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Thursday, January 5, 2006

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Hey ya'll...
*poke poke* I'm so bored it anit funny * I wrote some of this in school*
I try drawing today but I can'tdraw any good XP
Man, I was so dayzed yesterday it wasn't cool at all... If someone said anything to me I was like... huh?? *blinks*
I hope I'm hyper later today... I want to scare people... lol...
Our exams are it two weeks... I'm dead... I have a Algebra exam, P.E. * I wounder what that would be* And a Science exam... I'm scared I might fail them.
We have a project in Science... It about planets, and I have Jupiter... coolness... lol
And I fall in the floor yesterday... lol... it was funny too.. my friend, she moved the chair from me and I didn't know... lol... but I'm ok ^^
I'm start to really not like my Science teacher now, cause I stuter sometimes and I was trying to ask for my camara back *it was take a way for some reason, and I'm not mad se took it way* But she give me a never stupid look like I was stupid or something. It really ticked me off...
Well... this one needs to go.... byes *waves*

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