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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ya know, i dont even know why the hell i bother to keep coming back to this site. no ones ever on, people who i used to communicate with on here have abandoned it. its praticly a ghost town site. but whatever. just putting up a vid

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Monday, February 11, 2008

   IVE F***ING HAD IT!!!!!!
-____- thats it, im either gonna rant on here or im gonna snap an harm a lot of people. ive tried to ignore all the bullshit people have been pulling or putting me or my friends through. i TRY to be happy an pick up on good emotions, but its hard in a school/home/community thats bent on being depressed self centered lil f***s -_-

Anyways at home its getting hecktic, yes ive told jan id acept jan as my step mother if her an my dad ever got married, but since she retired an been coming over every weekend, dad hasent let me go anywhere hardly or let any of my friends come over. yea i know it sounds self centered, BUT when theres something he wants to go to like a basketball game or anything like that, he expects me to go. i hate sports besides snowboarding, soccor, and wrestleing. and when i say "no thanks" or "not really my sport" dad always gets pissed off or goes emo an acts like i droped the f bomb or something.

Then the shit at schools getting really thick. mainly cuz of lyndsi whos atempting to turn all our friends against me. so far shes turned jenn, getting gloria there and most of the others. the only ones who are still loyal to me are kayla, mitch(big red), Robby, and Eric(tucker). Gloria keeps going between loyal an going to the bitches side, hope she relizes lyndsi is just out for her own gain this year, actually thats ALL she ever cared about since we started this year.

Anyways on to the other shit. my ex-gf is getting to a point of deep annoyance. cuz she called an thought we were back together, but i never really said yes or no to that. during the time we first broke up i kinda met someone else i had deeper feelings for. but i cant tell the ex that or her insane family would murder me LITTERALY!!!!! but i dont want her to keep thinking im still with her. cuz when this year ends thats when i cut off all conections with that f***ed up family. im also moveing so i can try to hook up with the other girl.

Next up is for defense of my friend eric, whos been getting made fun of because of the girl he wanted to go out with, he put his heart into writting the note to her, and she goes off an tells everyone in our crafts class who start to make fun of eric. a simple yes or no would of been fine, but she had to make him a laughing stock of the class. since then he hasent even wanted to think of dateing.

finally, im done drawing in school. mainly because of the idiots who "like" my drawings. only thing is when they say they like it, their insuting it with their tone an when they try to hide their laughing. so im done with drawing at school UNLESS its during lunch.

Well thats all i got, seeya S.T.A.R.S. members

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

nothing big, but i want everyone to vote on this.


To everyone i normally talk with or that i used to talk with, does it annoy you when i IM you and or try to RP with you?

A. Meh(no oppnion)
B. *scratches head afraid to say*
C. Maybe a little
D. Yes
E. Hell yes stay off line
F. No

Leave your answer in the comment thing.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

*sighs* -_- more resistance
Well this weekend sucked majorly -_- i found out that i can no longer have ANY friends over while jans here. which is total BS cuz ive had friends come over an stay the night before millions of times while shes been over here. No its not jans fault, its my dads. dunno why but ever since we got back from south carolina hes been more an more of a jerk than before. Oh well at the end of this year i MIGHT get away from him. but yet the more he thinks about me movieing to PA just because of "som girl" as he calls ellie, hes more against me leaveing illinois at all. and i cant use collage as an excuse cuz hes only allowing me to go to a 2 year one. anyways off the rant.

Onto game news =3

First off i havent been able to play DDR much cuz of the guy i was ranting about. he says the vibrations annoy him an when i try playing when hes asleep he still hears the music. when i try playing in my room he says the vibrations are worse. oh well wtv.

In area 51, im stuck on the fake lunar landing set where these bloody black op peoples keep killing me TT.TT whats worse is the safest place on the whole level is behind the forklift.

annnnnnnd i havent touched any of my other games cuz when i try dad always comes in an takes the tv, which i wouldnt of minded, but now i cant even take the ps2 upstairs -.- *sighs*

Anyways, here are some pics.

Anime Bondage chick


Now for a couple of pics ive drawn, first one is spark Hatake. he looks normal enough BUT hes got a very deadly virus flowing through him. Its called the T-Virus, which came from Racoon City(if ANYONE knows about Resident Evil you'll reconize the virus name) anyways since spark has this virus, hes not accepted by the family. the good thing is he has control over the virus though they still dont trust him at all.


Then heres Himitsu, Sparks older sister. she DID have a tail at one point, but a mission that almost killed her got her tail cut off too.


And Finally a thing for the forgotten sister of the main branch hyuga family. Hanabi :3

Norio~ yay =333


Thats all i got, SEEYA!!!!

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Pic :3
Well okay this is like a little late but wtv, ima say what i got for an after xmas x3;;;;;.

First off i got DDR Max2, though i got that cuz dad took me out to get it :3 along with a new memory card so i can FINALLY start saveing on Resident Evil: Code Veronica X.

Next up, when i get back into state jan said she would take me to get a legal id to PROVE IM 19!!!!! WOOT =D no more asking dad if he can come with me into game stop or hot topic to buy stuff for meeeeeeeee :333

Then after that, i got a 20 dollar gift card for bust buy, which that money turned into DVDs of ELFEN LIED x3333333

Then the day AFTER thati got new boots which are almost like suqalls from FF8.

Well enough bout what i got. now for the things i got others :3

First off i made kirby a necklace with a cross on it, along with her name :3 if it falls appart again im sorry ^.^;;;;;; instructions i had sucked.

Then i made ellie a necklace an braclet. again sorry for poor quality.

for jan im making her a pear like thing, hopefully it'll be done when we get back to school.

as for dad, he said he didnt want anything, so yea .__. even when i said i was gonna get him something he demanded i didnt .____. which is odd for him, normally he says socks or gloves. oh well.

Also were in the carolinas til tomarrow cuz thats when were leaveing YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY =D no offense i like this place, but it wasnt to "happy" this year. why im not allowed to say on here.

ANYWAYS, heres a pic i did for when jase died, though he was revived i still made it anyways :3;;;


Well thats all i got, expect to see a FF one soon, maybe.


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