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Friday, October 24, 2008

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

hiyo! one of my rare posts.
i got my driving permit! yay me! the driving lessons were a pain. i had a good teacher, he had an extra brake, and there was a big student driver sign. but i still didn't like them, idonno why. so i'm a good beginner. i still need a lot of practice though. i like driving on backroads and neighborhoods slowly. it's peaceful. the highway is scary and ugly.
and then i went over ken-kens. and aubree came over too, it was her b-day. so ken-ken and i bought a cake and candles, and we had a good time. we hung out, did some filming, and read a flirting book XD. i was in my first official sketch. i wasn't that good, but i think i did a good job in my next sketch, being a gangster judge XD. that was fun. i actually did something really funny and ken-ken and aubree cracked up. so that was fun. i'd like to be in more sketches.
and then we talked for a while about boobs, that was weird. can't say it's my favorite topic of conversation. i loved talking about it freshman year though. ah, to be young and stupid XD
school starts next week. wah, i don't want summer to end. we bought all my school stuff a while ago at wallmart. my mom's like "look, notebooks." so we just got them. i have finally realized all you need are notebooks, folders, pencils/pens, and a calculator. i remember the days where i would spend an hour in staples looking to see if i needed this or that. so now it just takes me a while to choose which notebooks have a cuter pattern XD.
ken-ken and alison are no longer friends. so i hope it stays that way without anymore drama. and i hope it's the same with me. hopefully she won't try to become friends with me again. we drifted apart and don't talk anymore, so i'm happy with it remaining like that.
i'll post again sometime!
team america meets final fantasy XD

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

i post under the suggestion of ken-ken. sigh
so for the past 4 weeks i have been attending an intensive dance camp. it was really hard, but fun and a good experience. i have improved so much. i can do a double turn! wahoo! but this year i plan on taking classes at the roxey ballet and pennington. so i have to choose either tuesday ballet at one or the other. pennington is in a more convenient location, the class would be longer, and i would be in class with girls who go to my school, but the teacher is a college students who isn't the best teacher. and at roxey i would be taking a much better class with a much better teacher and i would improve so much more, but it's farther away, noone goes to my school, etc. so i have to choose, and it's sooo hard! argh!!! and i have to choose in the next couple days. so frustrating!
and on monday ken-ken, olga and i went to 6 flags. it was a lot of fun, but an interesting morning. first, we are almost at the park, and olga realizes she forgot her season pass. so we get there and her dad can come, but we have to wait an hour. so ken-ken and i go in line to get my ticket. and out of habit, i through out the reciet. but i also threw out the ticket!! cause it was the same type of paper. so i go digging through the trash cans like an idiot, and eventually give up, found a ripped up coupon, and the guy accepted it. so i got in for $30. if i wasn't such an idiot, i could have gotten in for 15. but regular ticket price is 50, so i still got a good discount. and we went on rollar coasters and had a lot of fun. but olga just went off to russia for the rest of the summer, so i'm going to miss her. sniffles. at least i get to spend more time with ken-ken.
and i saw the dark knight! awesome movie! i want to go see it again in imax. and get a poster. so that's all folks.
ken-ken has been very strange lately. all of a sudden she's this very thorough music critique. and she's harsh too. she's a mini-simon. it's pretty amusing actually. lol. vid:

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

long time no see. ken-ken had a version of this song on her site, and i was like, i know a techno version of that song!
and she's been going through a lot of stuff lately. i would be going through the same thing, but i just chose the painless path of an ending friendship. ken-ken decided to hang in there and try to help, but it only made it more painful. but i give her credit for being brave and really trying. i think because of "alex's" rebelliousness, it might be effective to take the opposite approach ken-ken had. ken-ken's been telling her she doesn't want to see alex make out in public, so maybe we should get popcorn and lawn chairs and just stair at her! just kidding, lol. but i think things will get better from now on, not for alex, but for ken-ken and i. it was hard for us to be close during the year because she was always trying to help alex, but it just kept hurting her and it became difficult to talk about other things. when one door closes, another opens. so we'll see how things turn out, hopefully with less drama.
and today was exciting, i got a second ear piercing. i don't like the way it feels, and the process wasn't too nice. i got a little queasy afterwards cause i have a physiological thing with needles. but the dude was very cool about it, he helped it go away. i thought i would be getting studs, but apparently hoops decrease the rate of infection more so than studs. but the hoops keep getting caught in my hair and they are still extremely sensitive. but in 6-8 weeks i'll be able to take them out.
and my mom let me get highlights for my hair! she hasn't before because coloring isn't good for developing hair. but our private hairdresser used good stuff apparently. but because it was my first time, mom said i should only get a few highlights in a lighter shade of brown. nothing too drastic, but it adds a nice touch to my hair. so i'm happy
and i'm now 16! yay! i have to learn how to drive. i'm kinda scared to, but it's a needed skill in life so i might as well get started right away, because i hear it's really easy to put off. ken-ken and some of my other friends have started, and they like it. i think i'll freak out the first couple times, but after a while i think i'll get the hang of it. so wish me luck!

