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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

   Hello everyone
oh wow....i havent posted in a looooooooong time.

Hows everyone doing? hows summer (or winter depending on where you are ^^)?

i've been really busy so thats why i haven't been on much.....

but yea.....i am still alive in case anyone was wondering what happened to me.... hmmmmm.....what else to say

OH! i have a story....not that anyone really cares....but my mum came back from the dentists today and had a pomeranean. hes soooo cute. she found him running up the road. and yesterday she missed her dentist appointment (by 5 freaking minutes....so they made her reschedule for today)and when she came back home to check on the animals (because we were all away at fair...she had driven to her dentist appointment from the fair grounds...) and she found a baby squirrel laying in the driveway. so she took it to the vet....but yea..... my mum is like a lost animal magnet. lol

ok im done.....

talk to you all later

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Monday, June 18, 2007

but....it was so sad! all the senior who grduated this year! my buddy Chantelle is going to college in texas! *cries* and Brianne...and Kira....and Jamie....but i hope the do well in whatever lay ahead for them. I LOVE YOU GUYS! <3

But the end of school is crazy....especially for my school. everybody is turning in last-minute assignments so that they can get their credits. its INSANE.



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Monday, June 11, 2007

*sigh* i suppose i will add another post....i never know what to write. but perhaps i will find something....


has anybody seen the new Pirtaes movie? what did you think of it? i thought it was good. but i still think the first movie was the best.
but now i have the:
"yo, ho,
haul together,
hoist the colors high!
heave, ho,
theives and beggars,
never shall we die!"

song stuck in my head. its a cool song...but after the 1000th run through of the same two verses, its gets kinda old.

anyway....what has everybody been up to? how are people enjoying thier summer vacations/ last few weeks of school?
ONE MORE WEEK! yay. stupid stupid stupid snow days. i coulda been out last friday. but no. it HAD to snow for a week straight.

today my friend got ahold of my purple pen....and my arm...so now i have "rachel was here----->*" "olop! ocram" (marco polo backwards) and a whole bunch of other random (and not so random) things all up my arm. including a shoe names "viktor"...and a parahna names edwardo. oh fun times fun times.


have a great day everybody!

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Monday, June 4, 2007

sorry i havent been updating regularly....i haven't been on the computer much and when i have it been doing homework.
i can not wait til summer vacation....two more freaking weeks of school. UGH!

but anyway.....
yesterday i went to my grandma's house in seattle for a giant all-in-one family birthday party, because about 5 people have thier birthdays in May. but it was sooooooo HOT. omg. it was like sitting in a hot tub....only without the water...
i checked the thermastat and it was 100 degrees in the direct sunlight. WAAAAY to hot if you ask me.
and the car, which is black with tinted windows was BOILING.

but on the way home it started to rain, and there was lighting....and it was awsome! but we (my sis and i) stuck our hand out of the sky light......and let me teel you, rain HURTS and 60 mph. but its all good....the other people on the highway looked at us funny....except we have tinted windows. so they cant see us. hahahahahahaha. suckers.

woot! choir cocert tonight! yay!

oh i can not wait til school is done....

hows everybody else?

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

whoa....i havent posted in a while...hmmmmm.....I've been BUSY BUSY BUSY. But i have quite a bit to post todays. mmmhmm

First: i would like to complain that our school band/choir director need to get it together! hes suspended from school for the rest of the year because he told some student to go beat up another student (i mean come on! how stupid can you get?). so.....for the past 2 weeks we have had a chior sub every day.....the problem is that every day there is a different sub....and none of them know anything about music! so....instead of having our concert (which was supposed to be tonight) it is postponed until next week. and apperently the sub we had today is going to be our permanent until the end of the year. which is good i think...because he atleast knows music. apperently he was an orchestra and band director and a semi-chior director for a long time. but i still am having issues with him....he doesnt know how to count rests! or maybe he does but it doesnt seem like it. ARG! stupid stupid stupid.

well how is everyones summer going? no school....sun....yea right. not for me. i have school for three more weeks. the sun part is true...its really warm...i have the sun-burn to prove it. *grumbles* stupid sun-burn.

and tomarrow is a test in biology and in lanuage arts.... and friday i have another test in language arts and in Sign language......ugh. isnt school fun?

well im sure your tired of hearing....er.....reading my complaints. sooo.......

