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Friday, June 12, 2009

   Almost summer!!!

Omg!!!! I am on my last week of school!!!! Only 6 more days!!! ( Monday-Friday then another monday)
Well.... nothing much has been going on with me.... just A-ing all my last quizez and tests. I guess i'll tell you what activities are going on this week! ( Its activity week for us 6th graders!!!)

MON- Trivia, 1-2pm, if your assighned # is called you go up and either race with potato sacks, hoolahoops, or other things. Then if you come in first you say the correct trivia answer and win a point! The class with the most points win!

TUES-Field Day, 8:30am-12pm,Yearbook sighning, 1-2pm, For feild day we go outside and have bouncy houses, mini-golf,basketball,baseball,tug-o-war,blow-up ostical cources, and blow-up slides, and even more!!

WED-Teacher-student softball game, 2 Chosen students from each class(boy and girl) and each 6th grade teacher will play a softball game against each other the rest of the grade will watch and cheer the 2 teams!

THURS-Moving-on ceromony, 8-10am, Since we're moving on to the Junior High we are having a moving on ceromony, we dress up in our best outfits, cross a bridge and shake peoples hands. then we go home for the rest of the day!

FRI-Luau, 6-9pm, this will have $1,000 worth of FREE CHINEESE FOOD, cotton candy, slush,punch,popcorn,dance contests,prize give-aways,karaoke,coconut bowling, beach ball basketball and photographs of our friends in front of a beach display!

MON-ANYTHING DAY/LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! we will bring in cameras to take pictures of our friends, help the teacher clean up the class, sighn yeerbooks and more!

Well nothing else Bye-Bye!
~T-chan =)

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Thursday, May 7, 2009


Hi people! Nothing is really going on... I got my Progress Report yesterday!! All A's and B's as usual!!
My friend Ari is an uncle.lol!
Know whats really funny,my friend Brandonlooks EXACTLY like Kris Allen on American Idol so whenever an episode has aired I'm always like
"Brandon! You're SAFE!!!"
Brandon-*screams* "OMG!!! WHOOOOOOO!"
Also my friends and I have some pretty weird nicknames.... look
Me= Gothic LunchLady
Yaya-chan= Emo Vampire
Alex= Unicorn from the enchanted forrest
Audrey= Cannible
Brandon= The evil princess on the dark side of the moon
Margox= Newt
Weird.....lol!! XD
Check out the last song on my playlist... It's AWSOME!!

~T-chan(Gothic LunchLady)
(Why THAT nickname!!!)
P.S. This is my comic Ringo Rush

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My comic is up!! (Ringo Rush) Here's the link.

(P.S- look down at my quiz rezults....lol!)

Here are some of them,
What Is Your Anime Fighting Style?
What Is Your Anime Fighting Style?
Hosted By theOtaku.com: Anime

What Kind Of Villain Are You?
What Kind Of Villain Are You?
Hosted By theOtaku.com: Anime

What Kind Of Otaku Are You?
What Kind Of Otaku Are You?
Hosted By theOtaku.com: Anime

What Type of Anime Girl Are You?
What Type of Anime Girl Are You?
Hosted By theOtaku.com: Anime

What Naruto Animal Personality Do You Contain?
What Naruto Animal Personality Do You Contain?
Hosted By theOtaku.com: Anime

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

   HI (once again)

HI! I am back and so is my twin Yaya-chan! I havnt put anything on since January.... hmmm. Well what happend was mostly school and Yaya-chan getting her bf Josh.....(it's ok Yaya-chan you may survive...) Well I broke up with Danny on Friday because he liked somebody else Oh well! We only liked each other as friends anyway! My mom likes to call him th "no balled turd"...... lol! I do agree! Ah... what else......well im still debating if I should put "Ringo Rush" (my comic) on here. It would take a heck of a long time to download it. (with 50 pages and stuff (counting the cover)) Oh yeah!!! I was SO close to getting straight A's this marking period! I had this,
SO CLOSE! I may get it in this sesion!(sesion 4)
I am on spring vacation! (YAY) so far i have no plans but for this Saturday I will be going to Canobie Lake Park (WHOOOOOO!) for my friends b-day party! Ahhh.... I cant wait till summer...the good old times!(but last summer we had to babysit our 2 cousins eh!) Oh yeah i forgot this vacation(now) we might go to lazer craze or the beach!(another YAY)
Guess what... I have a.....STALKER!!! Im CONSTANTLY getting stalked by my friends cousin!!! He is a FREAK! All he does is stare at me and follow me around! One time the principle made me and 4 of my friends clean up the caf for an ice cream coupon! And when i was headiing up to my room, there he was... at the top of the stares looking at me! EH! Then he had to say it.. " Hi Taylor!" why! WHY!? Ok moving on..... ok theres like nothing else so bye bye!
~MOO~ (lol)

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Hi Im back! (again) i just finished reading the Twilight saga (its AWSOME) Report cards are coming out this week (I think so) I think i got strait A's! Yay! Hopefully at least! Danny gave me this really pretty necklace for christmas and a nice braclet for my b-day. My life: Ok But thats all... Ok. Its been really hard though because iv been thinking of Danny more like a friend latly... for the dumbest reason too! i saw this other guy one day and pretty much couldnt take my eyes off him...none of my friends know this though. or my family... nobody does! Lol im tim ing my cousin and shes like.. here ill show ya!
Cousin: Im sick yep i know i have a headache, i am dizzy, throat, and i had to go get my ingrown toenail out today i feel like crap...
Cousin: Yeah
Me: I had to watch the inogoration of Obama today for 4 hours!
Cousin: I watched it for like 4 5 min and then realised hey i can go on ondamand!

ok bye!
~ T-chan

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

   Hallo Peoples!!