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Monday, April 14, 2008

yo, long time no see.
so the robotics team went to Annapolis in march, it was a lot of fun. it's such a pretty place there! and when we were eating in the old country buffet *gag* matt and olga went up to the front desk and saud it was my birthday XD, and it was so funny! and then other people in the restaurant started doing it and the lady got pissed.
and olga's b-day was laser tag, that was fun. it was at the new place, it has two floors, i got like last place though. and jeanette's party was laser tag too, but it was a lot mor fun bec ause we were all on the same team against a bunch of other people, so more than half of us were upstairs and had the best location, we got double our oponents score, so that was a lot of fun. but the third game wasn't so fun though cause we and another party was divided in half.
and if you've been on inkenyo's site, you know aout all the drama with one of our nymphomaniacal friends. maybe a little early for that term, but i'm pretty sure it will apply in the near future. i just didn't care, then it got exciting and i was interested, but in the end it was stupid so i went back to not caring. we haven't talked in such a long time. it's sad because we used to be best friends. guys awakened the side of her that eventually dominated and our relationship went down the drain. well, whatever. by observing her i know what not to do when guys are around. so it's a learning experience, lol.
ken-ken's b-day is coming up, so i'm gonna make her some brownies. hopefully i won't poison her, i've ever made brownies before. i'll probably invite lauren over to help me.
and i'm gonna start planning my sweet sixteen, yay! i'm gonna have a traditional english tea party, and everyone has to dress nicely and it's gonna be awesome!! but i can't invite ken-ken cause she hates parties, and i have a feeling that she won't like this one at all. so i'm probably gonna invite her over the day after and we'll watch movies and eat chips and soda and junk like that. so yeah.
and that's about it. i'm starting my research paper, so that will be a pain in the ass. c ya!

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

hi! so i got my bottom two wisdom teeth and two side teeth pulled out along with two molars unroofed yesterday. so that was fun. lol. it actually wasn't so bad. my jaw felt really weird and it was as hard as hell to swallow the pills, and i was drooling all day, but nothing too terrible. i watched the movie cry-baby with johnny dept, it wasn't that good of a movie, but it was pretty fun to watch. it takes place during the same time as greece, it's a stupid romantic movie, i think ken-ken would find it amusing too. and my bro came home for spring break. and guess what? i'll be out of school for the third friday in a row this week! lol. the robotics team is going to annapolis maryland. oh yeah, at the last regional we sucked. the robot kept breaking, and we weren't in the top 8 teams. most of the robots there sucked too, there were just two amazing robots, and one that just ran around the track a billion times.
and i got the new hunterxhunter, kite diiiieeeesss!!!!! *sob*.

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

a while ago was olga'd b-day party. it was a lot of fun. it was at the new laser park, which was waay better than the old one. the new one has a second floor and was bigger. the old one was small, and if you stood in a certain corner which was fantastic for hiding, the fake mist would spray at you and you wouldn't be able to breath. so that was a relief to not have that hazardous feature. the pizza still sucked though. after two rounds we ate and olga opened her presents. i gave her a pretty friendship box with a magnetic flying sqirrel in it and a silver necklace with a blue charm. and then we all got hooked to the ddr machine. we wanted to keep playing, but the people forced us to play a third round. jenna and i tried dancing to the techno music, but it got annoying and i started moving around. i think laser tag is only fun the first couple of times, then it gets boring.
in other news, we just finished the trenton regional for robotics. our robot sucked, but it was better than most of the robots there, lol. this year's game was overdrive. kinda like nascar, but with 4 40 inch balls. so yeah. we didn't make the top 8 teams because our robot kept breaking. nobody was really dissapointed. the game this year wasn't that exciting. like nascar, it's cool at first, but after going around the track so many times it just get's old fast. hopefully annapolis will be more fun. my job in the regional was to organize the scouting sheets. aubree and olga helped me out with that. it's either a very pleasent job, or extremely frustrating and i was freaking out. lol. so that was that.
my dad's going to pick me up soon, and we are going to see the sound of music at my school tonight. so i hope it will be good because i've never seen it. i watched the beginning, but that's it.
oh, my brother got a concussion the other day! he was in his snowboarding in his class at BU, but he and a couple other macho guys decided they were so good they could do it without a helmet. i wish i could have seen how macho max was when they stuck a needle in him at the ER. he hates needles, lol.
and i'm getting some teeth pulled on friday! my bottom wisdom teeth, two side teeth, and they ae unroofing two molars. my mouth is so darn small, so they have to remove some teeth to make my jaw healthier, and to prep for my summer surgery. during that procedure they are going to take out my top wisdom teeth. what fun, lol. l8er

