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Monday, May 1, 2006

   hi! hehe
Hi so yeah I haven't posted or commented in a loooooooooong time. Sorry! sorry! i've been busy with school and stuff. Hey its my freshmen year at high school and its a new school at that. So they cram projects and papers to raise your grades like a final. Damn I'm really sorry I haven't been on but I have a myspace now and I'm there sometimes. My URL there is the same here wolf_wasenshi.

Anyway how have all of you been? I'm doing ok I guess although I don't have my anime club thing anymore since my school replaced that with this R.E.S.T.A.R. thing where you go to classes your failing and try to raise your grades and if your not failing any you tutor and you go to 3 classes. It's really boring since I have to tutor Spanish, Math, and World Studies they're not my best classes so I dunno why they put me to tutor those classes.

So has everyone been seeing the rally thing if your skipping school for the whole "day without a mexican thing" I'm currently in school and theres not much people here since they went on the field trip to the rally or didn't come to school and since they don't care what we do now I had time to get on here YAY!!

Oh yeah my brother is graduating from College in 2 weeks yay and my sis got a job at Banana Republic!, my other sis finished her PSAE(?)and ACTs(i think) Things are going good I think and schools almost over! WOw I've misssed this site but is it just me or are less people getting on here? oh well. Well I'll try to leave comments on some sites k'bye^^ and again sorry

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Saturday, March 4, 2006

   I'm postig
haha I'm posting so how's everone doing?
I'm going to Columbia college today to go see one of my friends in a poetry reading. Then me and my friends might go to Potbelly's or something. I'm alittle freaked out that they mailed out progress reports cause i'm barely passing Spanish.

Friday was cool cause 4 out of 7 of my teachers were absent haha that day was fun. but they were searching our lockers cause like a week ago 3 people were caught on camera smoking. Everyone knows where the cameras are that was pretty stupid getting caught. Its funny though cause 2 act like jerks to some people

Anyway I might change my site to DNAngel or Saiyuki or Kenshin k'bye

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

   Hello sorry i haven't been on in a while. Hehe I've been tired and sick. Mau wasenshi I'm gonna kill you for getting me sick! Well How's everyone else been doing?
It was pretty fun going to the University I got to see their dorms and I found out I'm having a test on Monday. It's to see what i need to improve on for the ACTs.
on another note I have Wolf's Rain! YAY I love that anime. I'm gonna try to visit sites today k'bye

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

How is everyones week going? I'm sleepy. This week has been feeling too long for me and I don't know why. Well on Friday I'm going on a field trip to University of Chicago. I don't exactly know what i'm going to do there but it gets me out of class and it makes me start thinking about colleges. Hey does anyone know where this quote is from?
"He is pure at heart but so are fools"

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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

   WE WON!!
Remember my last post? Well it turns out. Our protest didn't go in vain. We won! He's coming back to work tomorrrow!!! I'm so happy^_^
He made this little speech on how proud and appreciative he was and then everone hugged him and he cried.

It was such a great feeling knowing we did something especially since its a new high school that opened in September. If you want to see pics of my H.S. copy and paste this
My H.S. has 4 small schools in it mine is World Language

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Monday, February 6, 2006

   I'm BACK
lol I finally updated! It's FMA theme now. I haven't benn on the site in days either.
Well today I was part of a sit down protest in school to bring one of the people back from the office since he got fired. That was pretty interesting. I don't know what we're going to do tomorrow but the rest of the teachers were pretty impressed since we were doing a nonviolent protest like what they taught us. It got a bit scary when they called the cops. I wonder what's going to happen tomorrow.
Anyway I got two videos! The first is the fourth opening to FMA: REWRITE. The second is an amv of FMA with the song "Mad World" a.k.a the song from the movie Donnie Darko. Later!^^

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hello I'm in school right now hehe. Well i'm gonna be busy this weekend with projects again! Let's see well on Monday I went downtown and I got vol. 4(manga) of Yami no Matsuei/Descendants of Darkness!! YAy reading that was funny.

Tuesday after school I had anime club thing. We saw the first half of Samurai X! I never get tired of. My teacher said that when we stay longer he'll bring sushi and he wants us to look for background info on samurais. I don't mind^^

Has anyone ever noticed how cool Tohma's hat from Gravitation is? Just a thought. My sis got the first manga volume of Gravitation I got into it again. Have you seen FMA? They had the opening Rewrite by Asian kung-fu Generation!! One of my favorite songs!! Remember i had it up on my site for awhile. I'm gonna change background soon.
Damn! I have to go to my next class now k'bye

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

YAY!!! it's officially Raven fire93's (my sister)birthdayand as a double YAY!! It's also my brother Alex's birthday!! Thy're both old now!!raven is now officially a teenager which means more yelling and tantrums in the house. Yeah I hate that coming of age part of life thing. Does anyone remember that time you turned 13? I kinda zoned outwhen my sis was talking about what i might experiance. With high school I've been busier.

Well otther than that I also did a mySpace page. It took my friend awhlie to make me do a page until I decided to just do one. My teacher decided to have an anime thing after school Tuesday so that's good for me. I'm also gonna get hyper with pixie sticks!! Guess what?! the first thing we're gonna watch is SAMURAI X!!! He asked to write a list of what we want to see and I told my friends to put Samurai X and well majority rules XP

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Saturday, January 7, 2006

   Get Backers!!

HELLO!! YAY I updated!! It's Get Backers!!!
Raven fire93 has a thing with Kazuki and Jubei being together.
Anyway I know it's late but hope you all had an okay vacation.
I'm going to school Monday and Mau Wasenshi is going to come back from Mexico and bring me candy. So naturally I'll be hyper during school.
Anyway GET BACKERS!!!! I've gotten really into it. Now it's one of my favorites. Especially since the voice actor for Ginji is J. Shannon Weaver who also plays Kenshin in the Samurai X movies ^_^

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

   ^_^ HI!!
I decided to change my site to Yami no Matsuei!! I love that anime. Um anyway today I had a half-day and I went on a field trip. I went to the Art Institute of Chicago and a ice rink. It was fun I got to see some people fall and when they did yearbook people took pictures^_^ Oh yaeh this is my favorite anime quote:

" I was smiling in the rain..but in reality...I was crying"

Of course there are different versions of that quote but I really like the meaning k'bye!

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