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Friday, September 21, 2007

hey everyone i am going hunting with my dad this weekend so i might not be able to get on so ttyl hope i will be able to get on but i am leaving tomarrow coming back sunday it will be fun it is black powder season i am not the right age i have to be older to black powder hunt but i will be watching my dad i can't wait to see if he will get a deer even though i hate watching animals die but if u don't hunt they will get over populated and thats not good anyway i want to go for reasons i will tell you:

1)i get to spend time with my dad
2)i get to ride a full-wheeler
3)i get to spend time with my uncle
4)i get to fish and see a lot of animals

and thats all of the reasons just 4 but they make alot of since don't they so i will be on when i can ttyl(again)

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