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Monday, February 18, 2008

i love rocky!!! he's so awesome! i just finished watching all the movies!! all of them were great! but i can't beleive apollo died!!! i was so sad! i cried! and he has the same name as the hot guy from battle star galactica!!! anf the fight in the 5th movie was so cool!! i don't really have a favorite one. they all rock! i wanna get a rocky poster in my room. stallone was also pretty hot in the movies! he was sexy in those tight pants >.<
today i gotta get me buddy olga a b-day present, and i have an orthodontist appointment, and lauren and olga are coming over and we are making the banner for robotics.
oh, and on friday i saw jumper with olga, katie, ken-ken, ej, jeanette, aubree and mike. it was fun. not terrible but not very good either. it was ok. hayden was eye candy, but he played almost the same role as anakin, but not as cool. and it was pointless having samuel jackson in it because the only cool lines he had were "only god should have this power". we all know he can deliver lines like i pulp fiction! but the stupid writers didn't give him any. and this was the first movie were i hated the girlfriend right from the start. it usually takes me a couple viewings to hate the girlfriend, but i did not like this one. out of nowhere they just start kissing!! and then they have sex. how romantic. yup, so if you plan on seeing jumper, see it with some friends, and enjoy the special effects b/c that's the only good part of the movie. oh, and check out my 15-second v-day vid before i take it down! l8er

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Friday, February 15, 2008

hi! i can't cook today. i tried making perogies but i burnt them. so i'm heating up broccoli and cheese in the microwave XD
today in gym, my team won the volleyball championship. it was so stupid! we had lost half our games and we won the semifinals and finals by fluke. and ken-ken was on a really good team that deserved to win, but they lost to us b/c the gym teachers wouldn't let us play one more round. and i was sad cause ken-ken really wanted to win. and i didn't give two shits about my team. i hated them. and when i called a ball out because the other team said it wasn't out and i saw it go out, nick (an obnoxious jock)said "hannah doesn't lie! she's never told a lie in her life!!" and i was really pissed. sure i was quiet and i didn't say anything stupid like the rest of my team, but he was calling me a perfect angel. and i really don't like being seen as the perfect angel who does everything with a good heart! i'm not saying i want to be seen as a mean person, but i'm sick of everyone thinking i'm a goody-goody. i act like one at times, but that's just because it's how i goof off.
anywho, btw, i exaggerated on that mini-rant, so don't think into it. i love the rocky movies! i've only seen the first two and the last one, but they are really awesome! and they are motivating too. i was doing crunches during the movie!! lol.
uhoh, my kitty fell out the window. XD. don't worry, it's on the first floor. she is one stupid cat. we have this space b/w one of the windows on the second floor, and she ran at the window because she saw something, and fell to the first floor. i wasn't there, but i just couldn't help but laugh. she was ok. lol. l8er
bruce willis!!! XD

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

hiya! have you guys heard of that new movie teeth? what sadistic creep came up with that idea?! i showed it to my step-dad and he found it hilarious. lol.
i just read murder princess. aubree leant it to me. it was good, but really short. two mangas and it's done. i have a manga series, disgaea, by the same production company. and there are only two of their books too. guess they just don't like very long series.
i'm listening to nightwish, ken-ken lent it to me. i really like dark passion play. i don't know what my favorite songs are yet b/c i've only listened to it once. wishmaster is alright. the opera-like voice is cool, but there are very few songs i like it with. but both cds are very fun to listen to.
oh yeah, the dance on friday. first, olga and i weren't going to go b/c jenna wasn't feeling well, but olga was still going to sleep over my place. so i went to pick her up and he's all dolled up for the dance and shetold me moon was waiting for us at th dance!! i'm like "wtf?!" b/c i remember moon telling us she had plans. but we went anyway. it wasn't that fun, olga and i just goofed off for most of it. yeah, i don't like school dances. first, the music sucks, and second, the dancing style isn't that fun to me. ever since i've been taking lessons, the moving the hips around for two hours has gotten boring. i've tried putting some of the stuff i've learned into it, but it just doesn't work. and i look like an idiot doing it. oh well. so i'll just go to the welcome back dances and that's it.
oh, i'm buying the death note series. it's awesome!!! ive already read it online, but i want to own it b/c i love it so much. and Joe really likes it and he's always like "when are we getting the next one?". lol. but i'm only getting up to volume seven because after that it sucks.
and my friend jeanette has also been lending me lots of manga. right now it's black cat. i love that series!! it's a lot of fun. and she's also lending me bleach, utopia's avenger. we just finished buso renkin. and she leant to me descendents of darkness, which was really weird. but the author went on haiatus in 2005. and jeanette's super angry about that.
and that's all i can think of right now. here's a vid!

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