble at our house.

Me: Yepp. The quote from the last post was from episode 80, Moving Target. When Yusuke meets up with Hiei and asks him to help out with the mission of closing the portal. The people who got it right were JeT224, metal-inuyasha, and Neko-san.

Kurama: Congrats on the people who got that quote correct. The new quote is:

"Easy doomsday. I just wanted advice." -Yusuke

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Friday, August 26, 2005

Me: Hey people. Yesterday at 5 o'clock eastern standard time, our friend came over for a sleep over. It was an interesting night. She annoyed the hell out of me and hurt me a lot while I got in trouble for defending myself but other than that, it was good.

Kurama: Yeah, Beth would come upstairs just to get away and I would help comfort her and help her control her irritation.

Me: Yepp. ^_^ Kurama kept me going, as well as Alex (destinyssweetman) when we were talking on AIM.

Kurama: Although it's not over yet. They're going to the mall.

Me: yea -_- Wish me luck. Mom got mad because she was woken up in the middle of the night because I screamed when she almost got me in a head lock.

Kurama: It wasn't that loud though. I think what woke her up was your dad coming home.

Me: Yeah, I think so too. Anyways, I just have to deal with it all until later on today when she leaves. Leave me PMs if you want for when I come back.

Kurama: I think I might come along and stay in the shadows just to make sure she is ok.

Me: Thanks Kurama. *hugs*

Kurama: Anytime. *hugs back*

Me: Ok, that quote was said in the dark tournament, Yoko vs Kurama when he had the plant hiding somewhere in the arena. The people who got it right were Kurama 61 fan, JeT224, Yulinamon, Silver Touya, and Neko-san.

The new quote is:

Yusuke: Look what I'm saying is I can use your help on this one. Kuwabara could use your help on this one.
Hiei: But I hate Kuwabara. You do them one favor and then they think you're their best friend. This is why I could care less if their whole speices was swallowed up.

Good luck!! I have to go now really quickly.

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