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Welcome to my small section on the web dedicated to moi: TseUq! =^.^=
I live in BC Canada on Vancouver Island (prettiest place on Earth *Booya!*)
I was first introduced into the world of anime in 1998 after watching Gundam Wing. Since then I have expanded my interest of anime/manga and Japanese culture immensly. It is what I live for....and seriously kinda weird, I get way too happy when watching my favorite shows or listening to some "legally" *cough* downloaded anime songs. Haha j/k...my computer sucks way too much to dl music *shakes head with dismay* Oh who bought a new laptop! HEATHER DID! XD <3

Over the past 8 years I have been lucky to see a wide range of the anime that is out there (not just the popular stuff that gets dubbed lol). But I still have lots and lots and LOTS that I want to see TT_TT

Outside of the Otaku relm I am heavely interested in theatre/acting and what I am most known for: raising purebred show rabbits! <- w00t, no joke I am serious. If you want a bunny contact me LOL.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

   A blog entry a year in the making!
Ok....so here I am, about two hours into the new year (2008) which means its time for my annual End of Year Summary report XD
So pre warning...this is LOOOONNNGGG.

So the new year began just like every new year (in january) >.< lol XD *gomen* .... ANYwho! I actually didnt even notice it was new years as I was in the garage playing with the baby bunnies and my dog...when I went inside the house it was about quarter after 12 T_T

In January I traveled down to WA with my friend Andrea to pick up my Tan rabbits I bought from the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Assoc) convention in Texas. At this time I had a litter out of Lacus and Ben (was the last litter for both of them). In Febuary I attending my last competitive rabbit show. The VIRBA (Van Isle Rabbit Breeders Assoc)show held in Victoria on Vancouver Island. I won all of my classes and got nothing but fantastic reviews. With Honorable Mention BIS on both tables (on my new Leavitt rabbits <- from the states).

During the first couple months of 2007 I was having some issues with a friend. I forgave a lot...however it came to a climax and I finally said not any more and moved forward with my life (without them). It was hard, and I still think back on it...but in the end I dont want negative people in my life.
So while everything from above was happening with that said friend, I wasnt hearing from anyone else.
At the beginning of 07 I felt more alone than I ever have in my entire life T_T My mom was down in CA with my dad, and my brother was never home so I was all alone in our huge house with no one checking in on me XS I mean I wasnt picking up the phone and calling others....but yet I wasnt thinking that :P I hermitted and watched Bleach XD LOL! I have over 100 episodes to catch up on.

After deciding I needed to get out of my rut, with a week to spare I decided to go to SakuraCon in Seattle in April. I got on the internet and searched for a train ticket and roomies. I had an absolute BLAST at SakuraCon and met Amanda ^^ After SakuraCon I was dead set on attending AnimeExpo in LA at the end of June. I decided that I was going to cosplay and look good while doing it; so I started a dedicated workout/"diet". I "" diet as I dont actually believe in diets but rather life change...healthy foods, smaller meals throughout the day etc.

So Over the next couple months I started planning for AX and my new cosplays ^^ I was on a strict workout plan, walking/joggin every morning and night (I totally learned the Haruhi dance XD). And corresponding back and forth with Amanda on a regular basis through email.

I turned 19, in June and headed over to the mainland with my brother and a friend to go to a club ^^ Although Im not a big drinker/clubber, I felt obligated to do *something* on my 19th birthday XD LOL. My brother was super nice and treated me on most things (hotel, dinner, drinks etc).

