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Saturday, August 18, 2007

   ahhh!!! X.X
nuuu!!! My peace is now over!!!! ahhhh!!! X.X damn >.<
Yesterday in the pool was a blast again. Our mission "throwing hippo (brother) to the pool" was a failure again T~T *lawl*
Nuuuu!!! I'm going back to school! >.< This Monday. But that's okey with me, I just can't get in the computer that much :(
Oww!! My feet and arms hurt >.< ALOT! Yesterday, it was my feet that hurt. But now, my arms!!! ahhh!! owww!!! >.< I've been practicing too much with my sticks. >.< owwww the painnn!!!! Now, I just started practicing with nun chucks ... how ever you spell it. -_- ouch. I can't punch, and lift my arms too high T~T ow ow owwwwww meoww T~T
Oh, naruto is on all this week. marathon -_- *sigh*

~dark phantom angel~

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

   almost silent and alone
lol yeey, my cousins gonna be gone for at least one week, so I'm going to stay on my fathers house. They're going to Arizona, and I'm not coming. So, there won't be much noise!!! yeeheyyy!! It'll be silent at last. ^__^

Yesterday, I watched Ghost in the Shell. It was awesome.

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Monday, August 6, 2007

   ...something ... >.>
Yersterday, I haven't made a post, cuz we were in my cousin's place, cause it's her birthday. I was sooo bored there -_____- Then, she went to our house for a sleep over with my cousin. They made me stay up till 1:00 AM, and I like sleeping early. -___-
They were staring at me, throwing nerds at me ...annoying ...but there was still good time. ^___^ hehe *smirks* ...well, I told them to talk about something scary, so they did. hehe then I turned my music *sky mansion, the one here in my blog* then, they got scared hehe Then, they were screaming -___- which I hate even more. >.<
But I still had my revenge. But still, they were soo noisy >.< so, I did something to warn them, and they got scared, so they left me alone. Plus, my cousin *not really* is in my side ^__^ hehe. She wants the more pwerful side that's going to rule the world soon. hehe *smirks*

Today, I just watched episodes 5, 6, 7, & 8 of FMA. It's awesome. ^___^ I know almost all of you know this anime. :) And, we just went to the pool. It was warm, and so relaxing like a hot spring. It was raining, and then so, it was cold out of the pool.

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

   boring ...as usual >.> *sigh*
Today was pretty boring. >.> I waited for my friends in chat, but not much of them went on. It's was boring.

All I did was stay on the computer, watched an episode of POT, and finished reading volume 6 of DN Angel. >.> *sigh*

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Friday, August 3, 2007

   A day ... the end. >.>
Today, I watched episodes 5, 6, 7, & 8 of The Vision of Escaflowne. And, read volume 6 of DN Angel. yeey ^_^
And, I got a cat stuffed animal XD lolz laugh if you want, but I still like stuffed toys, specially if they're cats ...but definitly not dolls >.> ..ugh >.< Only stuffed animals. ^_^ yeey lol XD
Now, I have about 4 stuffed cats ^^ yeey. 1 big tiger, 1 cuddly kitty, 1 smaller huggable pather, and 1 beanie cat chip -__- lol
Kitties on all of my sides!!! yeeey! ^_^ ... XD ak

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Thursday, August 2, 2007

   ....day .... -___-
Today, we went to many stores, and watched movies. We watched firehouse dog, and bridge of terebethia ... I don't know the spelling. x.x
I didn't really watch bridge of .. T. XD because, I was too tired, and I think it's kinda boring. Sorry to those who luv the movie >.<
And, I picked up a few anime and mangas.

I was gonna put my drawing today, but because we went out, I couldn't, and ..I'm kinda missing a desk XD All my desks are broken, I had to buy a new one. ...*sigh* I feel bad bout this -__- Srry

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

   Crab mania
Today, as usual, in chat, drawing. Srry if I still had no time to upload my drawings. patients plz ^^'

Well, today, all we did, was eat crab too. -_-' lol
Yeeeeyy, crab! XD Not much to say today. And, it was sooo hot today. ...Our AC broke, but it's back now. whew.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

   About the character Tsuchi
"The Name"

I made up the name. I combined the Japaneses word for Wings and Earth (soil. I put the word earth on it, because she is like in the middle of heaven and hell/darkness. And Dark and Krad are like those.


Encouraged by DN Angel, Dark, and Krad. I'm gonna try uploading her. She is both Dark and Krad. She would be the sister of them.

"Normal Life"

In her life with Daisuke, Daisuke is her cousin. But her name with Dai, is Chibsu.

I got more infos, but they're from the pic/drawing. Just now, I thought of her name, to be Tsuhichi. But, I got used to Tsuchi, so I'll leave it that way.
I luv making up characters for a certain anime. This is one of them. For some reason, it just jumps on my head, and it's pretty interesting.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

   A normal day *sigh*
Now, you all might think I'm a goth, but I'm not. >.< It's just that my favorite colors are blue, black, and grey. So, I have all the colors in myotaku. Red's becoming one of my favorite colors too, for blood, and luck. Mostly black, because I'm a dark phantom angel. And, for me, darkness is my place. I'm not a dark person in real life, pretty nice ... but sometimes, ya, if someone gets on my nerves, and annoys me >.> I can still act pretty dark sometimes ... my cousin knows >.> I'm like in the darkness if I'm with her <.<
Today, I was just drawing, and watched the count of monte cristo the anime. Well, That's all for today. ...hmm >.> ... mew! ^-^

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

   My first post
This is my first post. I'm so used in talking to myself in blogs and stuff ... I'm weird -_- lol
Wow, so dark in here >.> ...
I got no idea what to say in here ...
Well, I love anime, manga, japamese culture, etc.
I didn't really do anything exciting today. All I did, was chat, watch anime (DN Angel ^^), and finished a volume of a manga.
It would be nice if there is also a a favorite manga list, but all I'll put is "ALL XD" LOL

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