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Friday, September 1, 2006

   I'm Ba-ack!! ^_^

Hey guys! Bethany is back on Otaku!! I'm so sorry I've been away forever. I haven't posted since finals, and it's been months. Unbelievable, there really isn't much going on over here. I've just been hanging out. I got my back to school haircut yesterday (I'm growing it out long), and school starts on the 6th for me. I'm kind of excited to go because then I won't be bored. I made four different designs for one of my webpages yesterday and they came out good.

How have you all been doing? I'm really curious. I will get to your sites later today. Wow, I missed saying that. Talk to you all later! ^_^

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Saturday, June 10, 2006


Hi everyone!! I haven't been on here in forever, I know. I missed this site so much. School work is getting overwhelming. At least I only have two tests and a quiz right before my first final. School gets out on the 21st for the high school. I can't wait. ^_^ Anyways, not too much has been happening lately. Just studying for finals and such. It's been raining here like crazy and our basement flooded. That wasn't too great, but it's all set for now. Let's see, going to have a yard sale tomorrow and my friend who likes manga and anime just left after a sleep over, and that was fun. ^_^ OH! And I got up a new theme a while ago for the summer. It's Angel Sanctuary. I hope you all like it. ^_^ Well, I'll get to your sites now. ^_^ (It feels so good to be able to say that again. lol)

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Friday, April 21, 2006

Wow, I haven't posted pretty much all vacation, so I am going to post now. ^_^ Hm, nothing much has been happening over here. I've been on the computer 24/7 and mom's trying to get me off of it. She's been watching 'Honey we're killing the kids,' and is getting ideas. Anyways, I've been working on my new theme and I've finally decided on Yu Yu Hakusho. Which reminds me that my sister ordered that half hour movie and we watched it yesterday. It was horrible!! The voices were really bad and the battle was pathetic, etc. Well, that's about it. I promise that I will get to sites after I finish my spanish project. Oh, my computer is fixed and I've downloaded pictures on my sister's computer. The Easter picture will be posted in moments below this post. I think it's cute. lol Well, I will be going around commenting shortly. Talk to you all soon. ^_^

Edit: The picture is being evil partially due to photobucket so I have a link to it so you can all see it below.

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

   Happy Easter!!!!

Hello again everyone, just wanted to post to wish everyone a wonderful Easter if you celebrate it. ^_^

Yesterday my sister and I colored eggs and mom told me to write on them. I didn't know what to write so I picked random people on Myo and wrote their names on them. I have pictures too but I can't put them up yet. You see, my dad was trying to get the apple hooked up to the internet from my sisters room and he screwed up my connection and my computer is downstairs now and has no internet. So I am posting this on my dad's lap top and I will get the pictures up as soon as one of the computers work. I will talk to you guys later and once again happy easter!!! ^_^

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Monday, April 10, 2006

   1 Year Anniversary!!!! ^_^

Good Morning Everybody!! Guess what today is!! *drumroll* It's my one year anniversary!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy to be back in time for it. ^_^ Wow, can you believe that it's already been one year? It's been an awesome year though and I've met all of you guys who are such awesome friends. Well, there isn't really much to say here. I'm getting ready for school now and should probably get going. I just REALLY wanted to post for my one year anniversary so here it is. ^_^ I will visit all of your sites once I get home. And before I go, I want to thank you all for commenting on my posts and being the best friends that anyone could ever ask for. ^_^

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Sunday, April 9, 2006

   3rd Post In A Row!!!! ^_^

Yay!!!! This is my third post in a row!! Go me!! lol I missed MyO so much. Yay, 20 comments yesterday!! Everything seems back to normal. Thank you to those who commented!!

Ok, well, for my post. Yesterday I got Fruits Basker Volume 13!!!! I'm SO excited to read it but sadly, I cannot until I finish A Tale of Two Cities. It is a good book but it is hard to understand at times and it takes forever to read. I read for 3-4 hours straight last night and read 58 pages. T_T Only 131 pages left to read today, AND I have to go clean my grandma's house. So, I need to find nine hours to read and if I can't do it tonight, I guess I have Monday night if I don't have a lot of homework. With that said, I better go get some breakfast and start reading. I promise that I will get to your sites when I get home.

