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Sunday, June 4, 2006

   Hellou dudes!x}

Hey everyone!I've been planning to write here almost every day,but then I forget it or my bro's at the computer(as usual)...But now I have time to up-date a little,'cause I'm downloading a game at the same time.^.^ It's "Maple Story".Anyone ever plyed it?I've only seen pictures,but I got interested and wanna try it out.^.^ only 20% and 25 minutes to download...-.- Anyways,I downloaded some Fan Art to my portfolio,you can check them out,if you want to.But I'm gonna update that Ice Pixie picture as soon as I get to toutch with my friend that can do some background to it.^.^ Hope you like 'em!^.^


As always,I don't have that much to tell.I'm going to see M:I:III tonight,'cause my dad booked up the tickets to the whole family yesterday.First I wanted to go see it,but now I'm having doubts about it...But there's no turning back now.Let's just hope it's not too boring for me...T.T Oh yeah!THANK YOU EVERYONE!<3I've got 500 hits!YaY!^.^ I'm gonna draw something for a whole 500,but we'll see later.^.^ And I have one problem,btw...I have 1 unread PM,but it doesn't show up in the mail box,so I can't read it!T.T It's really annoying,'cause it shows that it's there,unread,but I can't read it!>.<


Anyone else who's on summer holiday?Well I am!W00t!^.^ But I'm kinda sad...I won't see my crush anymore,'cause he's one year older than me,so he won't be in our school anymore.*Sniff!* Not fair...!x.X But now I think I gotta go up-date in Quizilla,too,so SAYONARA!^.^

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As a close relative to the wolf of electicity,the
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Twin like. Even though light wolves look
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tails that flow like ribbons. It is hard to
really ever catch one of these since they are
shy and timid. They certainly have lots of
stamina but they have powers locked within and
can only be released if a light wolf becomes
one with his brother/sister. This is also the
only wolf that can jump higher than the rest.
An exquisite and creative wolf this one can be.
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