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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Greetings! How is everyone doing? I am glad you all enjoy my new theme as much as I do. Just so no one thinks I stole this wallpaper from anyone, here is the link of the individual who created this wonderful piece of artwork:


Anyway, I thought I'd get that off my chest before anyone thought otherwise.


Save for a busy last week, things have been going well for me of late. Haven't had to deal with too much drama, which is always nice.

Last Saturday, I was able to save a baby chick! Haha The kids at my old private school were in the process of incubating chick eggs. They'd never done this before, so it was a real treat to have a good turn out! The one that I saved ironically was the first to show signs of hatching among the eggs. Thing is, he was the last to get out! Apparently, his egg dried out, so the membrane pretty much pasted him in his shell. With some help, I moistened the shell so he could just POP right out! <3 I used want to be a vet when I was kids. Wonder what happened to that!

College has been going well. I really want to move forward to the University of Maryland. They sent me a letter saying I still owed them money. Strange, the girl at the admissions office just told me to slip in the check with the package. Apparently, that was the wrong thing to do. So I guess I'll have to wait longer in order to hear a reply from them. *sighs*

Hope you all have been doing all right. I've been able to check your sites more of late. I guess you could call that an improvement. XD

Until next time...



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Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Look

I changed my theme. I love this wallpaper I stumbled across. Anyway, that's about it. Hope everyone's been doing all right. *sighs*



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Friday, March 20, 2009

Greetings, Otaku friends!

I should post more often, but other things keep me from doing so. Maybe with my Spring Break coming up I'll be able to do so!

Speaking of which, I am SO glad it's finally Friday. I'm done with my classes and have a whole week to look forward to. However, methinks I will have a lot to do during my "time off," but I hope to incorporate some R&R during that time.

On another note, I'm going to be doing some things differently. I won't be posting any more fanart for quite some time. I can't help but think I need to improve on my style and overall quality. Also, I will be deleting all my old work/crap. (If you can't tell, I'm in a bit of a mood concerning this. lol) Why put up work when no one comments and it's viewed by a small percentage of people, not including my "Subscribers"? (Subscribers sounds so cold and aloof... ick..)

So, until I feel my artwork is improving, I won't be submitting any more of it. It may sound selfish, but let me do this. I will be saving the few comments the generous people did leave me, so I can reference them or appreciate them on my own time.

That's about all I feel like saying at this point. Hehe... Until next time, das vi danya!


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Monday, March 2, 2009

   Mission Accomplished
Hey, everybody! How's it going?

Today is a SNOW DAY! *claps* I'm so glad because I really could use this day off. It's be a week and a half, or so it felt.


Thursday I was busy scrambling around. I had my UMD application to turn in soon, but there was still a lot to do, i.e. create a resume and finish filling the application. On top of all that, my mom and I had another argument. Again, she laid her hands on me, so I had to push her back. I don't know what I'll do next time that happens...

Anyway, fortunately, I had a very good friend help me out throughout the application process. He sent me his old resume and told me to use it as a template for mine. It made things so much easier. Haha! I could hug him, but he's somewhere I don't know. ^^; In the end, I got everything filled out! I just had to print my stuff and that was it!! Yessssssss!

Friday I had school as normal. I also scrambled to get an assignment done which actually didn't have to be finished until 5. Oh well, at least I got it done early because I had other plans that day.

After school, I went to my church to print off the remainder of my application package to UMD. Note: This application had to be turned in by March 1st! There was no other day to do this. Anyway, I managed to get that done. My friend, who already goes to UMD, and I were going to a basketball game where the Lady Terps were playing.

We got there early so I could turn my application in, of which I did. Haha. SUCCESS! You have no idea how good that felt! Since we got there early, my friend gave me a tour of the very, very big campus, which was cool. I'm gonna have to learn my way around there! It's so huge... *sighs*

The game was very good. Emily, my friend, met up with some girls from her class, a Women's Leadership class. They had to go to something, like a girls' bball game, to write about for class. Interesting, I guess. XD

Saturday was a nice day, for the most part. My friend, Emily, another friend and I went to a UMD lacrosse game. It was held at the Raven's (Baltimore's football team) Stadium. I've never been, so I was excited to go. As for the lacrosse part, it was ...different. We had no clue what was going on, so we would ask random people, "What's that?" and "Why'd they do that?" It was funny, but people were nice about it.