PS: Tomorrow is my one year anniversary so I will posting that day. ^_^

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Saturday, April 8, 2006

   Hello Again

Yay, my second post in a row!! ^_^ First off, I just wanted to thank the nine people who commented on my last post and wished me a happy National Bethany Day, and I also would like to thank you for not taking me off of your friends list like many people did. You guys made my day.

Other than that, there's nothing new and exciting over here, all I will be doing is trying to finish reading A Tale of Two Cities for Monday for my honors english class, and I'll be visiting sites and be on the computer all day. I hope you guys have a more exciting day than I do. Well, I will talk to you all tomorrow. (Sorry for the short post) ^_^

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Friday, April 7, 2006

   National Bethany Day!!

Hey everyone. Just thought that I should post and say that today is National Bethany Day!! My friends all had their national days and wanted to make me one and so I made mine today. ^_^ (It's weird so don't ask). Anyways, not many new updates. I'm pissed off at my math teacher because she gave me an 87 for my third term grade and if she gave us a homework grade like everyone else, I'd have a 90. I know it's an honors class but still. T_T My 1st B and I don't know how to tell my parents. Anyway, I got 100 on my history quiz, 96 on my gym test, and the bio test wasn't that bad. Hm..nothing much else to say that has nothing to do with school.

For any of you people interested, I got chapter 15 of my beyblade fan fic up and my friend and I are working on chapter 4 of a beyblade fan fic we started about a week ago. My quizilla link is in my profile for anyone interested in reading it. (Warning: I think it's kinda bad but please don't be too mean if you read it because I worked hard on it). Other than that, I'm currently working on my new theme because I wanted something brighter than I had before. It's not even half way done yet, but I'll have to see when I have a chance to finish it. I WILL get to all of your sites today. ^_^ That'll be a first in months. If you are on my buddly list and don't post too late today, I will get to you. If I don't get to you, then it's because you posted after I passed your name on my list, and I'll try to get to you later. Well, that's all. Sorry that was a boring post. I kinda rambled. Just a little update I guess. Talk to you all later!! (PM me if you feel like talking or just saying hi. I check this account every day for signs of life. lol)

(P.S. My mom made me a cake and I didn't ask for one!! ^_^)

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Sunday, March 5, 2006

   I'm back!!!!

Hello everyone, I know I'm back a week after I was supposed to get home from Florida but we got hardwood flooring in our house and mom unplugged the computer without shutting it down which really screws up my computer and I didn't have internet for a week. Well, there's not much to say. I had a ton of fun in Florida and I do have some pictures that I will post in the box above either today or later on in the week. Thanks Forgotten-Heart for posting for my birthday as well!! I really appreciate it. Oh, and thank you all for the cards that you gave me as well as comments. I'll try to post them in the box 2. Well, it's six in the morning, the time I get up for school and I'm exhausted with nothing else to say. I'll get to sites later when the sun is out. PM me if you want to talk. Bye!!

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Kurama: Hello everyone! I am Forgotten-Heart's Kurama Clone, and I, along with her Hiei, Yukina and Seto Clones are here to wish Xx beth xX and JetT224 (her twin sister) a wonderful birthday. Koki is kind of in a corner...

Hiei: She's in a corner moping and punishing herself because she forgot to post this yesterday when it was Xx beth xX and JetT224's birthday! She is being pathetic, so ignore her.

Yukina: Hiei-san! Koki just feels really bad about this, but she was tired from school and she forgot. She really hopes her friends forgive her...

Koki: [sniffles] I am really - really sorry. T___T But anyways, this is not for my blunder. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Here is an image for you and Jet:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Kurama: We all hope you have a good birthday and like this image.

Seto: [sigh] Can I go back to work now? I have already decorated this place, much to my annoyance.

Koki: Ok, but you first have to say it.

Seto: [glares] Fine. Happy birthday Xx beth xX and JetT224. There, happy?

Yukina: [giggles]

Hiei: By the way she is nodding her head up and down with that grin, I'd say yes.

Kurama: Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Seto: [glares and leaves]

Koki: And once again, happy birthday you guys! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating and hope you come back soon!

~ Koki (for Xx beth xX)

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