As the end of June came around I headed down to CA XD <3<3 I stayed at my dads place for a little while before heading to AX. I stopped at someones house first, whom I was carpooling down with. This is where it all begins! I met SAKE!!!! <3<3<3 We hit it off right away....y'know when two ppl just 'click' some of the other people there thought we already knew each other XD
We headed down to AX at 1am XD lmfao >.< Had some breakfast burritos along the way. Sake and I hung out until we were able to check into our rooms. I headed to my room where I met JILLYBEAN!!! We both chatted for awhile and took out our cosplays and fixed up little things/ironed etc while talking. It was so cool for me, as it was my first time cosplaying and to be in a room and see everyones cosplays etc *especially as lots of us were doing Bleach* I met up with Amanda later on. I hung out with sake, amanda and jill mostly....it wasnt until the Saturday that I really hung out with the others.
(at her request the following sentence is being included)

I MET MISHELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3

XD On the Saturday I also met JUSTIN AND JOSHUA!!!!

All in all....I had such an amazing time at AX and met some of the most wonderful people on the planet!!! I am so glad to have them in my life now ^^ GO TEAM LUCKY STAR!!!
However, during AX I also lost one of my important people. Ian or as we all called him 'Ein' got into a motorcycle accident on Canada Day here on the island and passed away. It still to this day hasnt fully hit me...I believe that im going to see him in town, with his big goofy smile.

Right as soon as I got home from AX I moved out of my parents house and into an apartment with a roomate. I was still working at Amrikkos a local high end Indian restaurant.
I got my wisdom teeth out in July *ugh!!!* TT_TT

In August went to the Edmonton EARS rabbit show. Didnt show, but enjoyed the trip and getting to see some of the AB breeders. I also went to AnimeEvolution in Vancouver. Didnt have as good of a time as I had wanted but was able to meet some more awesome people! Although I had spoken over email and the likes I was finally able to meet SOMEGUY! ^^ Although only for a very short time :( I also got some nice pics of my cosplays ^^

I changed jobs and started working for some friends at their restaurant. Dont make as much in tips etc, but I enjoyed the atmostphere and my new boss more.
I got a cat ^^ Kyo <3 (original name eh?)

In september I went down to LA along with Jill and Joshua to visit Justin for a long weekend <3 I got to go to Hollywood for the first time and went to another con: MikomiCon. Had an absolute BLAST!

In October I attended the first Gasukan meet-up in Seattle, WA and debuted my Yagami Light cosplay ^^ I also hit up a BC, Stanley Park meet-up.

Things with my roomate slowly began deteriorating and I started pondering on what I could do.
By November I moved out of my apartment for good (after a pretty nasty end with my roomate). I moved back home and had to give my cat to a friend. At this point I felt really alone again as I had no one close to me *geographically* that I could rely on, or who even seemed to care about how I was doing. But live and learn.

In November I went to the second Gasukan meet-up in WA. Before I headed down to the states I stayed at SG's and he introduced me to Beck and Ranma 1/2 ^^ We only got a couple hours sleep (which I felt aweful about >.<) as I had to leave pretty early in the morning. He even made me an awesome breakfast XD
I got to debut my Shinigami Academy version of Hitsugaya and had the awesome Darkain take some pics ^^
In November I also bought my First car ^^ a 92' Toyota Camry ...this has made my life much easier XD <3
In December I finally bought myself a laptop *does happy dance*
As 2007 started coming to an end...I seemed to be more of a scruge than usual XD LOL....but for some reason Xmas really bothered me this year XD ahahaha! The cooonstant Xmas music playing at work didnt help XD
We went to the mainland for the first time in about 5 years for Xmas....had to head over on Xmas Eve and had a Xmas dinner on the 24th. Then opened gifts etc the next morning *dur* Me my brother and dad saw "I am Legend" on Imax, christmas afternoon before heading back to the island.

I went Boxing Day shopping with my dad and bought some headphones and more gadgets for my laptop. Also went on a week rampage watching D.Gray Man XD *michelle rejoices*. And I finally finished the Hana Kimi manga *SNIFF* 0_0 I have nothing to read now T_T But at least it was a good ending.

Jill and Joshua came up to visit me this past weekend <3 We watched Tampopo and I showed them a couple places around the island. Although it was CO~~~LD... but, welcome to the great north XD LOL! Then we looked over photos and the likes before they headed back to WA. Was a great last weekend of this year.