The only thing that made it not so fun was the weather. Friday was a beautiful day, but Saturday turned out to be a horribly cold day. Lol We were freezing our buns off! Haha! I got so cold that I became quiet: probably to reserve my energy. I don't know. Lol But I was SO glad to go home and sit by the fire. I "chilled" the rest of the night. LOL

Sunday was a long day. I went to church all day. Plus, that night after services we were going to have alumni games again. Nice! It's been forever since I've really played hard, so I had a great time! But man, I am SO out of shape! Haha! I was so relieved to have our time outs. It's sad. Anyway, I managed to make a basket - a three-pointer, no less! YES! That felt good. The alumni for both girls and boys won! Hahahaha! Today I'm feeling the consequences of playing a game when I'm out of shape. I want to get active with the nicer weather. *pumps fist*

Ok, I've said enough. Have a super day!!


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Monday, February 23, 2009

   There goes my resolution...
Howdy, people!

So, I said in a prior post (probably one on TheO) that I'd be off for some time. Well, that's still my plan. However, I'm doing terribly and am procrastinating at this time. :D Big surprise...

Anyway... Things have been going better, but this weekend was something.

Saturday was full. I began the day with a breakfast with the women from my church. We had, what we call, a Ladies' Breakfast. We get together, share a meal and discuss different topics relating to, well, us women. Lol It was pleasant time.
Later that day, a friend and I were going to a funeral sometime in the afternoon. (But before then, I was working on a personal statement for UMD...). A lady from work died a little more than a week ago. She had colon cancer and went in for surgeries on a couple of occasions. However, the doctors weren't successful in getting it all out, and so the cancer spread to her lymph nodes, which, if you don't know, is rather bad and not promising. The docs gave her 8 mo. to live with treatment, and 4 months to live w/o any treatment. She didn't get any treatment, but she died 2 months earlier than what was said. Sad. I went to the funeral because I knew the daughter: she and I worked as interns during the summer of '08. It was heart-breaking. I wish I could've stayed for the whole ceremony, but we had to leave.

Fortunately, the night ended on a lighter note. Some of my friends and I went out to celebrate a birthday. My friend turned 23... I feel so old! XD We went to Chilli's about 9 something at night and didn't get out until about 11:30. Lol It was a great time. My half of the group was acting all sorts of stupid, throwing crayons and spitballs across the table. *sighs* Good times, good times.

Ok, so that's all I want to say (for now). I'm working on school work and my application forms for UMD. I still have much to do! Until next time, see you around!


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Sunday, November 23, 2008

   Jumping Ship...
I think my time here on TheO is nearing its end. I've hear a lot of people, some of them my "friends," saying pretty much the same thin, i.e. they'll be departing this place soon.

TheO is definitely not the same as MyO, which sucks. On MyO, I felt so much closer to people. I'd have friends pay visits, and I would go to their sites too. Lately, I've been feeling rather "blah" when I come here because there's barely anyone that comes and visits me. Granted, I don't post much, and then again, I don't get to other people's sites that very often myself. So, part of this is my doing too...

But it really boils down to a lack of any "friendship" here on TheO. (MyO is just plain dead these days. No one goes there but once in a while.) I know I don't have the stats like other people, some of which I feel like they're obsessed with having as many people "subscribe" to them as possible. It's just whatever. I don't want fame, but I wanted companionship, i.e. simple friendship. But since I've been getting none of that, I might as well leave. (Again, for sure I don't get to everyone's sites, and I feel bad for that.)

Possibly at the beginning of 2009, I'll be signing off for good. This place has taken a lot of my time away, time that I could've used better. But no, I wanted to try to make friends here, but to no avail (for the most part). There will be those whom I will remember and possibly keep in touch with (but very few indeed). They're the tried-and-true friends.

But I will give TheOtaku one prop: it gave me my love for anime! I find it pretty cool to have found out about the world of anime. It's a rather vast place - still so many I've got to watch. All in due time...

For those of you who may care, cheers!


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Friday, November 21, 2008

   The Day after Yesterday...
Greetings, everyone!

I just wanted to say thanks to the couple of people who wished me Happy Birthday. That was nice! :)

Yesterday, my dad and I wanted to go to this Mexican place that my brother-in-law told us about. He said it has some really GOOD Mexican, not like that Taco Bell stuff (though, I can't complain about TB either...hehehe). Unfortunately, my mom, who didn't come with us because she was in pain, bade my father to come home and bring her her medicine. So... My dad had to leave, and it was just me and my bro-in-law.

We still had a nice time. My bro was telling all sorts of facts and tips about drinking and such. Lol I ordered a California burrito, which was massive (!) but soooo darn good, and a chili relleno, which wasn't bad. Then I ordered my first drink, a lime margarita! *grins* I probably should have gotten the strawberry one... The first sip was so icky, but then I got used to it later on. My bro tried to get me to drink this Patrone (tequila) shot, but I couldn't manage that! Lol

Overall, it was a nice night. My bro said I was turning a bit red and such. I think there's a term for that - Asian glow. You can seriously Google that, and info will come up about it!

