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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

   whoo hoo (chachacha)
haha! i havent updated in....wow....since november


whats new with me....lets see...

well...december was exciting. i found out im going to germany nest year as a foreign exchange student!

lets see...my christmas was pretty good. we flew down to san diego. it was the first vacation we've taken as a whole family. so...yea...i spent my christmas in an airport and on an airplane...which was delayed....
but it wasnt really that horrid.

so yea...we stayed in san diego until new years. im not really a "warm place" person...or a beach person...but it was nice.
but it was pretty cool cause i have this fridn that moved to alaska like 6 years ago and i havent tlaked to her in about 4 years...but she contacted me on myspace a while ago and she was down in the san diego area the same time i was down there so we hung out. it was really fun. ^^

hmm...well...thats the biggest things for me....besides just school stuff.


hows everyone doing?

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Monday, November 26, 2007

   the rabbit rode on the rocketship and bumped his head on the moon


thats what ive decided.

i think they-ve plotted to make my life miserable.

stupid mondays.


its supposed to snow tonight. =D im so happy.

but knowing how dumb mondays are

it probbaly wont


ah, well....i guess ill go spend my time elsewere...instead of here....hmmm.....i want a cookie....

oh! how is everybody? how was all your thanksgivings (or you weekend if you dont celebrate thanksgiving)? anyone doing anything fun for the upcoming holidays?
comment comment
chit chat

talk to me


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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

   chicka chicka bowow
novemberrrrr novemberrrr

ah. soon the now will be falling. white and all over =]

exciting exciting. snowboard season is on its way ^^

but but but....ill be in san diego for some of it. eh. oh well.....

how is everyones fall going?

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hey everyone. =D

halloween is coming uppppp! im super excited! yup yup.

im gonna go trick-or-treating with my friend and then watch...
dun dun dun

28 weeks later! I AM SO FREAKIGN EXCITED! i looooooooooooooved 28 days later and i cant wait to see the sequal.
we're also gonna watch SAW IV... >.<

yay! so whats everyone else doing? hopefully somthing fun.


see ya

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Monday, October 8, 2007

i suppose i will post again since its been a while since my last one

hmmm....lets see....whats going on in my life....

well i am almost definatly going to be an exchange student next year *crosses fingers* so that will be fun =D

um..... ....

hmmm.... ive been good....busy with school and music and all the extra crap i got going on. but if i wasnt busy i'd just sit around all day, so i guess its not all bad.

srry i havent been checking out anyones sites lately, im not on otaku much (as you can probably tell)

well....leave me a comment about what you guys have been up to. how is everyone?

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