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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Well, i suppose I should have gotten on here earlier to let you all know that i got back safely. I HATE PLANE RIDES!!! they suck... and my ears work oddly, so, when the plane goes to land my ears wont equalize the pressure, which results in immense pain. and then i cant hear for about 3 hours after i land. it sucks. but oh well. i got though it.

Im takin some guitar lessons now. the only problem is that i seem to lack the motivation necessary to practice enough... hehe...

Im also learnin to skateboard! yay! but, ya know, it is kinda painful... my balance isnt the best... I have a scape on the knee and a torn pair of jeans thanks to a face plant... hehe...

School is almost out for the summer! yay! June 1st is the last day of the school year for me! yayness!!!!

sorry i havent post very much... recently i have found myself similar to Shikamaru from Naruto. i dont wanna do much. just laying around would be nice... hehe... everything else seems to troublesome to bother with. lol.

Florida was great, but (as you might guess) i looked very much like a lobster when i came back. i sun burn really easily. lol. infact, when we go outside for P.E., just one period a day, i always come back sunburned. lol.

im thinkin bout gettin my hair cut a little, but im not sure how to cut it... if you have any suggestions let me know!! :)

OH! i forgot. im sorry... i know i shouldnt brag, but it makes me happy, so you can skip over it if you want. lol. If you get all your GPA to stay above 3.75, then you get a principle scholar thingy. and if you keep your GPA above 3.75 for the first 3 quarters of the year then you get a medal at the end of the year. This is my second year getting the medal.

I qualified for the National Honor Society thingy, but i lost the forms and as a result, i dont get to get in this year. :( oh well... there is always next year! :)

well, i have to get back to doing some of my homework, but ill try to get on more often. ttyl!! :)

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

hey guys!
I know it has been a while since i have posted. first off, i didnt get the solo because the girl who i was gonna get it after got the chance to come on chior tour and therefore there ended up being no chance of anyone else getting it anyway.

I know that i need to visit sites, i promise ill do that after i get back.

I just wanted to say good bye, cause im gonna be in florida for a week and that means i wont have my puter. i am leaving at 8:00 later this morning.

ttyl! bye

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

   hiya!! :)
I got to see the movie 300 the other day. :) twas a super-awesome movie. Although, me being a girl, i dont think that they actually needed to show nudity... but, all you guys should enjoy it... i guess... Anyways. it was an awesome movie. I recomend seeing it if you havent. I loved the fighting... although it was a little gory, when it comes down to war, that is what war is: gory. Most of the things were historically correct, although they did take some liberties in making the film.

I dont know if i got that solo yet. The chior director was sick on friday, so i dont get to know until a week from today and one day before we go on our chior tour. *sniff* We leave a week from tomarrow, and we are goin to flordia. where abouts? i dont remember... hehe... I just know we are visiting Epchot at some point and that at another point we are going to be stuck in a mall for 9 hours. (ugh) I might be a girl, but i dont like shopping that much. We (me and my friends) are probably going to shop for the first 2 hours and then play hide-and-go-seek for the last 7. lol.

I finally got to go work out some today. It has been a long time, and i was starting to get out of shape. But, i found out that my tricepts can hold about 30lbs more than my bicepts. im sure you were all just dying to know that(NOT!!!) lol.

Im am on Spring Break this week, so i will be visiting all of your sites! Yay! wait a min... only Lordsesshomaru visits my site now... im all alone!! *waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh* oh well. lol. ill visit everyone's site anyways. hmph. btw! THANKS LORDSESSHOMARU FOR NOT GIVING UP ON ME POSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs* you should get a trophy. Unfortuately, i have no idea what to make you or anything... hm.... oh well *shrugs*, you get another hug. *HUG*


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Friday, March 30, 2007

Wow, im really tired... i had prepared a nice long post for you guys, and i forgot to save it or click the add post button, and now i have to start from scratch... basically, i was ranting about how i didnt get a dress down day tomarrow because i had more than 5 demerits, all for being late to first period which isnt my fault to begin with... and then about how half of my day tomarrow is filled with tests.

Then i mentioned how i tried our for a solo today in chior, but i dunno if ill get it and i wont find out till tomarrow (well, later today... hehe...) and that i only tried our because my best friend was being a chicken and wouldnt try out unless i did...