BIRTHDAY PARTIES ARE FUN (except when your parents forget you...)
on saturday is was my friend Rachels birthday party. its was great! we went and say Pirates III and then stayed up til four playing DDR and reading. we woke up at 8:30 (well i woke up....everyone else spelt til 9ish so i read til they were up). so then i went home (efter my parets were a hour and a half late...) took a shower, packed another presant, made a crad and headed off to another birthday party (my friend Rosaletta's.....at which my perants also forgot me.....instead of picking me up at 10:30 like they were supposed to because i wasn't spending the night, they didnt come get me until 12:30...oh well....they were at a different party...)
so on monday i went to this one-ay horse-camp. that was fun. except for the sun-burn. but it was really fun anyway.
and that was my week-end.


how was everyone elses?


(i hope it didnt seem like i was complaining that WHOLE time. if it did i'm sorry. thanks for putting up with it)

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Monday, May 14, 2007

how was everyone's holiday (mothers day)? My aunt came over and my sister, mother, aunt and i all went to see a the movie Hot Fuzz....and omg.
the bloody and horror parts were horrific, the comendy part were hilarious. it was twisted/freaky/weird/gory but all in a sick funny sort of way. just my kind of movie XD
now i'm gonna drag all my friends to the movie theatre and watch it again
and again....
and maybe again just for kicks.

anyone else seen any good movies lately? i heard 300 was kickass...might look into that one...

for my friend rachels birthday were going to a midnight veiwing of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. im pretty stoked. then i'll stay up all night kicking butt at DDR (though rai's pretty good at that game...)

Ohhhhhh i can not wait til school is out. this school year has seemed to last FOREVER. make it stop. in fact i'm at school right now. and it's 7:40 PM. this sucks. at least this year isnt as bad as last year.....i had one class after my regular day classes (which started at 7:30am) got out that started at 7:00pm and went until 8:30pm. staying at school for 13 hours is not my idea of fun. its tourture.

but....on a happier note.....i command each of you to go out and see Hot Fuzz (or rent it when it comes out on DVD) it's a pretty sweet movie. unless u don't like gory horror film blood. or guys' heads popping....then i'd say steer clear of this one. it not THAT bloody...but this isnt everyone cup of tea.

well have a great week!

oh and heres a thought:
What's another word for Thesaurus?


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Friday, May 11, 2007

   Rhody Fest!
*runs around waving arms and chanting* The carnival is coming! The carnival is coming XD
I'm so excited! and wanna know what else is coming?

and my friends b-day...and my other friends b-day (both just happen to be the same day) and my aunties b-day and my cousins b-day and my brothers b-day....wow....thats alot of birthdays...
I Love May.....it's such a happy and cheery month.

How is everybody today?
the sun is shining (here at least) and there is going to be alot of tuff going on next week. including
THE CARNIVAL (and parades)
cept that the carnival has kinda gone down-hill the last couple of years cause the rides are getting old and the people who run them are to lazy to fix them.... but the games are still fun.

and the end of school comes in a month and 10 days (it would have been a week ealier except that we had a snow storm in januray or feburary and the school had to close down for a whole week cause the busses couldn't drive on the ice (but i dont think they ever tried putting chains on.....oh well im not complaining...we had a week off school). but the State said we still have to make up that week because "it wasn't extreme comditions and the school wasn't in a state of emergancy".


have a good day!

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Monday, May 7, 2007

wanna know what i hate? stupid, head clogging, sniffing, miserable COLDS! UGH. how frustrating. i almost fell over in choir today cause i got too light headed cause i couldn't breath with this stupid cold. how dumb.
man. i want to go home. school is touture....and i cant think today anyway. i started writing down song lyrics in my math book this morning because my head was to foggy to make sense of it....but i was supposed to be doing math....and i got it trouble....(stupid cold)
srry about that little rant.

(my page isnt all that interesting is it....oh well...i do my best)

have a good day

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Friday, May 4, 2007

ello everyone. Oh i'm so excited! when i'm a junior.......so that would be *scratches head while thinking.......* uhhhh.....oh! thats next fall *nods head* back to the point... i'm going to the netherlands as a foreign exchange! yay! i'm soooooooo excited. it's gonna rock. ^^


I borrowed a Panic! At The Disco CD and a The Exlpoited CD from the library and now i have the Panic song "London beckoned Songs Written By Machine" stuck in my head! but not the whole thing. right now its just the part where he says:
"Panic: meet the press"

oh wait....it just changed.....now it
"we're the wet dreams for the webzines
make us it make us hip make us scene
or just shrug us off you shoulder
dont aprove a single word that we wrote (oh oh oh)"

ahhhhhhhhhhhh its driving me CRAZY...er ^^

eh. good thing its a good song huh?

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

wanna know what sucks? supposedly the state sent my class the wrong 9th grade tests.....so everyone ended up taking the 11th grade test. so now we all have to go back in and RETEST! (except the good news is that we only have to retest on the sections we didn't pass....so i passed on all but the math. *dances*)

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