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Friday, May 5, 2006

Hello everyone! YAY I just finished presenting my spanish project so i'm free again! Sorry if I haven't come by your site to comment but I can now ^_^ Well on wednesday I had that tutor thing which was incredibly boring. Doing nothing for the last two hours. that was a long day but then i went to my friends house and watched The Crow I love that movie.

Oh by the way I'm in math class right now and my teacher isn't here. Hey hey i'm bored i'd go to people's sites but no one updated right now. Oh yeah did I tell you I'm taking a photograpy class now but it's digital photography. Oh well still good I get to take the camera home Tuesday but I can't keep it.

You know what i'm taking reading classes on Saturaday's just cuz. although my sister's think i'm having detention so then they think of the breakfast club Raven fire93!! anyway i'm taking classes and my teacher said we might use comics to "analyze" them. Its the same teacher that started the anime thing. I dunno why i'm taking it. Oh yeah that same teacher went to interview some teachers that are Chinease! I think one's for chemistry and i'm not sure about the other but its prtty cool how my school wants to be diverse.

Speaking of diverse on wednesday there were these students from Germany and now my principal wants to take us to a trip to Germany in the summer. I don't know if she's actually gonna do it but i wanna go! Well I also got into the manga Hands Off! it's pretty funny has anyone read that? I gotta go to my next class k'bye! ^^

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