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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


bloody blood test. I just got a blood test not too long ago from when I am posting and I beleive they took out 25% of my blood O_O okay all this talk about them taking away my blood just makes me kind of sick so let's drop that. ><

Waaaa I'm sick so so very sick. I fell on pollen and had my allergies triggered.*gets tissue while sneezing a billion times* I'm going to try and keep this short cause I have to lie down and rest soon.

Can't beleive it's Spring Break and I am not happy. I feel like I want to go back to school! What is happening to me?! Ok yeah I'm going crazy now bye. XD

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Monday, March 28, 2005


Sorry I forgot to tell you guys a happy Easter. So happy late easter everyone, even though I went to most of your sites and commented on your post Happy Easter anyways. Wow, Easter was a drag. We went shopping but we forgot that the mall was closed so we left and headed for a restaraunt. It was so quiet during the time when we were eating. That was sad, Then my sister asked me what was wrong and I wanted to tell her that throughout the whole day each time when I tried to tell somebody something, they wind up never listening to what I say and ignore me. *sigh* Well, still, happy late Easter everyone.

I have really got to stop posting so late. It's really starting to get irritating. I played Tales of Symphonia earlier and it was okay. Dang Tiet's Ruins! It is hard...kind of.

My dog Brownie stole my bacon for dinner tonight and got away with it. I STARVED!! Even though I had plenty more. XD Okay, I am a little disturbed by my sister because she is signing a song called "Fantasy Boy." -_-

Meet Brownie
Meet my dog, Brownie. Cute and innocent, but HIGHLY misunderstood...


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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Late at night >

Since I live in California, it's 10:23 PM right now here. I should be sleeping right now but eh, what the heck. I have a long schedule today, but I'm just going to do type in the main things.

1. Finish essay even though it is Spring Break

2. Return clothes that my mother wanted gave her niece even though her niece loved it

3. Go to church

4. Go to the copy store and print out 30 pages of lessons I have to review for a little test when I come back to school

5. Go to the supermarket and buy some food to make pho. (pho is a Vietnamese word for noodles with beef. It's pretty good)

Well there's more to the schedule but I feel too lazy to put in the rest. Plus it's pretty long so I don't think you guys want to read that. *pounds head on pillow* I HATE MY SCHEDULES!!! I'm going to go to sleep now. G'night everybody.

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Saturday, March 26, 2005


Since you guys don't really like long posts, I'll just make it a little shorter. Yesterday I went to church and it was loooooong. The priest spoke for over 75% of the mass and instead of coming home at 8:00, we came at exactly 8:45.

I watched the Incredibles today and it was okay. Jack-Jack was scaary. Near the end he turned into a demon or something. O_O??? scaary, but cool. XD

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Friday, March 25, 2005

   Eh, no thinkin of titles right now. My brain just stopped. O_O???

Since I live in Southern California, it's 9:15 pm when I am posting right now. Kind of late, but I stayed up longer. XD Well, I played video games today and got halfway through the FMA playstation games. Exhausting but fun-and eye piercing, lol. I mean, it wasn't that bad, but it was kind of red. Okay I do not think I need to go into further details or anything else related to red eyes, lol.

I was trying to find a poem to read at the library, but only found the Giving Tree. It's a pretty good book for some teenagers, adults, and kids, but I still need to find a book with poems about nature, life, meanings, purposes, and nature. It's been hard searching for those books because everyone else already checked them out. Darn. Oh well, there's always a next time.

At school we had a project about a saying, speech, or anything close enough to that. A boy named Jody read his last after me and even though it didn't state a speech or saying, he got a C on it, but it was still a pretty good, uh, whatever it was. He gave the paper to me since he was disappointed he messed up. I'm copying it right now and here's how it goes, although it is kind of confusing to comprehend easily.

It is a sword that is carried, a sword to be used to stand up for one's beleifs, and a sword that holds deep within a blade that guards one's path. It is used with a desire unmatched to any other weapon of choice and to be in use whenever the carrier desires and chooses his was of destiny along with a sword by his side. The sword is used for a purpose, not unknown purposes of death or murder. It is the heart of a samurai and warrior, a weapon of horrible beauty, and a desire to be chosen by those who are worthy of possessing it without a heart of no living purpose. Throughout the battles fought, the battles torn away as each cut reveals a part of the past, is kept in intense hardhips between the chances of life and death alongside the everlasting battles of survival.

Okay now that wasn't so bad now was it? Wow, this is practically one of the longest posts I ever made. Oh wait, this is only my second post. There shall be more as long as this. MUAHAHAHAHA *cough cough choke* excuse me, sicknesses. *AAAACHOOOO!!!* and allergies.

Talkin a little about TV
Did anyone see Blue Collar TV on channel 5 today? (If you don't knpow what it is, it's kinda funny and sick at the same time, but still funny and it shows every Thursday on channel 5 at some time I forgot ^^;) It was funny. The best part was when two actors played as American Idol stars Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken. The actor playing as Clay ran around screaming, signing, and dancing throughout most of the scene and The actor playing as Ruben stopped each time he sang to catch his breath. GOOD DAY EVERYONE!! ^_____________^

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

   What Up

My Day
My day was good. Not much but okay. I went with my friends to hang out and my friend black orb205 found a quarter. The moment she picked it up, some dude ran by and stole it from her. Dude, it is just a stikin lousy quarter. PLUS MY SPRING BREAK JUST BEGAN!! WHOOOOOHOOOOO!!

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