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Sup, as you can tell, I'm Tsuchi, but you can call me Karami/Kar.

I love makin my own character in a anime/manga, Tsuchi is a character I made from DN Angel. I luv DN Angel.
Feel free to PM me anytime if you wanna know more, or if you just wanna talk. ^_^

Oh! And I forgot, I LOVE CATSS!!! meww, kya! ^-^

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Monday, March 17, 2008

ughhh, I feel so bad not coming here anymore. So, I came back...
Well, I miss you all, and idk...alot has been happenin' in mi life...

Anyways.... is cursing forbidden here..?? o.O .. sry, just wanna know... ><

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

   AH! OH NO!!!
I'm su sorry I haven't been on for like ...a year! O_O ...jk ...Yea, but I haven't been active. I'll try uploading my arts. If I'll have time, I'll get on it.
Plus, ALOT has been happening >.<
Can't tell them all now though, since they're TOO much >.<
But ...HAVE A GOOD DAY!!! :D

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

   Tsuchi art
Yay!!! ^_^ I finally had the time to put my art. I just put Tsuchi for now.

What do you think. Comment plz.

I won't be here much though. :(

I like to change my site. but I don't really feel like it. So, here are some questions: (i'll let you guys decide)

1. Which music do you like better?

a. dark sky mansion
b. Emiya
c. Still in the dark
d. escaflowne
e. whispers in the dark
f. True Light

I like e, b, .... i like all of them X.X ...that's why i'm letting ya guys discide x.x

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