I might go out again tonight, but we'll see. Have a nice day, everyone.


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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

   Should be in bed by now...
Hey! How's it going, peeps? I hope it's well with you all. ^^

Like my title suggests, I really should be sleeping right now (it's 12:30-ish in the morning). But I just felt like playing around with my site. It's been ages since I've done anything to it, so I've actually forgotten how to do some things. Lol Pretty sad when you don't keep up with this kind of stuff. ^^; Ah well - all within due time, I suppose.

Lately, I've been SO busy. College has kept me busy enough, but on top of that, I'm participating in a lot of miscellaneous at my church. This includes "coaching" for basketball camp and "teaching" music once a week.

I put those terms in quotes because 1. As a "coach," I am merely taking my "team" of kiddos from station to station, and 2. I am learning how to "teach" little children basics in music, well, singing and rhythm. Dang, teaching little munchkins is a lot more challenging than it initially appears. :D Plus, I try to work on my other day off (Thursday) so I can make some sort of income. *sighs*

Anyway, other than that, I'm doing all right. I am tired a lot lately. Things at home are wishy-washy. Some days seem better than others. However, for the time being, it's my mom saying stuff like, "I'm moving out" or "we're splitting," etc. etc. I've noticed that my mom just seems miserable, like empty inside. I don't think she can see what she's doing to herself.
My family has never had what one would call "major" issues, e.g. Dad cheating on Mom, or Mom's a drunk and Dad's a druggie, etc. No, our issues are those "mountains out of mole hills" kind of things. Like, "who didn't do the dishes?" or "why isn't your room cleaned up?" *shakes head* Yeah, I don't get it either. Haha! *sighs* Alas.

Anyway, I hope things resolve soon. It taxes upon your spirits. Home is no longer your sanctuary, your resting place where you take shelter from the harsh world. At least, it isn't for me. I'm sure you all have your problems too, so I don't want to make more of this than it really is. x3

Well, I hope to do some looking around the Otaku, paying visits and such. I really miss MyO - it's so dead here. And TheO - pfft - I don't even keep up with my site(s) there. ^^; Lol

Anywho, have a super day! *hugs people then runs off to bed*

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Monday, September 29, 2008

I've made up my mind!

Greetings, friends of the Otaku!

Hmm... I thought I'd do a little updating here. You may recall from last time that I was undecisive as to whether or not I should go to the Outer Banks this year. Well... I'm going!! Or I should say... I'm already here! Hahaha...

I made the decision not too long after I posted my last post. I was able to talk to all my teachers and work some things out. For my Business Stats class, I was able to take my test early, so now that's out of the way (it would have been today!). For my Macroeconomics, I will take the test when I get back, which works out perfectly since the class would be going over the test on that day. (Make sense?) And finally, my Accounting class is going well - I have Internet access to do online homework, and a couple laptops available to do other stuff. (Oh, and I got a 100% on my Accounting Test! W00t!)

So, it's actually Day 2 or 3 of our vacation. I'm really glad I was able to come this time. I think I really needed the break away from stuff. Things at home are actually stirring up, i.e. not good. Plus, school has been a bit stressful, but not so much as home...

Our house is great and the weather is beautiful! I love it here. Lol Maybe I'll have pictures to post some time in the future. x3

Well, I'll just leave it there - I need to do some homework now. See you all later!! *hugs*

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Monday, September 15, 2008

   My Life... *sighs*

Greetings, everyone (who actually still comes by this part of the neighborhood)! Lol How is everyone's day going?

*sighs* I thought I'd leave a little post of what I've been up to lately. (Well, you know me - a little post can turn into a lengthy one! xD)

I think in my last post I mentioned about graduating the junior college I've been attending for the past 2+ years. Well, now I'm back, but just for a short season. I'm starting another major for sure, something in business. I want to transfer to the University of Maryland, but I need to take, what they call, "gateway requirements" so that I can at least be reviewed by the board.

This semester, I'm taking Accounting 1, Business Statistics, and Macroeconomics. So far, the classes haven't been too bad, although I think they've just now gone up in their challenge. It's a new environment business is, but I think if I put my mind into it and not be lazy (hahaha!), then I will do well. (Today, I found out I got a B on my macroecon test. Not bad, but I want to do better!!)

So school has been on my mind a lot lately, which is why I haven't been around to leave comments and posts. Also, I have a dilemma...!

I have a planned vacation coming up next week to the Outer Banks, NC. I don't know if i should go the whole week or at all... I feel I might miss a lot of important stuff if I skip class for a whole week... What would you do in my shoes?

*sighs again* Ok, I'll see you all later!

P.S. I'm working on some drawings (World of Warcraft characters), so maybe I'll post them up...

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