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Monday, July 25, 2005

kid dj here

kid dj here. X/C said her computer shut down and she only made it to a few of your sites. Her message to you people:


she seriously has to stop apologizing...

alright just thought I'd give your the message of what happened.

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

aww FLIP!!!! T_T

darnit I only visited those who commented again. I only had 3 hours to spare and it took me nearly that much. Now I only have 5 minutes to type this post so I hve to hurry. I'm sorry and i'm still a little pissed off T_T

Sorry I'm friggin bored. Please ask me a question.

btw I HAVE SUBMITTED DA LUGIA FAN ART!!!!! XD ^_^ Can you guys tell me how it looks?

I'm answer the questions tomorrow ^_^

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Friday, July 22, 2005


Sorry it seems as though I'm finding less and less time to do anything anymore. I only find enough time to visit those who comment, so I'm really, really, REALLY sorry to those whom I could not visit. T_T

I'm not feeling well right now. I'm just a tad pissed off right now. just all. I'll change my layout for the last time for 2 weeks. It'll be Hinata. I swear that way you guys wont kill me =_-

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Thursday, July 21, 2005


Argh Imma so bored. -_-

I FOUND THE LUGIA PICTURE!!! I'll submit it tomorrow. Off to visit your sites after I go sleep!! XD

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

   OKAY THEN!!!!!!

I'm sorry I keep changing the background, but it's so hard to find one that suits me. I'm so picky lol XD

This might be a long post so just skip around if u want to. XD

btw I changed the song. I'd like to hear your opinions so how is it? It's right under the naruto picture thing. ^^

On Saturday I went to my friend Riezel's b-day party out in the beach. it was so boring, because we just hung out in the parking lot staring at the ocean. -_- There was a beautiful scenery though. I wanted to go swimming but it was night by the time my sister and I arrived. Then we went to their house and I played DDR2. They beat me up like a rag doll XD

Also sorry if I dont update much or visit many sites anymore. My brother hasnt rebooted the computer yet and I dont know when, Im afraid to ask him because he has A HUGE BAD temper and I best not bug him. O_O"

Note: I might change the bg again -_-''

Have a great day okay everyone? OH YEAH AND I PASSED TALES OF SYMPHONIA AGAIN!!! YEAH!!!!!! XD That's my 3rd time so far. Gosh I need to stop being so addicted to it XD

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

sorry guys, i really am but I cant visit any sites today. for sum reason the comment boxes wont work...-_-

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Friday, July 15, 2005


I think I might change the background again later on because it's covering the links T_T


okay I'm gonna rebute my computer...AGAIN. and this time I have to be careful with it so it wont get as many viruses. -_-

I'm really sorry if I dont make it to all your sites today. It's just the computer right now is super slow and i'm busy with a lot of stuff -_- it's frustrating really

oh yeah, today is Dark Evolution's last day on myotaku. please tell her goodbye. she'll keep in touch on AIM and maybe I'll let her type some things on this post. pelase say goodbye to her. ;_;

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Thursday, July 14, 2005


ok nvm. sorry i'll just visit those you have commented on my site because i'm really busy wit sumthin -_-

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allrighty then

ok! if i didnt comment on your sites please tell me! for I shall stab myself with a knife!! lol

By a tear huh? all right! I shall name my poem by a tear!! kool guys! I'll change my theme right now. So I hope it's all right! The background will definitely show how much i miss winter LOL

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Ok I'm seriously sorry I couldnt get to your sites. It blacked out and short-circuited so i'm seriously sorry T_T

change the site btu what to?

1) stick with naruto but with a different character
2) Puffy Ami Yumi
3) Gundam Seed

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