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hey. welcome to my site. i go through phases of posting and not posting. sometimes my posts are just about my day and what happened, other times i just bitch about stupid things, and other times i'll post a random youtube vid. all my themes are done by inkenyo 2.0, so visit her please. and on gaia my name is shokuras. c ya around

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

in a memorable mood

just went on myo randomly for the first time in over a year. read some old posts. i'm pretty amusing. so i think i'll post one more time and cover a lot of ground in it. "ken-ken" (remember that as your name? wow, it's been a while) will probably find this boring cause she already knows a lot of what i'm going to say. and it's nice that she and i are still close friends. same with olga, jenna and caity. hopefully things will stay that way throughout and after college.
yes middle school me, you did well in school and are now on your way to american university to accomplish your dream of being a teacher. good job. and even though you go throughout high school with virtually no relationships with any guys, you grew into a very pretty, smart, and sexy woman. all it took was a hair cut, jaw surgery (XP), no braces, contacts, and a bra that actually fits your unusual size. yes, they get even bigger.
senior year was fun but uneventful. i took good but annoying classes. i learned a lot, but working to get a good grade was very inconvenient. but i had friends in most of my classes, so it worked out. kenken was in my gym class, and you actually took interior design first period just because you needed an elective and olga was in it. welcome back dance was neon themed, i had a good time. prom was ok, i had a lot of fun getting ready for it, and olivia was fun to dance with, but not having a date ultimately ruined it. that a long with no guys telling me how pretty i looked or asking me to dance. very depressing, but that's what happens when all your guy friends aren't even your friends and the one who is is slightly good looking but a complete douche. it was also sad that my closest friend at prom had a miraculous boyfriend that she was all over during the event, and i was completely jealous but wasn't too much of a bitch about it. prom boat with lauren, olga, chris, matt, evan, jeanette and tyler was a lot of fun. i love boats, a lot. when i marry my millionare husband we'll go yachting together. and because i'm going to school in DC it isn't that unlikely that i won't at least date a rich guy.
cause you'll probably forget this, let's go over high school crushes. first was drew, i was attracted to him in middle school for no apparent reason, i just got butterflies in my stomach. but i got over it, and while he didn't grow taller he got uglier. so that was that. then there was austin, i caught him looking at me couple times (at least i think i did, who knows) and that crush continued into junior year. he was really cute and smart, but he wanted to produce rap music. i think we exchanged a couple of comments, but that also went no where. then senior year i had two crushed that came out of no where. first was mike, a tall lazy ass basketball player in my english honors class. i never knew him at all before that class. he showed no interest in me, but i took interest in him because the way he analyzed books was pretty funny. he had a cool character and was pretty cute (kenken didn't agree). he was also one of those kids who looked horrible in pictures. his senior pic might be one of the worst, lol. so talked to him as much as a i could, and i did a pretty good job. but it never involved into a conversation so nothing ever happened. my final crush was to a guy who i considered a tool and a douche, but i was somehow attracted to him at the same time: rob. i think i caught him looking at me a couple times, and throughout the year he just grew on me. although he was obnoxious, i respected his outrageous views and found him pretty funny at times. i also think he has the drive to be successful and make a lot of money in the future, so i found that attractive as well. but nothing happened with that either. so i went through high school without a single date, boyfriend, and kiss. so it will be interesting when i meet a guy in college and he discovers that he's my first. and people are worried about going to college a virgin. i don't even know how to have a conversation with a guy! this guy tom keeps commenting on my facebook, and i've only had one conversation with him in high school. i was skipping gym to work on a paper and he was trying to plan a senior prank on the comp next to me. maybe he likes me? i have no idea. he is going to a school about 30 min away from me, but i don't want to flirt back in case of the slim chance we meet up and i decide i like him just in time for school to start. that would be awful, so i don't plan on flirting with him online. i'm so ready for college and meeting new people.
in other news, i'm officially a closet otaku. throughout high school i became less interested in anime, but i just got back into it >.< so when i go to college, unless anyone mentions it, no one will know about my addiction to manga. naruto is just plain awful now, but i'm still addicted to its fanfiction. eyeshield is still my all time fave. i stopped reading hunter because it got increasingly dark, but i might pick it up again. mar is cute, i reread it every once in a while. got a new fave called toriko. it's very funny and doesn't even have any female characters, so it's nice to read a manga that's 100% shonen.
i've gone on kingda ka, the tallest roller coaster in the world. it was scary as hell to look at before they shot us up it. it was a thrill, but el toro is still my fave.
music i like right now:
BoA, Ayumi Hamasaki, Nami Tamaki, Utada Hikaru, Offspring, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Staind, Pogo, Paramore, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Demi Lovato, Baby V.O.X., Chae Yeon, Hyori Lee, Epica, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Bond, Howard Shore, Hanz zimmer, J-pop, K-pop, Classical, Movie score, Pop rock, Walt Disney, Simone Simons, Greyson Chance, Maxim 77 (my uncles band)
movies i like right now:
Nana, Auntie Mame, Star Trek, Ballet Shoes, Cowboy Bebop, Sin City, A Cinderella Story, Step Up, High School Musical 3, Beauty and the Beast, Die Hard, The Holiday, Meet Joe Black, Knight and Day
i spent a lot of high school bashing twilight. it was fun. i actually started voting in teen award shows in hopes that it wouldn't win. right now i'm doing the daily vote on the teen choice award on august 9th. although i am voting for twilight in the craziest fan category. it deserves that one.
graduation was good. there was a rain delay in the middle, but it was beautiful afterwords.
18th bday was nice. had kenken, olga, caity and jenna over for salad and lobster pasta. jenna's a vegan, but it worked out. then we did an epic photo shoot, had cheesecake, watched a weird japanese movie about a coffin, and slept in a tent. the next morning joe made eggs and we watched a spanish gay romantic comedy courtesy of jenna, it was really cute.
my vacation of the summer was to hershey park with kenken. we had a ton of fun at the park, neighboring museums, and ommish country. we got back earlier than we needed to for her orthodontist appointment, but we had fun at the bookstore making fun of twilight and pop culture like justin beiber. then we saw knight and day again. it was a great movie.
dance camp starts on monday, so i'm excited for that. i'm pretty stressed out because i haven't danced in 2 weeks, so i'l be a happy but tired camper for the next 3 weeks.
and then college begins august 15! yay life. i have a lot of funny memories on this site. i might make an occasional post in the future.
and future me, if you are ever feeling down and nostalgic, watch yu gi oh the abridged series on youtube. i hope it's as amazing in the future as it is right now.
and here's a vid of me dancing in a field.

ps i didn't reread this to fix mistakes to excuse the errors

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