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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Rei: Hello. Bethany is busy getting ready for her friend's party right now so she can't post. However, she gave Kurama and I a note.


Monday: her parents were being very critical of her school pictures at the dinner table.

Tuesday: English quiz. SHe studied for 2 hours and doesn't think she did.

Wednesday: Took health test.

Thursday: Had an algebra quiz and got a 96 on her health test.

Friday: Got 100 on her algebra test and had a history test. Her friend came over and they had fun for a while. Her dad went in for surgery also.

Today, her dad is doing better and yesterday her great uncle died. She's not too happy right now but since she's going to her friend's party so she'll be happy. She'll try to get to your sites tomorrow though.

Rei and Kurama: Bye!! PM her if you want to talk to her because when she get's back, she'll reply.

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Me: Hello everyone. Yesterday was quite fun. Yesterday my relatives came over to celebrate my dad's birthday as well as my grandfather's. It was ok. I was on the computer a lot and went down stairs for a decent amount of the time. Nothing exciting really happened. Oh, and at the end, we played high low jack with our dad and grandma. Once again my sister wanted to be on my team. They won the first game and we won the second, and the championship will occur the next time that we see them.

Rei: Yeah, you two did really good.

Kurama: Yeah, you were getting all of the cards andn making good comebacks.

Me: Yes, it was so much fun. ^_^ Oh, and I got to ALL of your sites yesterday and started signing guestbooks to make up for being in school. My ranking is now 480. ^_^ I'm so happy!!

Rei: Wasn't there one more thing that you wanted to put up?

Me: Oh, yeah. Only about four of you voted yesterday so I'll put up a poll. Usually more people vote with a poll so here it is. I added some more choices so some of them I'll have to make a wallpaper for in my free time. Anyways here it is. PLEASE vote. Thank you!! ^_^

Kurama: Vote for me.

Rei: She just had a theme of you up, you guys should vote for me. She has some cool pictures of me. ^_~

Me: Just vote for whatever you want and thank you all for coming to my site when I couldn't go to any of yours. Bye!!

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Me: Good morning peoples!! It's so nice to finally post!! Posting 2 days out of 7 is not good for me.

Rei: Yeah, I'll say. You were all upset without the comfort of going online.

Kurama: I swear I'll kill those evil teachers who gave you so much homework this week.

Me: -_-() Um..you really don't have to do that Kurama. See? I'm fine. *smiles* It's just so nice to have a break. I finished most of my homework last night so I only have a little bit left. But we have a quiz on 20 chapters of the book on Tuesday. -_- That'll keep me busy for a while but I swear that I will get to your sites one day this weekend. We have company coming over for birthdays but other than that and homework, I think I can do it.

Rei and Kurama: We'll help 2. Together, we will get to all of your sites.

Me: Thanks guys. Oh, and thank you to all of you people who are reading this and still come to my site. I really appreciate it.

Oh, and one more thing before I go, remember when I said that I wanted to change my theme? Well, I've been working on one and it might take a little while to get up because my computer won't show pictures, so I have to do it downstairs. Eventually I will get it up though. I just have one question for you all. Should it be of Rei, Kurama, Yuki, Kyo, or both Yuki and Kyo?? Those are the themes that I have to chose from. Thank you all in advance for voting in your posts.

Oh, and ONE more thing. I think it was Monday, or late Sunday after I posted, I got into the top 500!! I'm so happy!! It's been my goal ever since I got my own site on MyOtaku. Well, bye everyone!! Hopefully I'll talk to you all today.

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Me: Good morning everyone!! Today is Sunday, and what a beautiful no school day it is. ^_^ How was everyone's Saturday? Good I hope. I am doing much better. I have accepted the fact that I must go to school and endure homework. Oh, and Rei and Kurama are back to posting with me!! ^_^

Rei: Yes we are, and proud of it.

Kurama: After all of the chaos of the first week of school, we are back and once again organized.

