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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hello, everyone. I hope you all had a great holiday! I'm so sorry I haven't been online lately, and this probably won't be read since I haven't posted in forever, but eh, I'll post anyway.

I had a great Christmas. I got a DS, which I've been wanting forever! I also bought myself some new games for it a couple days after Christmas. I got a new game for my PSP too. I got a digital camera as well. That makes me happy becuase I never have a camera when I need one!!

I had to work during Christmas Break... >_< It sucks. It was really slow the day after Christmas though, so I got to go home an hour early! YAY! That'll never happen again though.
I had fun at work and everyone was happy to see my back. My boss even paid for my lunch one day just because he was glad to have me back! I love my job sometimes. ^.^

But now it's over...or just about over anyway. School restarts on Monday for me. Everyone back home doesn't go back until the 14th. So not fair!!! But I think I get out for Summer break a week ahead of them, so I guess it's even.
I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and a happy New Years! Good luck to everyone who has already had to go back to school and those who are starting soon. I don't really know how my work and school schedule is going to work out this semester, but I'll try to post and/or be online at least every other day. I'll try to comment every day, even if I don't post myself.

Happy 2008 everyone!!

~Wistful Dreamer

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