Its been like a trillion years since iv been on this... i know not alot of people will look at this but oh well!! Well, since i was gone alotof things have happend like good and bad! Here ill go in order for it!
1. BAD- Me and my crush didnt get into the same resess.lunch,or class
2.BAD- I have a terrrible homeroom teacher! She makes us have 3-4 quizes a week! Just from her!And always 2 projects going at once!
3.GOOD- My crush asked me out and now we are bf and gf! ( On oct. 9 cousins b-day)
4.GOOD- I Had a halloween party on oct. 17
5.GOOD- On activity night (1 week after halloween party) Danny (boy friend) hugged me!
6.BAD- I met this EXTREMLY anoing guy named Chris! He is so anoing!!!
7.I went to the football game( Nov. 7) and Danny kissed me....
8.OK- My friend Audrey and Chris are dating!( 1 week ago)
9. They brok up 2 days after.... it was very weird..!

Oh yeah! I forgot! My comic Ring Rush is AWSOME!!! (well everybody says i should publish it!) Its NOTHING like stupid Sorcerers i made up last yeer! Its SO much more advanced! My drawing are actually now as good as the professionals! well the ones iv been doing today that are not on this website.. Well thats all iv gat to say! im gunna go IM my cousin!

~T-chan! >.<

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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Its been 3 weeks in summer and iv done a ton!! Like go to Water country 4 times go to the beach 3, and i also have friends over like evry day!! i have only had one day when nobody came over!! Right now my friend Vikki is over!!! We are going to go to the beach!!! Yay!Sadly, iv been a bad girl lately.. punished alot.. but thankfully not now! Oh! and we changed the list for Lucky Star instead of in October some of us will go in August!! Well better get going!!
Bye bye!

~T-chan =)

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Monday, June 16, 2008


Sup peeps! Its thee last week of school! i am SO excited for summa! But im also nervouse... what the heck will happen....(I have to do something before the end of the yeer that iv been want ing to do for 1 yeer and 7 months) iv been doing much better in drawing.. im just too lazy to put it on.. also instead of being the peeple from diGi charat Yaya-san and i will be doing the lucky star dance! Here is the list of people!

Tsukasa:Yaya (me and Yaya-chan are twins so we had like no choice)
Yutaka:Erika(Step sis)
Misao:(Nobody yet)

So whats up wit you....

Ok well Buh bye!!


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Monday, June 2, 2008

   Long time no see!

Hi!And yes it is true long time no see!You like the new site?I think its nice....So i went on a field trip today. It was ok.Of couars not the best at all.Well Yaya,Kali (My friend),Brooke(Friend),Cori(fRIEND)And Audry(Friend),oh and maybe Liv(Leviluva) will be going to "Anime Nashua" Yay!I will be going as Digiko from Di gi charat,Yaya as Rabi en rose,Liv as Piyoko,and Kali as Puchiko!Next Anime Boston we will be the Cheerleaders from Lucky star! oK Gatsta go eat!

Buh bye!!

~T-chan =)

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Friday, April 25, 2008

New York........

Heres what i wrote in a journal i got....
April 24/2008

Today Aria,Kelly(Yaya),Ma also Aunt Pauline went to New York.First we started off in the car..Aria is the most active person i have EVER met!!!She made me CRACK UP i9n the MORNING!!!!!!!!(I am a very cranky person in the morning)Then after 3 and a half hours of driving we arived in Connecticut.....We stopped and went on a trane I think it was called Metro-North Commuter Railroad..Well, it says that on the train.. :) So we got off in the Grand Center.It was amazing there!There were constolations on the ceiling and we saw the famous clock"The Clock" Then headed to New York,So busy and so Interesting...We got to this park thing and took TONS of pictures!One of them was that Kelly(Yaya) And Aria and me all had drinks that were in beer bottle like containers pretending they were beer!lOLZ!Once we got intro Time Square i felt dizzy, really confused!TOO MANY THINGS TO LOOK AT!! Aaaaaah! ^_^ Then Kelly(Yaya for the last time)spotted a Hello Kitty store called "Sanrio",Unexpectedly, there were some cute things there!There were so many plushies!!They were so huge!!CUTIES!!I got a few things!Like A Pandapple plushie(Small but cute) A notebook(This one)A cute Pandapple money holder and Ichigo and my Melody pencils!!!!!!Next we went to a giant Toys R Us It had a ferres wheel.A FERRESS WHEEEEEEEEL!!!!!Lolz!^_^ It was that big!So we got our tickets and had to wait 45 mins before getting on so we went to McDonalds in that time. Then got into the ferris wheel, we got the Barbie Car, then we screamed "Barbie ROCKS!!!!" And a fat kid in a black shirt stuck up the middle finger at us. Then we started to walk towards the Empire State Building. Kelly and I accidentally bumped into the stars of "Little People Big World" they were so cute, they were just all like "HI!" We took a taxi to the Empire State Building. The driver was crazy!! I didn't notice we were at the State Building because it looked short from down below. Wehad trouble getting tickets but it was worth it. We went on a virtual skyride.Finally we went 86 floors to the Observatory. We got to the tippity top!! :D It was unspeakable. So amazing! I saw the Statue of Liberty and a woman in a white T-shirt and brown hair dooing the wave by herself in a hotel from the binoculars. We went back to the Grand Central and took a train back to CT. When Aria went to the bathroom a guy barged in accidentally and saw her! XD She screamed, of course. And the tip of the day is.... Always lock the door before you pee. Welln thats all from New York!Ok!
Buh bye!!!
~T-chan ^__^

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