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Saturday, April 9, 2005

   Mood Swings


I HAVE MOOD SWINGS. Today is going to be a short post because I don't really feel like telling much today...I've been feeling kind of down lately.

I've been playing Tales Of Syphonia to cheer myself up a little bit and I lost way too many times to the lava monsters. IT IS HARD! THEY KEEP DESTROYING YOU WITH FIREBALLS! And since it's kind of short, I'll put up a question.

Q: Was there ever a time when you witnessed something so tragic you almost felt like dying?

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Friday, April 8, 2005

   Normal Day


Not much today. It's a normal everyday day. my printer is out of ink and my sister is trying to pput more ink but the ink it overloading and dripping. plus yay I ran 10 laps today!! ^___^

Man, it's Spring and a lot of school plays are coming up. So far a class in my school just received a letter from their principal asking if they would like to participate in a play. The teacher was thrilled, I bet. I don't want to do a play and I don't want my class to be chosen. LAST YEAR WE HAD A PLAY ABOUT ROMANCE!! EW

A thought- Eugene from FMA scare me. He's strong and all but then he starts going on a charm attack. lol. Have a great day everyone!

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Thursday, April 7, 2005



I feel a little better right now. I HAD MY BEAUTY SLEEP! did I just say that out loud? *stares at ppl* ^^; oh hi!

I went ot the animal shelter and since they had chickens and farm animals, one of the chickens got loose. IT WAS FUNNY. Above all the rest of the day was a normal, boring event. The sad thing is that my friends in school are wanting to ditch me and make more "popular friends." Tch. Some friends. They practicaly never even smiled at me or said thank you after everything I did for them! YOU MEANIES, I SPIT ON THE PPL THAT DITCH THEIR FRIENDS!! No not you guys I meant the ppl that go to my school and ditched me. God I'm so desperately lonely...btw I'm going to post a mood picture I drew and put it on the top of the post describing my feelings. ME MAD!! AND CRAZY!! XD Hope you had a good day everyone. ^^

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Wednesday, April 6, 2005


Yesterday on the fifth I missed the bus so I had to walk to school. it was looooooooooooooooong. It wasn't even time for the bus to come so the encursed thing came 10 minutes early. -_-

Not much for today. I'm posting really early so...MUST SLEEP!!! *sigh* I'm not feeling in a good mood today. Hope tomorrow is better and I HOPE YOU GUYZ HAVE A GOOD DAY!!! ^________________^

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Tuesday, April 5, 2005


I have a question: Do I change my layout too much? I swear I'll change it for the last time during this month. *sigh* I need to find something that suits the site. -_-

Ok this is sad. I was going to post about something but I forgot what, lol. It was something funny. hold on let me try and remember...*5 hours later* AHA!! No wait nvm...

Okay that part was stupid. Forget the first paragraph of the post.

Today at school I forgot my homework because I left my backpack at tap-dancing class. Man, I hate tap dancing but my parents forced me to! >.< The teacher goes on and on repeating "tappa tappa tap tap tappa tap tap tappa." *rips out hair and cries* the most childish thing my praents said was, "It will make your legs grow big and strong." That's disgusting. I can't imagine my legs fat and bulky, lol. So in other words, I had to bring my homework in to review for a test and I had 6 sheets of notes. Dagnabit I didn't have anything to help me with my math test so I got a score a little bit under 60%; 59%. *sighs* oh well. The rest of the day was cool. WEll, CYAZ!! XD


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Sunday, April 3, 2005

   Ok I feel better

Okay I feel a lot better. I wasn't really acting like myself yesterday-all hyper and happy. Yesterday my father and my brother went to Texas to check out houses for my brother to move in to with his wife. I'm afraid because maybe my father would also buy a house and I will have to move!! TEXAS GIVES ME HORRIBLE MEMORIES! Sorry for those who live in Texas but I've had horrible experiences from the last time I loved there. I don't want to talk about them though, but then I moved back to California. thank goodness. But then a few years later I go back to Texas to visit my niece and my brother's family for a vacation for Winter Break, but I think (ahem excuse my language) SHE IS A LESBIAN! When we went to the mall there she looked at my butt! Then in the middle of the night when I was sleeping she crawled into my room and stared at me!! O_O okay no more of this.

btw I'm going to change my layout into Inuyasha. I hope you guys like it! ^^

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Saturday, April 2, 2005


I have to go to church soon, but the pope died...it's too sad..I'm not going to post much and sorry but I won't be able to visit your sites today...

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Friday, April 1, 2005

Just Noticed

I just noticed something. Many people are getting tired of myotaku.com I think. I visited a few popular sites and most of them didn't post until 2 or 3 months ago. wow. *Sigh* We all oughtta leave sometime. *grabs dog food and eats* WHAT THE HEY? I shoudl get more sleep. Spring Break is so boring...I can't even beleive what I am saying. >.<

I have nothing much to post so why not a few questions?

1. Do you like Zatch Bell? (it ok)
2. How about DICE? (hate it, like Power Rangers)
3. What's your favorite holiday? (Vietnamese NEw Year-cuz of good luck money)
4. What's the best moment of your life? (Being alive)
5. AM I truly crazy? (HECK YEAH!!! XD)
6. What is your favorite anime character and why?

okay I have to go now bye everyone. ^^

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Thursday, March 31, 2005

   Be yourself

Note: Go Ahead
Hey guys I would just like to say something-if you want to, you can go ahead and express yourself freely here. In other words say whatever you want to in posts and comments. such as bad words, insults, nice comments, anything. I don't mind really. Don't be shy so go ahead.

Boy I am sleepy. I was online most of the say searching for Inuyasha torrents. Takes so long to download them, too. Ah well, this may be another short post, due to the fact that I should be sleeping!! *cries* I've been wanting to sleep the whole day because I am so bored! I almost want to cry! *smacks self then turns away* no complaining! *turns back to ppl reading post* sorry smack me please but I am crazy staying in this house all day. I need a life. -_-

Pics from Fruits Basket

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

hi XD

hello everyone. sorry I didn't visit most of your sites earlier on the 29th. I only had 10 minutes to get on before I head out to take my nephews to the park. Boy can they run, lol. SInce I can't really drive a car, we had to walk and I caught one the youngest nephew John heading closer to the street. When a car came near by I had to drag him off the curb. The idgit of a nephew John is. but I don't really blame him. He's just a 4-year-old. The resat of the day was good. not many troubles going along the day. right now they should be at their house, but I can't beleive they're sleeping over! They're going to kill me! -_- Oh well, it could get worse. ^^ *the next thing she knows, they come inside her room and sing the barney theme song* GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!! *commotion ceases* ok I'm just going to post pics now. *commotion continues and Gala begs for mercy of children to stop singing*

Anime Pic

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