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Hi! I am in a medival reenactmet group called the SCA (The Societ for Creative Anachronism) and one of the things i enjoy happens to be sword fighting. I have been working with swords for about 7 years, and im only 15. lol. anyways... PM me anytime if you have questions!! :)

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Friday, November 23, 2007

sorry, it really has been forever since i have posted on here. my parents sent me to a boarding school, so, im not even able to get on much anymore. currently, im still home from Thanksgiving break.

Today is my little brother's birthday, so, i have to go wrap his present before my dad comes and picks me up. so, ill talk to all of you guys later! like i said, im sorry i have posted much. my e-mail address is purpleturtle1991@yahoo.com, and i can check that anytime at school, so, yeah. e-mail me. and in the title put something about otaku, so i will know that it isnt spam. hehe....

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

lol, i came to the realization that i havent been posting... IM SORRY!!! i got out of school last week, so i dont have an excuse.... well, here is an update on what i have been up to.

well, i have been skateboarding(well, attempting to and falling....) I learned that i need to wear alot of sunscreen. I have been out skating just about everyday last week and this week. last saturday is the only exception, and even then i went for walk. basically, im really really really really sunburned. I guess it comes with red hair... both of my shoulders are covered in blisters from the sunburn... argness!!!!

My dad is in Australia, he went down there on a business trip and then took an extra week off for vacation. He got to pet a kangaroo, and a koala bear. he says that koala bears are softer. lol.

as a result from dad being in Australia, my little brother has been staying with me and mum. It is nice seeing him, but he really really enjoys annoying me. so, when i have not been skating, i have locked myself if my room. I have been reading some manga. I read the first one of some series called ZombiePowder, and then i got to read books 1-4 of Zach Bell. and i like both of them.

so, how are you all doing?

ill try to post more often. :) ttyl!!

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

well, i just updated the layout of my site... i was originally going to go back to my first layout, but it looked really really funny when i got it up there. I know, this is really different, but i think that is why i like it... BTW!!! I POSTED YESTERDAY!!! I dont feel like retyping all of the stuff, so, just go ahead and read it for yourself. it is just below this post. :) ttyl!
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