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Hey there! Welcome to my site! Please sign my guestbook and add me as your friend! And I wanna give a special thanks to SuperGal16 for helping me on my site! And making these awesome themes for me since I cant do them XP
-About me-
Name: Kouga(actual name), Ed, Sesshomaru,Chain,Tidus,Dante,Monkey,
Spike,Punk,Idiot,Moron,Wolf Man,Party Boy,Knives,Kilik,Willie and Wolfie
Birthday: 05/10/91 Age:14
Fav anime: InuYasha, Trigun, CowboyBebop,YuYuHakusho, DragonBallZ/GT,
Ranma1/2, DNAngel,Outlaw Star, Calven&Hobbs, Pokemon, Mega Man,
Angelic Layer,Azumanga Daiho,Beyblade,Gundam Seed,Samurai Champloo,and more!
Location: In a house in the land of Nod with my girlfriend and friends
Job: Leader of the squrral army, Supreme Captain of the lawn gnomes of the land of nod
Achivments: I got a black belt in Taekwando and Jujitsu and i fially got my dragon belt!
Goals: To become a Video game desiner or Martal Arts instructor
Hobbies: Annoing people, Playing video games, drawing, scareing people.
Talents: Playing video games, talking to SuperGal16, drawing, playing stelth games with my friends, able to chanel Light and Dark eco through my body and using stelth camoflauge
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Escort Mission.
Kouga: That's it! I am done with this fucking mission!

Miyumi: What's the matter?

Kouga: Every five minutes I have to esscort some jerk off from point A to point B, or some dumb bitch who I have to esscort to a safe house with out her being eaten by zombies! Just once I want the girls in this game NOT to run in to the zombies and yell "AHH OH MAH GAWD ZOMBIES HELP!!!" Well no shit you bitch you just ran at them!

Miyumi: Why are you so anti woman?

Kouga: I'm not anti woman I'm anti dumbass cunt who runs after the zombies I'm trying to save her from! Just one time I want the chick in the game to say "I don't need you asshole!" And rip the heads off of every zombie that attacks her!" And I wanna see more fat people in games. Everyone is like a size zero. I'm sorry but zero is not a number!

Miyumi: And exaxtly what size do you wear now?

Kouga: 29x34...or 32x35...I don't know I just grab what ever the hell fits...

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