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Duvet Cyberia Remix From Serial Experiments Lain
Hey I'm Lauren,
I'm considered naive, but i'm not sure.I'm a big fan of Inuyasha, Cowboy Bebop, Witch Hunter Robin, Gunslinger Girl, Serial Experiments Lain, Chrono Crusade, Noir, Ghost In The Shell, Escaflowne, and Wolf's Rain. I also like Trigun, and King of Bandit Jing. I'm also a hyper sometimes and a bit of a romantic. My nicknames are Schweg(y,s), Flame, Waver, Silverstar, Miss Thing, Girl with the backpack, odd child, Laur Lis, Cat/Wolf Witch Kyobi, Blue wolf, Angel, and Schwegler Pegler Eggler. Oh and i'm single, but was stupid enough to fall for someone completely out of my reach. At least I get to spend time with himm. My friend Kismet calls him Amon and me Robin. I love witch hunter robin fanfiction and often spend hours reading it. The way wolf's rain defined Paradise, I do believe there is one. My best buddies are Brittany, Vicky Szabo, Victoria E.Q., Jillian P.J., Heather, but I have many other friends like Lauren E. and Marcus.Then of course there is Ryoshi, my former teacher and...friend? Kind of hard to tell. I don't have split personalities, but my moods are very separate, but I am even-tempered fortunately despite moods. Anger doesn't play a big part of me. I'm usually happy, sad, hyper, quiet, pensive, or a combination. Please sign my guestbook!
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and stubborn, and untrusting of others. You
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brought to you by QuizillaSaturday, December 10, 2005

Wow, haven't been here in forever. I've been keeping a written journal on top of school, forums, and trying to watch anime. I now (well have for a two months now^^') have two top favorite animes, Noir and Witch Hunter Robin. Sadly, I still won't be around much. Thanks to everyone for comments and guestbook signatures. I've been fighting against time and it always wins. Good luck to all!
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Saturday, September 3, 2005

   Last Exile
Finished the series and I absolutely love it. Also is my current background. Alex looks, acts, and sounds look Amon with some differences of course. I made a pact with Ryoshi-san. He said he'll be Alex at Otakon 2007 if i'll be Sophia. For Otakon 2006, i'm going to be Major Kusanagi. I haven't found any cosplay photos of her nor have seen her so I hope to do a good job.
I've now completed downloading all of the Hellsing dub. I'm so happy and the music is great if strange. I got the music of Last Exile too, which is perfect for just about anything you're doing during the day. school's a little close for comfort, but i'll be glad to see people and begin my first year as otaku club President. It's irritating to get permission for everything, but worth it. It feels odd being in control of what we watch. Lastly, I got a wolf's rain shirt from Hot Topic. Sooo Happy...

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

My brother and I are taking care of the house for a few days which means I have to cook, but still, it's pretty awesome! No one looking over my should and such, i'm in charge!
I already told you guys about the hacker, so that's why my first post always has the blue higlights and underline. It screws up my link too, so you guys can use it now

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

   Reject Hotline
XDDDD My friend showed this to me. It's freaking hilarious. Call this number:215-618-1505. Automatic phone recording so you don't have to say a thing. I made a chrono wallpaper, but for some reason i'm having trouble putting it on the website. Here's the link if you want to see: http://img152.imageshack.us/my.php?image=chronocrusade7ud.jpg
and this is my wolf's rain one: http://img226.imageshack.us/img226/2041/wolfsrainwllp4pv.jpg

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Thursday, August 4, 2005

I left the witch hunter robin forum for a number of reasons and i'm going to miss them. I'll look in on them from time to time so i'll at least know what's going on. My good-bye thread turned into a chat place! LOL! I'm going to the shore this weekend which is good and depressing because saturday marks one year since my grandfather died. Not something I want to keep my mind on, but i'll honor his memory as I should. I'll pull through as always. There's too much out there to remain sad no matter how much it hurts. I'll keep going for everyone if nothing else :)

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