Me: Yes we are. And I got a ton of my biology done. I only have to draw one more diagram and color 5. ^_^ Oh, and Rei and Kurama are helping me color.

Kurama: When was this decided?

Me: Right now. I know that you guys want to help me as much as you can, so this is how you can help. hehe

Rei: No problem. ^_^ We're glad to help.

Kurama: Yepp ^_^

Me: Well, nothing really happened today so there's nothing to say. I will once again get to sites and starting Saturday, I'll continue the quotes. Thanks to all who comment. I love you guys so much!! *hugs*

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Bye everyone!! PM me if you just want to talk!! ^_^

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

It's Saturday people!! yay!! Long live the weekend!! I thank you all for coming to my site and commenting even though I haven't gotten to yours. I will try really hard to get to sites today. As I am typing this post, I am finishing up th 4th out of 9 diagrams due on Monday so once I get a decent amount of them done, I will comment on those who have been commention on my site while I was in school. PM me if you'd like because I will be on for a decent amount of the day. Well, I think that's all I have to say. School's going ok but I still don't want to go, but that's it. Nothing's new. Just the same old school stuff. Well, I'll go now so you all don't get too bored. C ya!!

P.S. Rei and Kurama are still here but I'll continue to RP with them next weekend. I'm a little too busy right now.

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Friday, September 9, 2005

Thank god it's Friday people!! I have a lot of homework still, but I'm doing ok. The weekend is almost here!! yay!! Now I get to sleep and eat freely!! During school I only eat dinner and on the weekends, I eat 3 meals a day plus snack.!! hehe Well, talk to you guys later, I must finish the evil homework!!

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Thursday, September 8, 2005

Hey people!! School is a little better now. Lots of work for honors english. I don't have time to post because on the second day of school we have a huge essay but I thank you all so much for visiting my site. After tomorrow, I will only post on the weekends. Thank you once again for visiting my site. ^_^ You guys are the best!! *hugs everyone* I'll comment on the weekends!! ^_^ If you want to talk, just PM me in the meantime. C ya!!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Hey people!! Today was a little bit better. Here's what happened.

Homeroom: awesome

English: Got 3 books. They weigh a little more than 10 pounds put together. Huge esay due in 2 days.

Algebra 2: I did a complete loop around the school and then turned around but got in JUST before the bell rang. Awesome teacher. I think I'm going to like her.

Health: I hate health to begin with. Took a test. 82 years f life until I die.

World History: Awesome teacher. Not too bad homework wise.

SLP and lunch: Evil SLP. 30 seconds late= detention. Lunch was ok. Sat with friends with no time to eat. Hard to get there.

Biology: Just made it through the door when the bell rang. 9 huge diagrams, colored and labeled due monday.

Spanish: My teacher is an idiot. end of discussion. lol

That was my day. It was better. Who needs gym, right? I was out of breath by the time I reached my classes. Let's see if I don't get lost tomorrow.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Me: I just got back from my first day of High School. I will sum it all up though because I could complain probably for an hour straight.

1. I have pretty much no friends in my classes.
2. My sister has all of her friends in her classes.
3. I have harder teachers than my siter.
4. I had to carry around four huge books all day.
5. I didn't talk much all day.
6. I got a decent amount of homework the first day: reading and nine huge colored, labeled graphs. Graphs are due in three days.
7. Too many books and huge binders.
8. Couldn't walk with those four books all day. I'll probably need a brace because of evil school.

Well, now to talk about the classes. Very briefly though.

Freshman Honors Enlgish: have to read 14 novels, and have many oral presentations, and aren't allowed to use pencil.

Honors Algebra 2: We will be moving along really quickly. HUGE book. Nice teacher.

Health: Wellness, Deugd, Alcohol, Tobacco, and AIDS. Stupid title page and 9 dividers.

World History 1: Not enough desks. Hard to find. Reading homework the first night.

SLP: Student Learning Period. Silent. Evil teacher.

