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hey i hope you like my site now. i am trying to make my site better so i am deleting a lot of stuff but when i am done plz comment on my art and sign my gb thanks bye.

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Friday, October 19, 2007

   fall break
think goodness it is fall break! i needed a break from school because i always have hw gosh! anyway this week i only had 3 days of school i had thursday and today off yeah. i also have monday off 2 thank goodness! i am sooo HAPPY HAPPY JOYFUL HAPPY! but its almost over mmmmmaaaaaaaannnnnnnn! i really don't want to go back but i have to(i want to get into college you know). i am trying to edit my site a little bit not the background i love my background don't you?? so i will add more post when i get the chance.... bye bye bye bye bye
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Friday, September 21, 2007

hey everyone i am going hunting with my dad this weekend so i might not be able to get on so ttyl hope i will be able to get on but i am leaving tomarrow coming back sunday it will be fun it is black powder season i am not the right age i have to be older to black powder hunt but i will be watching my dad i can't wait to see if he will get a deer even though i hate watching animals die but if u don't hunt they will get over populated and thats not good anyway i want to go for reasons i will tell you:

1)i get to spend time with my dad
2)i get to ride a full-wheeler
3)i get to spend time with my uncle
4)i get to fish and see a lot of animals

and thats all of the reasons just 4 but they make alot of since don't they so i will be on when i can ttyl(again)

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

   the last vollyball game
hey guys today was so bad it was my last vollyball game it was very bad we lost by 3 to 4 points i can't believe it the coach didn't sub anybody when she needed to take this one girl out of the game we lost because she hit the ball twice. man i wish we won our last game that would of been very cool and awesome!!!!! man i wanted to when!!!!
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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

   new awesome show
hey guess what guys i found a new anime show that i love to watch well i never heard of it anyway well it is called Spiral it is really cool i love watching it. is on this channel called funimation tv and it has all these shows like cased closed, dragon ball, yu yu hakusho, and some other 1's it's awesome

anyway talk later ttyl

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