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Sunday, January 13, 2008

*sighs* -_- more resistance
Well this weekend sucked majorly -_- i found out that i can no longer have ANY friends over while jans here. which is total BS cuz ive had friends come over an stay the night before millions of times while shes been over here. No its not jans fault, its my dads. dunno why but ever since we got back from south carolina hes been more an more of a jerk than before. Oh well at the end of this year i MIGHT get away from him. but yet the more he thinks about me movieing to PA just because of "som girl" as he calls ellie, hes more against me leaveing illinois at all. and i cant use collage as an excuse cuz hes only allowing me to go to a 2 year one. anyways off the rant.

Onto game news =3

First off i havent been able to play DDR much cuz of the guy i was ranting about. he says the vibrations annoy him an when i try playing when hes asleep he still hears the music. when i try playing in my room he says the vibrations are worse. oh well wtv.

In area 51, im stuck on the fake lunar landing set where these bloody black op peoples keep killing me TT.TT whats worse is the safest place on the whole level is behind the forklift.

annnnnnnd i havent touched any of my other games cuz when i try dad always comes in an takes the tv, which i wouldnt of minded, but now i cant even take the ps2 upstairs -.- *sighs*

Anyways, here are some pics.

Anime Bondage chick


Now for a couple of pics ive drawn, first one is spark Hatake. he looks normal enough BUT hes got a very deadly virus flowing through him. Its called the T-Virus, which came from Racoon City(if ANYONE knows about Resident Evil you'll reconize the virus name) anyways since spark has this virus, hes not accepted by the family. the good thing is he has control over the virus though they still dont trust him at all.


Then heres Himitsu, Sparks older sister. she DID have a tail at one point, but a mission that almost killed her got her tail cut off too.


And Finally a thing for the forgotten sister of the main branch hyuga family. Hanabi :3

Norio~ yay =333


Thats all i got, SEEYA!!!!

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