I worked New Years Eve and then came home and watched some anime (YTV annual anime marathon on New Years). At least this time around I realized it was 12 XD I said Happy New Year to SG on MSN and then headed downstairs to get cheesecake XD LOL >.< And thus 2007 comes to an epic end ... XD

So the lowdown: 07 in a nut shell I...

- Took my anime fandom to a new high. Attended my first anime convention and started a new hobby, COSPLAY!!
- Lost about 25 pounds and a few dress sizes ^^
- Met tons of new people and friends that mean so much to me!!
- Lost some very important people: Ian, Tim, a friends father, Cuddles (my oldest and second ever pet rabbit, at 9 1/2 years old).
- Have my own car and laptop *pets*

I have some huge plans coming up in 2008, so I hope it will be a good year!! Thats it for now!~Im going to either stay up or wake up to see the first sunrise ^^ And I have a couple days off.

Heather, Canada, Strawberry... OUT~~

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

   I have to pay 15 bucks for a palm tree!?
LOL ok so I noticed I havnt posted on here for ahwhile so decided HEY! MYO needs some love :P XD

So I just got back from Seattle from Gasukan 2 photoshoot ^^ I got to debut my Hitsugaya cosplay <3 and met/chatted with Otaku (always a fun time :P) And hung out with Joshua!

My trip BACK was interesting T_T I planned on catching the 10:45 pm ferry back to Vancouver Island....but was held up at the border for 1.5 hours >.< I even used the truck crossing thinking it wouldnt be as busy *sigh* So missed me' boat and had to *try* to sleep in the car till the 5am sailing ....then my battery died....and I had to stand in the freezing cold at the ferry watching everyone pass me waiting for someone with jumper cables T_T Once I was back on vancouver island I headed straight to work XD fun fun! lol ....you have to laugh to stop yourself from crying nya?

I dont think I'll hit up the next one in December (if they do indeed have it, as it was freezing this time around)
I will try to upload my pics soon, if my computer decided to possibly be nice and cooperate XD

I have other things coming up to keep my Otaku fill on stable XD Such as AnimeLA coming up the first week of January!!! kyaaaaaa so excited to head back down to LA/hang out with Justin ^^ Cept this time it will just be the two of us :( as Jill and Josh cant make it (ok I have a lot of friends that start with "J").

But they both said they are coming up to visit me at the end of December so it all works out ^^

I want to thank Someguy and family for housing me Saturday night ^^ THANKS AGAIN!!! And for introducing me to Beck/Ranma 1/2 :P Ive been singing Beck all day XD *and even changed my Myspace song :P* LOL >.<

I finally put all the postars up in my room ^^ Im quite pleased. Almost all of the postars are Artist Alley works. I like having art pieces up on my wall ^^

So tomorrow is my day off (but I cant sleep in as I have a dentist appointment and putting my car into the shop) >.< but I am going to try to just chill and relax, because then I am back to my painful split shift work schedule T_T haha.....i's is gonna talk to them about that, as Im just tired of it and I dont have to do them....I make enough money without my job ruling my entire existance >.<

OK SO!!!! thats whats currently shaking.....now im hungry :P so adiou!

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Happy Joy Joy
Ok people! LOL I actually have good news to report in this week ^^ Lets see if I can go through an entire post without something negative, as I bet you are all quite bored with listening to me gripe every week about something else going bad in my life >.<

SO! ... hmmmm what to talk about. I totally cant even remember what I last wrote so if I have re-peated myself, my apologies. I am fully moved back into my moms place *deja vu* This is very familar....I belive I have already said this LMFAO XD So moving on....

I was able to get the day off of work and made it over to the Stanley Park meet up last sunday. It was fun ^^ Met some BC Otaku, which is nice as all the people I know live in CA T_T I even ran into Derek (the guy at AE who was 'killed 100 times') that was really cool to see him again; I had no idea that he was going to be there, so nice suprise. Me and my friend ended up hanging out with him and a handful of ppl from the meet up at metro until we had to leave to catch the 9pm ferry.

