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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hi Im back! (again) i just finished reading the Twilight saga (its AWSOME) Report cards are coming out this week (I think so) I think i got strait A's! Yay! Hopefully at least! Danny gave me this really pretty necklace for christmas and a nice braclet for my b-day. My life: Ok But thats all... Ok. Its been really hard though because iv been thinking of Danny more like a friend latly... for the dumbest reason too! i saw this other guy one day and pretty much couldnt take my eyes off him...none of my friends know this though. or my family... nobody does! Lol im tim ing my cousin and shes like.. here ill show ya!
Cousin: Im sick yep i know i have a headache, i am dizzy, throat, and i had to go get my ingrown toenail out today i feel like crap...
Cousin: Yeah
Me: I had to watch the inogoration of Obama today for 4 hours!
Cousin: I watched it for like 4 5 min and then realised hey i can go on ondamand!

ok bye!
~ T-chan

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