Ya know... she kinda bugs me every now and then... she lets tons of guys hang all over her, and she flirts with all of them, and then she complains cause so many guys like her... and she knows that i dont have anyone. and she is always dragging me along when she hangs out with her boyfriend.

btw, i might get someone soon... :) the guy that stood me up has good reasons for doing so, and he drove 4 hours to make it to the thing last sunday, so i forgave him... hope that doesnt make me naive or anything. but basically, he works like 58 hours a week, on top of school, and guitar. and he shoots guns too, so there is a possiblity that this sunday we are gonna get to go shoot. but i dunno if it will happen or not... Im afraid to let him meet my friends too. Cause im pretty sure that one would end up stealing him. She always manages to steal the guy i like, or, try to get me to go out with someone i dont like or that already has a girlfriend... oh well...

im tired. i have to study more, but i think ill do that in the morning... so, night! TTYL!! I LUVS YOU ALL!!!

P.S. sorry it has been so long since my last post, i ran out of things to say... dont worry though, ill stay on myO, cause i like it. lol. well, ill ttyl. <3

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

   almost the end of the quarter. Yay!! it is nice weather here as well. :) Ima gonna ask your guys' oppion on something. Ok, there is this guy i like, but he has stood me up like twice... should i keep trying to get together with him or not?

anyways, the end of the quarter means that i have tons of homework, so, i'm gonna go do that. lol. ttyl!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

just for those of you whom might have gaia and want to add me as a friend, i believe that this is the url for my site: http://www.gaiaonline.com/profile/index.php?view=profile.ShowProfile&item=6740470
I designed the whole site. I had to use CSS which i had no idea how it worked, but i figured it out a little, so there ya go!

I have alot of writing to do, so i think im gonna go do that...

BTW!!! i have decided that i hate the OGTs(ohio graduation tests) they suck. im most worried about fridays, which for us is history. yuck... anyways.... TTYL!!!! :)

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

hello! sorry it has been a couple days since i last posted... hehe... I have to do my homework, but i dont wanna!!! *pouts* lol... ok, im done pouting... I dunno why, but for the last couple of days i have like reverted to a 5 year old... i think my cats death affected me...

It is soooo warm here now!! YAY!!!! makes me happy! by the end of April i get to learn to work with guns. but dont worry, i dont plan on hurting anyone, i just think it would be interesting to learn, and i know someone who will teach me for free.

Btw, i got a Gaia account. my user name is: XRurouni KenshinX. lol. imagine that!!! ttyl!!!

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Friday, March 9, 2007

Time: 8:04am

We have to put my cat down today. in about an hour... She had a stroke yesterday, and now she cant even walk correctly. She always curls to her left. it is really sad, because, she is older than me by about a year and a half, so, she has been around for my whole life. :(


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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

well, i said that i would add a post in the morning. This is in hopes tha people will visit. :)

I had to write a 3 page paper in English, and lets just say that im not that great at english... lol.


Im gonna put something that i learned a long time ago from my father(even though he is a pain the butt...) so, here it is!!
Do not strike when talking will work
Do not cut when striking will work
Do not maim when cutting will work
Do not kill when maiming will work
The best warrior is he that never needs to kill.

I thought that was interesting, so i figured i would post it.

Our school is doing a spirit week thingy. Yesterday was Aloha day, and we were supposed to dress like we were in Hawaii, even thought it was less than 30 degrees outside in the morning... Today is future day, and i have no idea what im gonna do. lol. i may not do anything...

I have become very interested in learning the Japanese language so if anyone knows of anyone i could talk to or any sites that i could learn from, it would be much appreciated. :)

So, How are you all doing? i hope good. anyways, im tired, so ima go to bed. lol.

ill visit some sites tomarrow!!

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Monday, March 5, 2007

Posty post...
Okey dokey... i guess i can start posting more often...

But, in return for me posting, people acutally have to visit my site every now and then... ok?

I changed my layout. I know that several of you like the green flowers on the black backround, and i liked it very much as well, but i felt that since my screen name is XRurouni KenshinX that i ought to have a kenshin theme. so, VWOOOOOOOOSH!! I now have a kenshin theme once again.

I'll Post tomarrow morning, cause i doubt that you guys will read this tonight. so, yeah.

I have been having an awesome week. Everything seems to be goin good at the moment. Even timing. Like in class today, we went over worksheets... worksheets that i only did about half of... and i was lucky because 1. She did not call on me. and 2. The bell rang so we got out of class before she got to the parts that i hadnt done. lol.

well, since i dont know exactly what else to type... i guess i will ask a few questions.

1. What do you guys think bout my layout?
2. Do you have a myspace?
3. What kind of questions should i ask?
4. Oh! i thought of one... What are you top 5 favorite anime/manga characters?

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