Lunch: Not enough time to eat. Didn't have time to go to my locker and get food.

SLP: same as above. (cut in half due to lunch)

Biology level one: EVIL teacher. REALLY HOT classroom. No space whatsoever. Have to do science fair. TOO much work. Graph homework (see above).

Spanish: Can rarely leave the room. Her time with us is "precious". Lots of work every day.

There you go. My wonderful schedule. I really don't want to go back, but maybe I'll have something good to say on the weekends because I probably won't be able to post on school nights with all of the homework. *collapses from exhaustion.

Rei: *catches me and holds me*. Poor girl. She had a rough day.

Kurama: And she has to go through it all over again tomorrow, and for the rest of the year.

Me: *wakes up* I have to .... finish .... the post.

Rei: *Holds me tight* Don't worry about it. Kurama and I will finish it for you.

Me: Thanks. *smiles slightly and falls asleep again*.

Kurama: No quotes until the weekend because she won't have time. You can PM her or talk to her on MSN or AIM during the week if she actually gets a chance to go online.

Rei and Kurama: Bye guys!!

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Monday, September 5, 2005

M: Good morning!! I have a lot to say and so little time so bear with me. I wll try and keep this post as short as possible. First I'll talk about yesterday. We went to Borders because mom wanted to buy a book soI got Fruits Basket volume 6. ^_^ Then we went to see both grandparents. At my mom's parents I read my manga, and then at my dad's we play high low jack (a card game) like we always do. I didn't like the last two games because grandpa was helping me. He made me do a lot of bad bidding without the high card. One game we went down to -2 (which is REALLY bad) and everyone was teasing me. I didn't want to play anymore because I technically wasn't playing, my grandfather was. It was evil and I was so happy to leave.

Ok, that was yesterday. Today I am going to meet my friend at the mall. I'm so excited because she's my best friend and I haven't seen her all summer because our moms don't like each other so mom thinks that I am going with someone else. I can't wait to see her. Plus, what a good way to end the summer since today is my last day of freedom. T_T

Tomorrow I start school and I am really really nervous. I can't wait until the first week or two are over so I can calm down. The rooms are odd, and so are the homerooms, and the numbers, but I will eventually get used to it. Wish me luck guys!! After the first few days, I will only be posting on the weekends due to all of my school work.

Ok, and last but not least, I was thinking of changing my theme because I'm sick of it. I don't know why but I am. Probably because I made everything by myself, even the wallpaper. Tell me what you guys think by answering the poll.

This way, no one knows who said what unless you say something about it in the comment. Ok, onto the last thing. The quote from yesterday was from episode #34 Percentage of Victory. The people who got it right are spirit gun2, JeT224, Chained Fairy, Shadowessthe Night, and metal-inuyasha.

Since you know that I am in a hurry, I will give you a quote I wrote down from one of the yugioh episodes I watched.

"I can't believe I'm going to say thing but you're thinking about it too much!!" Tristin said this to Joey. hehe I love that quote. Well, I've got to go. *runs off*

Rei: She's in a hurry. She's going to meet her friend at the mall at 11. She doesn't have to leave for another hour and a half.

Kurama: I guess she wants to get her school stuff ready and all.

Rei: Yeah. Oh and she has to post for jennifer 92. I think she also said she wanted to finish re-reading that manga and play gamecube.

Kurama: Well, she's really excited today about finally seeing her friend. I'm really happy that they ended up in the same homeroom.

Rei: Yeah, she was so excited, and practically bouncing off of the walls. It's so nice to see her this happy.

Kurama: Yes, it is. Well, she'll get to sites this morning and since they'll get back around 2, she'll have all afternoon and night, so some comments may be later than usual.

Rei: Well, we better get going and make sure she doesn't crash or fall into anything with all of the excitement building up.

Kurama: haha yeah, I guess you're right.

Rei and Kurama: Bye everyone!!

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