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Hello all! I'm new here to myOtaku, mostly because another site, which will not be named, is being dumb. I welcome new friends, but I'm a frazzled undergrad right now, so there's no telling how long it will take me to reply. Feel free to PM me though! I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

MyOtaku Problems

Just a quick notice.

For some reason I cannot reply to or send PMs at the moment...
If you need to contact me, please use my email:

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Hello Everyone

I seriously need to post more often...

Well, two great things occurred today! One, it's my grandma's bday! YAY! But...I forgot to call her... >_< I'll call tomorrow and hope she's not too mad.
The second cool thing is the newest set of the Naruto TCG came out today! YAY!!! I am a HUGE Naruto fan, and the TCG is so much fun! Plus, it gave me a way to meet the greatest friend in the world! You rule, Roxas07! ^^

Um, oh, I bought myself a new book today. It's all three of the Vampire Chronicles books by Anne Rice. I've never read it before, but I've heard her books are good. I was at in the bookstore on campus looking for a new pair of headphones...the ones on my iPod are broken...you can see the wiring! So, since Barnes and Noble has taken over out bookstore, I was browsing around and found that. I was bored and I'd just gotten paid, so I figured, why not? Still haven't cracked the cover though... ^^'

School is...alright. I really like my psychology class. Math is still boring. Biology is a lot harder this semester. The teacher talks too fast! And Chemistry is as evil as ever. I have 3 tests next week. I took my Psychology test today. Math, Biology and Chemistry are Monday and Tuesday. Wish me luck!

Oh, and everyone check out Sasukes.Fangirls page. And join the club!

1. What is the last song you listened to?
2. What is your favorite movie genre and favorite movie?

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Hi Everyone! The weekend is here! FINALLY! I've only been back to school for a week, but I'm living for the weekends already. :)
Lucky for me, I only have classes Mon-Thurs. I get 3-day weekends! Woot! ^^

Nothing much has happened this week, just getting back into a routine for school. A routine which now involves exercise. My friend Esther goes to school with me, and has since elementary school. She convinced me that working out 3 times a week would be a good thing. We started today, and you know, it wasn't half bad. It was kinda fun, actually. So yup, Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays will now involve hitting the gym for about an hour each day. But at least I'll look better for swim-suit season! ^^ That's what I keep telling my self anyway.

1. What is your Favorite Band?
2. How about your Favorite Song?
3. Which song do you think best describes you or your outlook on life?

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hi Everyone!

Honestly, I was surprised I had 2 comments on the last post! I thought Roxas would be the only one to comment. But I'm glad I was wrong. Thanks Roxas and Metal Dragon for commenting! You guys rock!

Well, I'm back on campus, getting ready to start the new semester. Yay, rah. I didn't want Christmas break to end!! It seems like most of my friends get to go back on the 22nd. Lucky!! I'm so jealous of you all. It's not too bad though. My last day of school is May 4th! YAY!!! Only 4 months to go! I can't wait for summer break. My family and I are going to Disney World! WOOT! It's going to be so much fun! Don't worry though, I'll take my laptop with me. Most hotels have wireless internet now, right? So I'll be able to comment and stuff.

Um, hmmm....yeah, I didn't sleep at all last night. Not a bit! I was up kinda late talking with one of my best friends EVER! ^.^ And then I got caught up reading my fanfiction again... ^.^' I really should stop reading those...but they're so addicting! I did get to sleep a few hours during the ride up here. It was a 4 hour car ride!!! 4 hours! I'm glad I slept or I would've been bored out of my mind.

On another note, I think the weather is really screwy here. Before I left for Christmas break, it was 20 degrees with snow on the ground. Now it's 60 and rainy! It's JANUARY for crying out loud! What is up with this?!? Does anyone else have sporadic weather, or is it just the mid-west?
I don't really mind the warmth though, I much prefer it to freezing, but I like it when it snows. If I could make it snow and be warm outside, it'd be perfect!


1. When do you go back to school after Christmas Break?

2. What is your last day of school?

3. What's the longest you've ever gone without sleep?

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hello, everyone. I hope you all had a great holiday! I'm so sorry I haven't been online lately, and this probably won't be read since I haven't posted in forever, but eh, I'll post anyway.

I had a great Christmas. I got a DS, which I've been wanting forever! I also bought myself some new games for it a couple days after Christmas. I got a new game for my PSP too. I got a digital camera as well. That makes me happy becuase I never have a camera when I need one!!

I had to work during Christmas Break... >_< It sucks. It was really slow the day after Christmas though, so I got to go home an hour early! YAY! That'll never happen again though.
I had fun at work and everyone was happy to see my back. My boss even paid for my lunch one day just because he was glad to have me back! I love my job sometimes. ^.^

But now it's over...or just about over anyway. School restarts on Monday for me. Everyone back home doesn't go back until the 14th. So not fair!!! But I think I get out for Summer break a week ahead of them, so I guess it's even.
I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and a happy New Years! Good luck to everyone who has already had to go back to school and those who are starting soon. I don't really know how my work and school schedule is going to work out this semester, but I'll try to post and/or be online at least every other day. I'll try to comment every day, even if I don't post myself.

Happy 2008 everyone!!

~Wistful Dreamer

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