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Saturday, September 3, 2005

   Last Exile
Finished the series and I absolutely love it. Also is my current background. Alex looks, acts, and sounds look Amon with some differences of course. I made a pact with Ryoshi-san. He said he'll be Alex at Otakon 2007 if i'll be Sophia. For Otakon 2006, i'm going to be Major Kusanagi. I haven't found any cosplay photos of her nor have seen her so I hope to do a good job.
I've now completed downloading all of the Hellsing dub. I'm so happy and the music is great if strange. I got the music of Last Exile too, which is perfect for just about anything you're doing during the day. school's a little close for comfort, but i'll be glad to see people and begin my first year as otaku club President. It's irritating to get permission for everything, but worth it. It feels odd being in control of what we watch. Lastly, I got a wolf's rain shirt from Hot Topic. Sooo Happy...

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