I am going in for my fitting tomorrow. I am super excited to see how far along my Hitsugaya cosplay is ^^ I am even more excited to wear it at the next WA meet up in a couple weeks <3

I bought a car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *rejoices* a 92' Toyota Camry, 4 door sedan, auto, fully loaded, mint condition. It has the newer body style as well so it doesnt look as old as it it ^^ Im happy to finally have a car of my own! Its kinda weird not having to arrange rides etc to work lol :P

Well I could go into a couple other things but they dont fit into my 'keep this post happy' agenda (is that the right word?) so I wont post them right now XD lol

until next time!

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

*insert awesomly cool title here*
Alrights, heres the low down or high down? Whichever one you want XD ::

I am finally completely and utterly finished with my roomate/the apartment. I moved everything out tuesday morning *got screwed over by a moving company in the process: quoted us $85 as we were only moving my dresser/table/couch, ended up charging us $291 >.< ...and this was a DEAL; they were going to charge us $400! ...but I digress*

So then I went back later tuesday night to clean the apartment, mopped the floors and vacuumed my room (took pictures). This way there is no reason for him not to give me back my damage deposit. Hopefully he will be a big person and give it back *highly doubtful though*. Then I get a phone call from my landlord on wednesday while Im at work saying that Eric (roomate) came down to say I didnt hand in my keys and that I wont give them back and all the locks are going to have to be changed @_@ can you say paranoid much?
**oh ya on a side note! lol, he also took lots of stuff we purchased together and all of the receipts and locked them in his bedroom**

but ANYWAYS ..... I went to see the landlord today to hand in my keys (which obviously I was going to do anyways) <- even though technically I have paid up until the 31st of this month and dont have to hand them over until then.
I also got her to scratch my name off of the tenancy agreement...this way if Eric screws her over later on I am completely 100% off the tenancy agreement and not liable.

My mom came with me >.< and being a mom had to butt in and inform the landlord about all the crappy stuff Ive had to endure. Which I mean ok, I didnt mind....I dont like being portrayed as a horrible person....so Im glad to clear things up with her. She was shocked at some of the stuff he was doing/demanding of me.

But yes....its alllllllll done! YATTA *rejoices* .... Im not so happy about the entire having to live at home situation now...especially between me and my mom. But it hasnt been so bad ^^ Hopefully it will stay that way.

My dad is coming home this week and we are all planning on going to victoria for a family trip monday/tuesday. I hope it will be a nice getaway.

Ive started moving on, all that stress is behind me now and I need to look into the future. I want to finalize my VA demo CD and get that in motion. I am getting really tired of being a waitress and just working. I am so ready for something more! ....although that usually entails a higher level of education first *curses!* lol XD

I unpacked all my stuff and set up my bedroom....I LOVE IT!! I put all my plushies out and have all my anime out on my shelves ^^ I just have to put my me' postars :D I will take a picture once its complete =^.^=

Im not going to be able to go to the get together this weekend on the mainland *sigh* .... this is the third one Ive missed even though Ive asked for the time off ahead of time....its getting really anoying. I was only able to go to the seattle one because I said I had a specialist appointment .... I hate lying but I was NOT going to miss that one >.<
I think it just bothers me more, because I was originally taking this week off to head down to CA and go to Ycon with all my friends down there..... because I am unable to *due to $$ issues....remember that rock that jumped in front of my mini van? heh heh heh XD* I was planning on going to a gathering to make up for it and at least do something anime/cosplay related this weekend....and now I cant do that *shakes fist* oh well....money is good :P *keep telling yourself that XD*

.....I have noticed I really come off as a complainer on here LMFAO XD. I guess because this is where I vent...so you guys get all the bad stuff XD haha!

Maybe I will have some good news to post next time ...but I guess this post kinda consisted of both, so I am almost there ^^


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